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Coordinates: 51°44′35″N 5°1′18″E / 51.74306°N 5.02167°E / 51.74306; 5.02167
Country Netherlands
Province North Brabant
Municipality Aalburg
Population (1 January 2006) 398
Church in Babyloniënbroek.

Babyloniënbroek is a hamlet in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality Aalburg, about 7 km northwest of the town of Waalwijk. Babyloniënbroek consists of a single street, and has about 400 inhabitants. The name Babylon has the suffix Broek added. 'Broek' is a word linked to the root of the English word, 'Brook' for stream or the springs of a stream, and the meaning in Dutch is very similar, meaning swamp or swampy.

Notable citizens[edit]

Coordinates: 51°44′36″N 5°1′20″E / 51.74333°N 5.02222°E / 51.74333; 5.02222