Bachelor Father (American TV series)

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Bachelor Father
Noreen Corcoran and John Forsythe, 1961
Theme music composer
Opening theme"Bachelor Father Serenade"
"Bachelor Father Theme"
"Bachelor Father Theme"
"Bentley's Theme"
ComposerStanley Wilson
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes157
  • Harry Ackerman
  • (1957–1958)
  • Everett Freeman
  • (1958–1962)
  • Robert Sparks
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time30 mins.
Production companies
Original release
NetworkCBS (1957–1959)
NBC (1959–1961)
ABC (1961–1962)
ReleaseSeptember 15, 1957 (1957-09-15) –
September 25, 1962 (1962-09-25)
General Electric Theater
Guest star Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and John Forsythe

Bachelor Father is an American sitcom starring John Forsythe, Noreen Corcoran and Sammee Tong. The series first premiered on CBS in September 1957 before moving to NBC for the third season in 1959. The series' fifth and final season aired on ABC. A total of 157 episodes were aired. The series was based on "A New Girl in His Life", which aired on General Electric Theater on May 26, 1957.[1]

Bachelor Father is the only primetime series ever to run in consecutive years on the three major television networks (ABC, CBS and NBC).[2]


Bachelor Father follows the adventures of Bentley Gregg, a wealthy bachelor attorney living in Beverly Hills who assumes the responsibility of raising his niece, Kelly (Noreen Corcoran), after her parents die in an automobile accident.[2] Other members of the cast included houseboy Peter Tong (Sammee Tong), teenage neighbor and Kelly's on-and-off boyfriend, Howard Meechum (Jimmy Boyd), Kelly's best friend, Ginger Farrell (Bernadette Withers) and Jasper, the dog.[2] Withers appeared in 51 episodes from 1957 to 1962; Boyd in 37 from 1958 to 1962. Plots center on Bentley's adjustments to his new role as an adoptive parent, his search for the right woman to share his life,[2] Kelly facing the usual problems of adolescence and young adulthood, Kelly's ritual of passage from high school to college, and Peter's misadventures with his family, love life and financial schemes.

Asian rights activist Guy Aoki has praised the show for prominently featuring Asian actors and storylines, including "feisty" comedian Sammee Tong and Victor Sen Yung, the scheming "Cousin Charlie", "a slick, Americanized character. I thought it was great that way back in the ’50s, audiences saw a Chinese American who acted just like anyone else."[3]

The program's final season storylines led to Kelly's impending marriage to Bentley's junior partner Warren Dawson (Aron Kincaid).[4] The two met, became engaged, interacted with other couples and even met Dawson's parents (who flew in from New York on short notice), all in a span of three episodes. Without mention or explanation, Kincaid's character was dropped after four episodes and by the series finale, Kelly is seeing a different man with no marriage plans. Meechum (Boyd) appears in several Season 5 episodes, but he is never developed as a serious romantic interest for Kelly. As the series was canceled after 157 episodes, Bachelor Father did not have a formal series finale.

Primary cast[edit]

According to John Forsythe, the Bentley Gregg character was based on two well-known Beverly Hills bachelors at the time. He combined their names and used them for the characters in the program. Because of the implication in the program of Gregg's aversion to marriage, no serious thought was given to casting a 'regular' or steady woman for him. Instead, Gregg is forever dating different women with only a handful ever getting a 'second' date with him.

Forsythe noted that casting the main characters took considerable effort. Then actor (and future California governor and United States president) Ronald Reagan, who hosted General Electric Theater from 1954 to 1962, suggested Corcoran for the role, believing her to be a 'typical teenager' and closer to what a normal 13-year-old was like, and Forsythe agreed. Corcoran was already an experienced actress with film and television roles to her credit. She was 18 years old when the program left the air and had virtually 'grown up' into a young woman during the show's five-year run.

Casting Bentley Gregg's houseboy was difficult as well. Sammee Tong was cast based primarily on his experience as a stand-up comedian. Forsythe believed much of the program's success resulted from the interaction between Tong and himself and that Tong had great comic timing. He also stated that Tong's character was unique for the time and that he was not the "typical" Asian house servant. Forsythe insisted on Tong being a major character on the program. Several of the program plots center around Tong, many dealing with his attempts to improve his position in life. Although none ever pan out (much like Bentley or Kelly) he does develop as a character through the life of the program.

