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Babis Vovos International Construction (BVIC) (Greek: Μπάμπης Βωβός Διεθνής Τεχνική (ΜΒΔΤ), is a construction firm in Greece. It is directed by Babis Vovos, the founder, and his son Aris Vovos, a known sportsman and the president of the Greek sports club Maroussi BC. The firm's property portfolio is worth an estimated 1.2 billion euros.[1]


Company files for bankruptcy protection. Greek tycoon Babis Vovos, one of the country’s major property developers, has been arrested on charges of tax evasion. Vovos, 80, already spent two days in an Athens detention center last November on charges of owing the state over 1 million Euros in insurance, social payments and taxes. The tycoon was released on 100,000 Euros bail and gave a written pledge not to leave the country.

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