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Ponte Molino, Padua, Italy. Pic 01.jpg
Bacchiglione passing the Ponte Molino in Padua
Origin The Alps
Mouth The Gulf of Venice
Basin countries Italy
Length 118 km (74 mi)
Source elevation  
Avg. discharge  
Basin area  

The Bacchiglione (Latin Medoacus minor) is a river that flows through northern Italy. It rises in the Alps and empties into the Gulf of Venice, on the Adriatic Sea, near Chioggia. It flows past a number of cities, including Vicenza and Padua, and acted for many centuries as a significant waterway up to Vicenza, after which it ceases to be navigable.

Recently, the Bacchiglione has gained a reputation for containing water dangerous to drink. The water has a chemical profile similar to water in certain areas of Africa where ROWPU crews could be called to purify water.[citation needed] Liberal use of animal fertilizer on thousands of acres of its watershed has caused relatively high levels of contamination.[citation needed] The Bacchiglione also washes through the urban and industrial areas of Vicenza and bringing additional pollution hazards. Local residents will not allow their children to swim in the river water.

Notable bridges[edit]

Coordinates: 45°11′N 12°13′E / 45.183°N 12.217°E / 45.183; 12.217