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Babla & Kanchan were an Indian husband-wife musical group best known for work in the chutney music and Desi Folk music genres. They performed together for forty years until Kanchan died in 2004. Originating from Mumbai, India, their music is well known through the world, especially in countries like Canada, United States, Trinidad, Guyana, the Netherlands, Mauritius, Suriname and England. Babla is the younger brother of famous music director Kalyanji Anandji.

According to film music expert Rajesh Subramanian the song "Khaike Pan Banaraswala" was composed by Babla.

After appearing in the films Rafoo Chakkar, Dharamatma, and Qurbani, Kanchan joined her husband and began performing and touring. Their engagements abroad (live shows and orchestra music) kept them away from Indian (Bombay) film music. They were popular in Caribbean countries, where they covered soca music hits such as "Hot Hot Hot" and revived older hits by chutney singer Sundar Popo. Albums including Kuch Gadbad Hai sold well because of touring support.

Kanchan's other albums, such as Kaise Bani, were popular with the Bhojpuri audience. Her fame led to endorsement deals for brands including Johnson & Johnson.


Many songs Kanchan sang were remakes of older songs by West Indian locals, or were soca classics or by Sundar Popo from Trinidad. Her producer and manager was filmmaker and radio personality, Rohit Jagessar.

  • "Kaise Bani" (originally by Sundar Popo)
  • "Chaadar Bechaow" (originally by Sundar Popo)
  • "Benji Darling" (originally by Neisha Benjamin)
  • "Ai Ai O" ("Buss Up Shot" by Baron)
  • "Kuch Garbar" Hai ("Hot Hot Hot" by Arrow)
  • "Tiny Winy" ("Tiny Winey" by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires)
  • "Kuch Kuch Baby" ("Rock It" by Merchant)
  • "Hum Na Jaibe" (originally by Sundar Popo)
  • " Na Manu (Diamond Collection)
  • " Leggo Me Na Raja (originally by Halima Bissoon)


Kanchan & Babla have two children, Nisha and Vaibhav Shah. Nisha has been touring with her mother since birth and has made her appearance in both Trinidad & Tobago and in Guyana recently, much to local satisfaction. Vaibhav is the drummer on the TV show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil' Champs.

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