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Zhang Hanyun
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin Zhāng Hányùn (Mandarin)
Born (1989-04-09) 9 April 1989 (age 29)
Deyang, Sichuan, China
Other names Kristy Zhang; Baby Zhang
Occupation singer
Years active 2004 – present
Genre(s) Mandopop
Label(s) CNAVE
Super Girl 2004

Zhang Hanyun (born 9 April 1989), also known as Baby Zhang or Kristy Zhang, is a Chinese singer. At the age of 16, Kristy rose to fame as a runner-up of the singing contest Super Girl 2004.

Early life[edit]

Zhang was born and raised in Deyang, Sichuan and is an only child. She graduated from high school in Beijing in 2006. Zhang is able to speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and conversational English.


Zhang released her debut album, I am just Zhang Hanyun, in 2005.[1]

Zhang became the advertising face for Mengniu Dairy Corporation, and her career has since taken off. She was given the name Baby Zhang because of her youthful appearance. Zhang stated that singing and entertainment inspires the public.[1]



Album Songs
Baby Zhang 我很张含韵
July 2005
  1. 放假了 (Holiday...Finally)
  2. 精灵 (Precise)
  3. 一个人长大 (Growing Up Alone)
  4. 考试中 (Examination)
  5. 梦游记 (Sleep-Walking legend)
  6. 妈妈 我爱你 (Mama, I love you)
  7. 青蛙公主 (Frog Princess)
  8. 酸酸甜甜就是我 (Sweet and Sour is me)
  9. 星期天 ("Day"day) (Pun on Monday, Tuesday etc)
  10. 想唱就唱 (Sing if you want to Sing)
Baby Zhang 我很张含韵(预售版)
July 2005
  1. 放假了 (Holiday....Finally)
  2. 考试中 (Examination)
  3. 妈妈我爱你 (Mama, I love you)
  4. 和大家 Say Hello (Say Hello to Everyone)
  5. 录音棚中的故事 (Story in the Studio)
  6. 拍 MV 的辛苦 (Filming MV's are difficult)
  7. 后悔做艺人么? (Regret being an artist?)
  8. 我的"青蛙王子" (My Frog prince)
  9. 放假最想做的事情 (What I want to do during the Holiday)
  10. 说发型 (Hair Style)
  11. 给首张专辑的自我评语 (Critical of my own album)
  12. 最感谢的人 (The one I want to Thankyou)
  13. 对父母说的话 (Talking to my Parents)
  14. 说可爱 (Saying Cute)
  15. 说官网 (Saying Official Sites)
  16. 给 Fans 的话 (Message to my Fans)
Baby X'mas 新年好
December 2005


  1. 最想念的季节 圣诞賀年单曲 (Most memorable Season) (Christmas/New year solo)
  2. 追梦 中央电视台((梦里人))卡通主题曲 (Chasing Dreams) (CCTV Series, "Dream Person" Cartoon theme)


  1. 最想念的季节 MV (Most memorable Season)
  2. 酸酸甜甜就是我 MV (Sweet and Sour is Me)
  3. 想唱就唱 MV (Sing if you waant to Sing)
  4. 放假了 MV (Holiday....Finally)
  5. 妈妈 我爱你 MV (Mama, I lovee you)
Baby Zhang 1st Album 一人一梦 (Hong Kong Special Version)
April 2006
  1. 最想念的季节 (Most memorable Season)
  2. 哎呀呀 (Mamamia)
  3. 精灵 (Precise)
  4. 想唱就唱 (Sing if you Want to sing)
  5. 追梦 (Chasing Dreams)
  6. 追梦星期天 (Chasing dreams on "Day"day)
  7. 考试中 (Examination)
  8. 妈妈我爱你 (Mama, I love you)
  9. 酸酸甜甜就是我 (Sweet and Sour is me)
  10. 梦游记 (Dream Walking Legend)
  11. 一个人长大 (Growing up Alone)
Power of Young 青春无敌
February 6, 2007
  1. 公主的魔法項鏈 (Magical Necklace of a Princess)
  2. 閃亮亮 (Bright and Flashing)
  3. Baby Baby
  4. 夢想太空號 (Dream of Space)
  5. 白色 (White)
  6. 青春無敵 (Unbeatable youth)
  7. 北鼻與底兒 (Northern Nose vs South Son)
  8. 星星的眼睛 (Stars of Eyes)
  9. 哎呀呀 (Mamamia)
  10. 只要我長大 (As Long as I grow Up)



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2013 Singing When We Are Young 初恋未满 Dong Qiuqiu

Television series[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2007 浪击天涯 Jiang Zhu
2009 Dragon Phoenix Lucky 龙凤呈祥 Jiang Xixi
2010 Andox & Box 安逗与黑仔 Huhu / Youyou
2012 奇异家庭 Du Xiaoban
2013 Because Love is Sunny 因为爱情有多美 Qiqi
2016 Treasure Raider 新萧十一郎 Xiao Gongzi
Princess of Lanling King 兰陵王妃 Yuan Qingsuo / Duanmu Ling
TBA Chong Er's Peach 重耳传奇 Qi Jiang
The Story of Ming Lan 知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦 Sheng Shulan
Records of the Southern Mist House 南烟斋笔录 Dai Wanqing [2]


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