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Bach Mai Hospital
Bệnh viện Bạch Mai-IMG 0458.jpg
Bach Mai Hospital's front gate
Location 78 Giai Phong road, Phuong Mai, Dong Da district, Hanoi, Vietnam
Website bachmai.gov.vn
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Bach Mai Hospital is a multi-field medical facility in Hanoi and is considered one of the largest in Vietnam. The hospital was established in 1911 during the French colonial rule. It has played an important role in the health system of Vietnam and is one of three high specialized medical centers, specializing in internal medicine. It is a big center of cadres training and scientific research in the country.

The facility has a department for foreigners with English speaking staff able to treat serious cases.

A special rehabilitation unit was opened in 1998 for treating adults and children with disabling conditions (stroke and cerebral palsy). The unit sponsored by Veterans For America has seen more than 1,700 patients and has fitted more than 2,100 plastic braces since its establishment.

Late in the Second Indochina War on December 22, 1972, a string of American bombs intended for nearby Bach Mai Airfield missed their target and struck the hospital instead, nearly destroying the building and killing 28 hospital staff members.[1] The hospital was subsequently rebuilt, largely with private donations from the United States.[2] A bas-relief memorial to the victims can be seen in the courtyard today.[3]

In 2000, Bach Mai Hospital was partly reconstructed and supplied with up-to-date facilities and equipment under a grant aid project of the Government of Japan.

When Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome broke out in Vietnam in 2003, Bach Mai Hospital substantially contributed to putting it under control by providing strict nosocomial infection control, which was implemented by Japanese experts.[4]

There is a small speech therapy unit at the Hospital headed by Dr. Vu Thi Bich Hanh.[5]

The new spinal unit with 25 patient's beds established with help of Handicap International was opened in May, 2008.

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