Babor Mountains

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Babor Range
جبل البابور / Monts des Babors
View of the Babor Range near Bouqaa
Highest point
PeakMount Babor
Elevation2,004 m (6,575 ft)
Coordinates36°33′0″N 5°28′0″E / 36.55000°N 5.46667°E / 36.55000; 5.46667Coordinates: 36°33′0″N 5°28′0″E / 36.55000°N 5.46667°E / 36.55000; 5.46667[1]
Babor Range is located in Algeria
Babor Range
Babor Range
[Petite Kabylie]], Algeria
Parent rangeTell Atlas

The Babor Range (Arabic: جبل البابور‎; French: Monts des Babors) is a mountain range of the Tell Atlas in Algeria. The highest point of the range is 2,004 m high Mount Babor.[2]

The Babor Range, together with the neighboring Bibans, is part of the mountainous natural region of Petite Kabylie.[3]


There is a protected area in the range, the Djebel Babor Nature Reserve, known for birdwatching.[4] It is also one of the few remaining habitats for the endangered Barbary macaque, Macaca sylvanus.[5]


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