Kelly's (Noreen Corcoran) best friend was Ginger, played by Bernadette Withers.[5]

Guest stars[edit]

Among the series guest stars were Edgar Bergen, Bill Bixby, Billy Gray, Ryan O'Neal, Frankie Laine, Mary Tyler Moore and singer Patti Page. Eddie Anderson, who portrayed "Rochester" on The Jack Benny Program, reprised his role in the Season 5 episode, "Pinch That Penny". Besides the 'Benny' link, the series had connections to The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show as Harry Von Zell appeared in five season three episodes as Bentley Gregg's friend and next-door neighbor. The Burns' son, Ronnie Burns, appeared in two episodes, as well. Fifteen-year-old Linda Evans also appeared in a guest spot on the series as one of Kelly's friends. Evans and Forsythe later starred in the primetime soap opera Dynasty together.[6]

Other guest stars include:

Broadcast history[edit]

The series' pilot episode, "A New Girl in His Life", originally aired on General Electric Theater on May 26, 1957.[1] The series was first telecast on CBS on September 15, 1957.[2] It originally aired on Sunday evenings on alternating weeks with The Jack Benny Program (Benny guest starred on one episode) opposite NBC's Sally and ABC's Maverick with James Garner.[7] The show moved to NBC as a weekly series on Thursday nights in June 1959 (the Summer 1959 run on NBC were reruns of previous CBS episodes) and concluded its run on that network in September 1961.[8] The series then moved on to ABC on Tuesday nights in 1961 for its final season. The last "first run" episode (the 157th unique episode) aired on June 26, 1962, with reruns filling the remainder of the summer.[2]

Bachelor Father is the only series to ever run in consecutive seasons on all three major TV networks of the time (ABC, CBS and NBC). On November 22, 1963, a re-run episode of Bachelor Father was airing on several NBC affiliates in the Eastern Time Zone, Don Pardo broke in at 1:45 PM EST with the first bulletin of the shooting of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas.


Season 1 (1957–58)[edit]

