Baby, Come Back (album)

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Baby, Come Back
Studio album by The Equals
Released 1968
Recorded 1966-1968
Genre Beat music
Label President Records
RCA Victor
Producer Edward Kassner
Singles from Baby, Come Back
  1. "Baby, Come Back
    b/w Hold Me Closer
    RCA Victor 47-9583

    RCA Victor 47-9186
    (radio station copies)"

Baby, Come Back is an album by British Invasion group The Equals. It was released in 1968 by their UK label, President Records. In the U.S., RCA Victor obtained the rights to manufacture and distribute the album in all of the Americas.

Because it was 'built' around the group's biggest hit (the UK chart-topping single "Baby, Come Back"), this was the group's most commercially successful album, while capturing the group at the peak of their powers, showing off their versatility in playing different styles of music.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "Baby, Come Back" (Eddy Grant)
  2. "Reincarnation" (Gordon, Grant)
  3. "Police on My Back" (Grant)
  4. "Teardrops" (Grant, Gordon, Gordon)
  5. "The Guy Who Made Her a Star" (Tony Clarke)

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Laurel and Hardy" (Grant)
  2. "Soul Groovin'" (Grant)
  3. "Good Times Are Gone Forever" (Grant, Lloyd)
  4. "Leaving You Is Hard to Do" (Gordon, Gordon)
  5. "The Skies Above" (Grant)
  6. "Hold Me Closer" (Grant, Gordon)


  • Eddy Grant: Lead guitar, vocals
  • Derv Gordon: Lead vocals
  • Lincoln Gordon: Rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Pat Lloyd: Bass guitar
  • John Hall: Drums

Despite the fact that the album is a showcase example of British Invasion-era Beat music, it has never been available on CD. The only other known alternate configuration for the album was as an 8-track tape cartridge - RCA catalog number P8S 1388.

Cover versions of songs[edit]

"Police on My Back" was covered by The Clash on the Sandinista! album, in 1980.

"Baby, Come Back" was successfully covered by Pato Banton: his re-make of the song saw it top the UK Singles chart for a second time, in October 1994.

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All song and personnel information gathered from the liner notes of the album Baby, Come Back (Copyright © 1968)