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Bache can refer to:



  • Richard Bache (1737–1811), an American Postmaster General
  • Sarah Franklin Bache (1743–1808), his wife and Benjamin Franklin's daughter
  • Samuel Bache (1804–1876), an English Unitarian Minister
    • Francis Edward Bache (1833–1858), an English composer, Samuel Bache's son
    • Walter Bache (1842–1888), an English pianist and conductor, champion of Franz Liszt, Samuel Bache's son
    • Constance Bache (1846–1903), an English pianist and author, biographer of her brothers, Samuel Bache's daughter
  • Jules Bache (1861–1944), an American banker and philanthropist who built the company Bache & Co.
  • Harold Bache (1889–1916), an English footballer (West Bromwich Albion) and cricketer
  • Joseph Bache (1880–1960), an English footballer (Aston Villa and England national football team)
    • David Bache (1925–1994), an English car designer, Joseph Bache's son


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