20 Episodes
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Bentley and the P.T.A."Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterSeptember 15, 1957 (1957-09-15)
After her parents die in an automobile accident, wealthy bachelor lawyer Bentley Gregg (John Forsythe) has legal custody of his teenage niece Kelly (Noreen Corcoran). Bentley has a date with a beautiful movie starlet named Angela Giovanni, who is also a very important and valuable client. Because he is worried Kelly may be sick, Bentley is late for the date and Angela slams the door in his face. He manages to get a second date, but then finds out it's on the same night he is to attend a P.T.A. meeting. Bentley plans to go to the meeting and duck out soon after to make his date. However, things don't go as planned. But thanks to Kelly, Bentley gets Angela to sign a contract. Alice Backes as Vickie. Madge Blake as Mrs. Bowman. Mary Field as PTA Spokeswoman. Paul Maxey as Doctor. Florida Friebus as Mrs. Banks. Almira Sessions as Cleaning Woman.
22"Bentley Versus the Girl Scouts"Jerry HopperJerry Davis & Howard LeedsSeptember 29, 1957 (1957-09-29)
Despite a late night, Bentley agrees to drive Kelly to her Pathfinder Outing meeting place. Kelly wants him to meet their leader, Marilyn Hesselroth (Diane Brewster). Bentley makes a play for Marilyn, but she shoots him down fast. He drives out to the campsite and tries to woo Marilyn again. She puts him to work chopping wood and digging holes. That evening Bentley has his houseboy Peter (Sammee Tong) bring out a table, chairs and a fancy meal to the campsite. Bentley invites her to dinner the next evening. Kelly tells Bentley that she thinks Marilyn is in love with him even though she's already engaged. Bentley comes up with a plan to hopefully discourage Marilyn. Bernadette Withers as 'Troup Leader' Grabowski. June Blair as Woman #1.
33"Uncle Bentley and the Lady Doctor"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterOctober 13, 1957 (1957-10-13)
Bentley has been trying for weeks to get Kelly to clean her room and keep it clean. Secretary Vickie tells Bentley that maybe she's doing it for attention and suggests talking to a child psychiatrist. Bentley meets Dr. Barbara Ruskin (Mary Webster), who happens to be quite beautiful. After getting some advice about Kelly, Bentley makes a play for the Doctor, but he doesn't get far. Bentley still loses his temper with Kelly and goes to see Dr. Ruskin again. She says if he can resolve the thing with Kelly by Saturday, she'll go out with him. At first it seems as though Bentley's plan isn't working, but in the end, Kelly understands. Bentley has his date with Barbara and finds out she may have had a hand in Bentley's success. Mary Field as Mrs. Hartman. Cheryl Miller as Nancy.
44"A Date with Kelly"Jerry HopperJerry Davis & Howard LeedsOctober 27, 1957 (1957-10-27)
Adrian Benson (Shirley Patterson), an old acquaintance of Bentley's is in town. Bentley calls her up for a date that evening, but she is unavailable. Kelly overhears and says she wishes she could go on a date like the one Bentley promised Adrian. Bentley tells Kelly he will take her out that evening. She is very excited and makes plans to look very nice for the date. Later, Adrian shows up at Bentley's office and tells him that it turns out she is free for this evening. Forgetting his date with Kelly, he leaves with Adrian. Peter finds out and has to tell Kelly, who is now heartbroken. Peter gets a hold of Bentley and tells him how upset Kelly is. Bentley tells Adrian he has to leave. Adrian is now angry and doesn't want him to call her. Bentley apologizes to Kelly, but she is still upset. The next day, Peter promises Kelly that Bentley will take her out that night. Adrian agrees to go out with Bentley that evening. Peter calls Bentley and now Bentley must cancel his date with Adrian, again. Kelly and Bentley go on a wonderful date. When they get home, they find Adrian there because Kelly called her earlier. Bentley and Adrian then go out.
55"Uncle Bentley and the Aunts"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterNovember 10, 1957 (1957-11-10)
Kelly hopes to be voted into the Lucky 13 Club, as all her friends are in it. However, one of the girls voted against her and Kelly doesn't get in. Bentley invites three of the girls from the club to lunch in hopes of finding out why Kelly wasn't voted in. He learns that the girl who voted against Kelly has an aunt who dislikes him. But the girls won't tell Bentley the name of the woman. It turns out Bentley has dated six of the girls' aunts. So, he goes through the list hoping to find the one, but none of them are it. It turns out that the aunt is Martha (Mabel Albertson), a lawyer he has a case against. Martha says she will talk to her niece. When Bentley tells Kelly the good news, Kelly says she's been in the club for two days. Bernadette Withers as Ginger Farrell. Jean Moorhead as Cynthia. Jana Lund as Gladys.
66"Bentley and the Revolving Housekeepers"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterNovember 24, 1957 (1957-11-24)
Bentley feels that Kelly could benefit from some female supervision. He wants to hire a lady housekeeper, much to Peter's chagrin. Bentley sees Mr. Saunders (Joseph Kearns) at the domestics agency. First, a Mrs. Barker (Florida Friebus) arrives. Peter and Kelly have the house full of various animals and Mr. Barker leaves quickly. Then a Mrs. Farrell (Edith Evanson) arrives. Bentley's date Patty Robbins (Barbara Eden) comes by. Turns out Patty knows Mrs. Farrell and they spend the evening reminiscing, ruining Bentley's date. Mrs. Farrell has Bentley eating foods he doesn't like and she puts a damper on his poker game with the guys. Mrs. Carter, Kelly's principal, tells Bentley that Kelly had been doing so well, but lately just doesn't seem to be the same. Fortunately for Bentley, Mrs. Farrell decides to work for a family with a little baby. William Kendis as Red. Tommy Farrell as Cecil.
77"Uncle Bentley Keeps His Promise"Jerry HopperJay Sommers & Don NelsonDecember 8, 1957 (1957-12-08)
Kelly is having her first party at the house since she moved in. Kelly brags to her friends Helen and Marcia about all the famous people Bentley knows. Helen asks if he could get teen singing star Ronny Mann to come to Kelly's party tomorrow. Kelly brags and says yes he can. Bentley tells Kelly he will see what he can do. He makes several unsuccessful attempts to talk to Ronnie. Bentley then runs into a mustache-disguised Ronnie in the park. Not knowing it really is Ronnie, Bentley asks if he would like to impersonate Ronnie at Kelly's party. Ronnie agrees. The girls at the party are all excited to see Ronnie and he sings for them. Bentley comes to realize it really is Ronnie Mann. Herb Vigran as Manager. Joby Baker as Boy at Stage Door. Bill Erwin as Security Guard. Phil Arnold as Telegraph Messenger. Joan Freeman as Girl #1.
