Baby Jake

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Baby Jake
Sibsey, Trader Mill.jpg
Sibsey Trader Mill in Lincolnshire was the location used in the filming of Baby Jake
Opening theme "Baby Jake"
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 52
Producer(s) Maddy Darrall
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) Darrall Macqueen Ltd
Original network CBeebies (UK)
Netflix (Canada)
Original release 4 July 2011 (2011-07-04) – 17 December 2012 (2012-12-17)

Baby Jake is a children's television programme originally broadcast in the UK and first aired on 4 July 2011.[1]

The programme features Jake, a nine-month-old baby. Jake is the youngest of ten children all living in a windmill with their parents. Each episode features Jake embarking on an adventure with a host of magical characters that may include Pengy Quin the Penguin, Toot Toot the Tractor, Captain Spacey and the Hamsternauts, Nibbles the Rabbit and Sydney the Monkey.[2] These characters are always doing something related to the adventure that Baby Jake is on.

The show features a child narrator and all ten children are depicted in real life, although Baby Jake is given a multi-angle photographic face on an animated body. Jake's babbling is translated by his 5-year old brother Isaac. Isaac is voiced by a real-life 5-year-old boy, in a move described by the Guardian as "a risk"[1] since the majority of successful children's television is narrated by adults. The roles of Jake and Isaac are portrayed by real-life brothers Adamo and Franco Bertacchi-Morroni respectively, with Kaizer Akhtar providing the voice of Isaac.[3]


The programme cost £1.85m to produce, and was funded by the Irish Film Board[4] and CBeebies.[1]

Darrall Macqueen Ltd originated the series and produced the animated elements of the programme through JAM Media .[4] JAM Media are an Irish animation studio who also made Tilly and Friends.[5] Maddy Darrall was quoted by the Metro as gaining inspiration for the show from watching her 7-year-old nephew understanding her 1-year-old son.[6]

The series is animated by Jam Media in Dublin and the lead writer is Dave Ingham (Charlie and Lola, Koala Brothers).


The windmill featured in the series is Sibsey Trader Mill just outside the village of Sibsey near Boston in Lincolnshire. In the program it is shown as a large family home with additional floors, rooms and windows rather than a working mill, although it shows full working sails. Wheat harvesting in fields in and around the mill at the time had to be delayed to allow filming to take place back in the late summer of 2010 so that they had the correct ripened wheat colours.


Series one of Baby Jake ran in the UK each weekday from July to August 2011 and consisted of 26 episodes in total.[3]

Series two began on 10 September 2012 also consisting of 26 episodes.[3]

Series two was the last series commissioned. There has been no request for a further series since.


The naming convention for each episode always begins with 'Baby Jake loves..'

Series 1 (2011)[edit]

No Title[7] Air date
1 Baby Jake Loves Playing Chase 4 July 2011
2 Baby Jake Loves Peek-a-boo 5 July 2011
3 Baby Jake Loves Tummy Sliding 6 July 2011
4 Baby Jake Loves to Wriggle 7 July 2011
5 Baby Jake Loves Tickle Toes 8 July 2011
6 Baby Jake Loves to Say Hello 11 July 2011
7 Baby Jake Loves Cartwheeling 12 July 2011
8 Baby Jake Loves Spinning in Space 13 July 2011
9 Baby Jake Loves Bumpety Bump 14 July 2011
10 Baby Jake Loves Flappy Clapping 15 July 2011
11 Baby Jake Loves Being Upside Down 18 July 2011
12 Baby Jake Loves Playing Ball 19 July 2011
13 Baby Jake Loves Making Noise 20 July 2011
14 Baby Jake Loves Bouncing Apples 21 July 2011
15 Baby Jake Loves to Copy You 22 July 2011
16 Baby Jake Loves Jumping 25 July 2011
17 Baby Jake Loves to Hum Along 26 July 2011
18 Baby Jake Loves Surprising You 27 July 2011
19 Baby Jake Loves Sticky Fun 28 July 2011
20 Baby Jake Loves to Stompety Stomp 29 July 2011
21 Baby Jake Loves to Roll and Ride 1 August 2011
22 Baby Jake Loves Swinging 2 August 2011
23 Baby Jake Loves Footprints 3 August 2011
24 Baby Jake Loves the Boogie Beat 4 August 2011
25 Baby Jake Loves Party Time 5 August 2011
26 Baby Jake Loves Being Funny 8 August 2011

Series 2 (2012)[edit]

No Title[7] Air date
1 Baby Jake Loves Popping Peas 10 September 2012
2 Baby Jake Loves Stretching 11 September 2012
3 Baby Jake Loves His Spinning Hat 12 September 2012
4 Baby Jake Loves Chasing an Egg 13 September 2012
5 Baby Jake Loves Wobbling 14 September 2012
6 Baby Jake Loves Spinning a Web 17 September 2012
7 Baby Jake Loves Musical Statues 18 September 2012
8 Baby Jake Loves a Picnic Feast 19 September 2012
9 Baby Jake Loves Bath Time 20 September 2012
10 Baby Jake Loves Waving 21 September 2012
11 Baby Jake Loves Space Painting 24 September 2012
12 Baby Jake Loves Building 25 September 2012
13 Baby Jake Loves to Jiggle and Shake 26 September 2012
14 Baby Jake Loves Balloons 27 September 2012
15 Baby Jake Loves to Pretend 28 September 2012
16 Baby Jake Loves Ballet Dancing 1 October 2012
17 Baby Jake Loves Cuddles 2 October 2012
18 Baby Jake Loves Making Honey 3 October 2012
19 Baby Jake Loves to Knock Knock 4 October 2012
20 Baby Jake Loves His Watering Can 5 October 2012
21 Baby Jake Loves Cardboard Boxes 8 October 2012
22 Baby Jake Loves Pushing Buttons 9 October 2012
23 Baby Jake Loves Playing House 10 October 2012
24 Baby Jake Loves to Gallopy Gallop 11 October 2012
25 Baby Jake Loves Pretty Lights 12 October 2012
26 Baby Jake Loves Christmas 15 October 2012