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Bachalpsee reflection.jpg
LocationBernese Oberland
Coordinates46°40′10″N 8°1′24″E / 46.66944°N 8.02333°E / 46.66944; 8.02333Coordinates: 46°40′10″N 8°1′24″E / 46.66944°N 8.02333°E / 46.66944; 8.02333
Primary outflowsMilibach
Basin countriesSwitzerland
Surface area0.0806 km2 (0.0311 sq mi)
Max. depth14.8 m (49 ft)
Surface elevation2,265 m (7,431 ft)

Bachalpsee or Bachsee is a lake with an area of 8.06 ha (19.9 acres) close to the First (which can be reached with a cable car) above Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.[1] The lake, located at an elevation of 2,265 m (7,431 ft), is split by a natural dam, the smaller part of the lake being 6 m (20 ft) lower.[2]

The lake is featured in Gmail as part of its mountain theme background (as of 2013).[3]

Lake Bachalpse with snow covered mountains in the background.
Bachalpsee and Schreckhorn


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