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Babylon Fields is a proposed television series featuring reanimated zombies as characters. Rather than being portrayed as malevolent monsters, the recently deceased are shown attempting to return to their previous lives and reintegrate into society. A pilot was produced in 2007 for CBS, but the network declined to pick up the show.[1] The CBS pilot, which is available online, has elements of black comedy as well as drama: one of the zombies describes in comic detail how his sex life with his wife is better since his return,[2] while one of the returned is an abusive husband/father killed by his family. Cast members include Ray Stevenson, Amber Tamblyn, David Patrick Kelly, Kathy Baker, Eric Nelsen, Leila Arcieri, Jessie Coleman, and Jamey Sheridan.[3]

In October 2013, Babylon Fields was resurrected by NBC, which ordered a new pilot. NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke was instrumental in bringing it back; she helped develop the original at 20th Century Fox TV.[4] The Cuesta brothers and Atkinson are back in their original roles as writers (Gerald Cuesta, Atkinson) and director (Michael Cuesta). The three will executive produce for 20th Century Fox TV. As part of the pilot order, Michael Cuesta has inked a two-year overall deal with the studio.[5][6] Skeet Ulrich is set to play a dual role as a priest and as his returned junkie brother. Meagan Good also stars,[7] along with Virginia Madsen.[8]

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  • They Came Back (French: Les Revenants), a 2004 French zombie film about an unexplained resurrection of the dead and their subsequent attempt to re-integrate into society.
  • The Returned (French: Les Revenants), a 2013 television series adaptation of They Came Back.
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  • In the Flesh (TV series), a 2013 three-part BBC supernatural drama series that focuses on a re-animated teenager Kieren Walker as he comes back into the local community.


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