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"Baby Mine"
Song by Betty Noyes
from the album Dumbo soundtrack
Released1941 (1941)
GenreLullaby, ballad[1]
Songwriter(s)Lyricist: Ned Washington
Composer: Frank Churchill

"Baby Mine" is a song from the 1941 Disney animated feature Dumbo. The music is by Frank Churchill, with lyrics by Ned Washington. Betty Noyes recorded the vocals for the original film version. In the film, Dumbo's mother, Mrs. Jumbo, an elephant locked in a circus wagon, cradles her baby Dumbo with her trunk while this lullaby is sung. It is also the last appearance of the circus animals.

The song was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 14th Academy Awards in 1942.[2] It is also listed on AFI's "100 Years... 100 Songs" as one of America's greatest film songs.[3]


Early popular recordings include those by Les Brown, Glenn Miller, and Jane Froman, followed by several others; and decades later, the song regained attention.[1] Bette Midler covered the song on the 1988 Beaches soundtrack. In the same year, Bonnie Raitt and Was (Not Was) recorded the song for the album, Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films.

Alison Krauss recorded a cover for the 1996 album The Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney. Her version peaked at number 82 on the RPM Country Tracks chart in Canada.[4] Krauss' cover earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance in 1997.

An instrumental version by violinist Jenny Oaks Baker was included in the Grammy nominated[a] album Wish Upon a Star, released in 2011.

There have been numerous Disney compilation releases of the original, as well as an Original Cast recording from the musical, Disney's On the Record: A New Musical Review[6] Various other cover versions of the song run the gamut of genres.

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