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Bacchus Motorcycle Club Logo

The Bacchus Motorcycle Club (BMC) is a Canadian one-percenter motorcycle club whose members ride only Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The name "Bacchus" is derived from the roman counterpart of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, women and song. The name of the club originates from the cult and city religions symbolism of Dionysus, who was regarded as the protector or guardian of those who do not belong to conventional society.[1]

The Bacchus Motorcycle Club is one of the oldest[2] one-percenter motorcycle clubs in Canada. Founded in Albert County, New Brunswick in late August 1972.[3][4] On November 8, 2014, the Bacchus MC's closest ally, the Original Red Devils Motorcycle Club merged to create the first Ontario expansion of the club[5] Bacchus switched the "bottom rocker" on their jackets from "Ontario" to "Canada," likely to avoid conflict with the Angels who claim the exclusive right to have a province written on their backs.[6] The club manages close relationships with other well established Canadian motorcycle clubs like Para-dice Riders MC, Vagabonds MC, Highlanders MC, and the Charlottetown Harley Club.[7]


Bacchus MC Club Vest
Original Red Devils MC and Bacchus MC Brotherhood Patch

The Bacchus Motorcycle Club wear a three-piece patch on their vest with the club's name on the top, the club image in the middle and the province they represent on the bottom. The Bacchus club colors are black and gold reflected in their club motto: "Black and Gold will never fold". All Bacchus MC and Original Red Devils MC members had also sported a brotherhood patch depicting the lasting 1% Brotherhood bond between the two clubs.


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