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Babu may refer to:



  • Babu (title), South Asian term of respect (meaning 'boss' or 'father'), term also used to refer to Bureaucrats of various governments


This section lists people commonly referred to solely by this name.
  • Babù (born 1980), Anderson Rodney de Oliveira, Brazilian footballer
  • Babu (wrestling), ring name of Pablo Marquez, Ecuadorian wrestler
  • DJ Babu (born 1974), Filipino-American DJ and member of Dilated Peoples

Media and culture[edit]

  • Babu (1971 film), a 1971 Tamil film starring Sivaji Ganesan
  • Babu (1975 film), a 1975 Telugu film starring Shobhan Babu
  • Babu (1985 film), a 1985 Hindi film starring Rajesh Khanna
  • Babu (2001 film), a 2001 Urdu film starring Zeba Bakhtiar
  • Hurree Chunder Mookerjee, character in the Rudyard Kipling novel Kim, mostly referred to as "Hurree Babu" or "the Babu"

Animals named Babu[edit]

  • Babu (red panda), red panda that disappeared from a nature centre in Birmingham in 2005

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