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Baby videos are educational tools which can be used for teaching babies as young as six months, introducing the alphabet, different sights, shapes and colors, numbers and counting. Baby videos can be used for helping babies learn important educational skills, comprehension, introduction to the environment, as well as music[citation needed]. Some parents use baby videos to help develop their children's motor skills[citation needed] and open their young minds to the world[citation needed]. Certain preschools, educators and care givers find baby videos to be a useful tool.[citation needed]

Several baby videos are available on the market today. They include videos which introduce letters, music videos, or videos that teach babies to communicate when they are young such as signing videos.


The use of baby videos is not without criticism. Frederick Zimmerman and Dr. Dimitri Christakis of the University of Washington published a study in 2007 that called the positive learning effect of the videos questionable, and say that they may in fact limit the language learning abilities of toddlers. [1] They claim babies are drawn to the videos due to the rapid scene changes causing an orienting reflex.


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