Baby Universe

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Baby Universe
Designer(s)Takumi Funada
Genre(s)Music, non-game
Mode(s)Single-player video game Edit this on Wikidata

Baby Universe (ベイビーユニバース) is music video game developed for the PlayStation. This software allows the user to put a music CD into their PlayStation and generate 3D images using the music. It was released in June 1997 in Japan, and October 1998 in the PAL regions.[1]


Baby Universe does not have gameplay as such, as it is a piece of software for art generation using music. However, there are a series of modes called worlds, affording the user varying degrees of control of the artwork. The first world is the 3D Kaleidoscope. The Kaleidoscope is controlled with the D-Pad and shoulder buttons. The shoulder buttons zoom and rotate the Kaleidoscope around its Z-Axis, the up/down directional buttons control the X-Axis and the left/right control the Y-Axis. Player actions can be recorded with the R1 button, and played back.


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