88"Bentley and the Baby Sitter"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterDecember 22, 1957 (1957-12-22)
Kelly has her first baby-sitting job for that evening. Bentley thinks she's too young and he doesn't want her to do it, but he says O.K. Bentley has a date with Doris Winslow (Lisa Davis), but all he can do is worry about Kelly. He stops by the Logan house only to find everything is fine. Mrs. Logan lets her female friends know that Kelly's uncle is a handsome bachelor and he stops by to check on Kelly. Suddenly, Kelly's babysitting service is fully booked. Bentley learns that the women hire Kelly just to get a chance to meet him. Some are single mothers and others just pretend to have children. Bill Erwin as Mr. Logan. Ricky Kelman as Jimmy Logan.
99"Bentley and the Talent Contest"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterJanuary 5, 1958 (1958-01-05)
Bentley wants Kelly to appear in the talent show, but Kelly says she really doesn't do anything that well. Kelly decides to be an usherette instead. Bentley visits Miss Gilman (Kathleen Case), the ballet instructor, and sees that Kelly isn't as good as the other students. He then sees Miss Lindstrom (Elvia Allman), the piano teacher, and gets the same impression. Peter helps Kelly to work up a comedy routine of impressions of celebrities reciting "Mary had a Little Lamb." As Groucho, Kelly wiggles her duct tape eyebrows during each line. As Edward G. Robinson, Kelly talks out of one side of her mouth and adds the word "see" and "nyah" to the end of each line. Her Marilyn Monroe wears a boa and sighs at the end of each line. Kelly decides to still be an usherette, and Bentley tells her that he'll support her no matter what. A girl who had stolen Kelly's Marilyn Monroe nursery rhyme act, wins first prize. Before everyone leaves, the emcee (Shirley Mitchell) announces that there is also a trophy for the most popular student as chosen by the other students. Kelly wins that, to the delight of Bentley and Peter. Les Tremayne as Ralph Parker. Bartlett Robinson as Phil Corey. Cindy Carol as Karen.
1010"Bentley, the Homemaker"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterJanuary 19, 1958 (1958-01-19)
Bentley has been busy just about every evening. He finds out from Peter that Kelly is spending every evening with the Fuller family down the street. Kelly tells Bentley how much fun she has at the Fuller house and how nice Mr. Fuller is. Feeling he is neglecting her, Bentley makes plans to spend the evening with Kelly. But time with Kelly gets cut short when old friend Harry McKey (Gordon Jones) comes by with two women. Kelly says she doesn't mind and she'll just go to the Fuller's. Jack Benny comes by Bentley's office for some legal advice. Bentley arranges a surprise outing with Jack and Kelly to Disneyland. The morning of the outing, Bentley learns Kelly went clam digging with the Fullers. Bentley speaks with Mrs. Fuller and finds out he has nothing to worry about as far as Kelly is concerned.
1111"Bentley and His Junior Image"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate Monaster
Based on a story idea by
Lydia Nathan
February 2, 1958 (1958-02-02)
Kelly's 13-year-old friend Helen Parker has a date with a 16-year-old boy and Helen's dad doesn't like the idea. Kelly asks Bentley's opinion on whether Helen should date an older boy. Bentley says he has complete confidence in Helen's judgement. Bentley pleads Helen's case with her father Ralph Parker, but Ralph is still against it. Bentley runs into Matt Finletter (Francis DeSales). Matt tells him how his 15-and-a-half-year-old son is a younger version of Bentley. Helen tells Kelly she has a boy for her so they could double date. Ralph calls Bentley and tells him if Kelly double dates with Helen, then he has no problem with it. Bentley learns that Kelly's date is Matt Finletter, Jr. He is now a bundle of nerves over Kelly's date and he cuts short his date with Carol Spencer (Barbara Darrow). Bentley runs into Matt Jr.'s mother, Mary Finletter (Marian Marsh), who was also checking up on the date. Mary tells him this is Matt Jr.'s first date as well and he shouldn't worry about how Matt Sr. described his son. Charlie Cantor as Harry. Pamela Baird as Nancy.
1212"Uncle Bentley Loans Out Peter"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterFebruary 16, 1958 (1958-02-16)
Bentley is dating Liza Lane, a stage actress, who is about to do her first motion picture. She is a little afraid of that, plus she is moving from a hotel to her new house. Liza asks Bentley if she could borrow Peter for a couple of days to make the adjustment. Bentley reluctantly agrees. Peter is not thrilled about the idea. He knows that Bentley and Kelly will be lost without him. After two days, everyone is glad to have Peter back and Bentley says he will never lend him out again. However, because of a situation Bentley can't get out of, he is talked into lending Peter to Liza again. When at Liza's, Peter says he won't go back and lets it slip that Bentley has a date with a Linda Donnally. Liza is furious and has a plan to get back at Bentley for his lies. She hires a clumsy butler named Henry (Vince Barnett) for Bentley to sabotage his dinner date with Linda. Jackie Kelk as Jerry.
1313"Bentley and the Social Worker"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterMarch 2, 1958 (1958-03-02)
Bentley wants Kelly to love him, so he has a hard time disciplining her. He asks his friend Phil Corey's advice. Phil says Bentley should become Kelly's legal guardian, then he wouldn't feel so guilty. Judge Ruddick (Leslie Bradley) tells Bentley that because of his bachelor status, he must first undergo an investigation by a social worker. Kelly is thrilled about the idea of Bentley gaining guardianship. She agrees to do whatever she can to impress the social worker. Myra Carter (Joyce Meadows), the social worker, finally arrives. After Myra leaves, Bentley is sure he passed the inspection. He celebrates by having a poker game with his friends. During the game, Myra returns, as she left her notebook there. Bentley goes to see Myra the next morning at her office, to try and explain things. Myra tells him that he will be awarded guardianship. Kathleen Case as Marge Barkman. Hal Riddle as Frank. Larri Thomas as Secretary.
1414"A Sister for Kelly"Andrew McCulloughArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterMarch 16, 1958 (1958-03-16)
Bentley laments how many of his friends are always trying to get him married. Kelly and Ginger plot to have Bentley and Ginger's mom meet, fall in love, and get married. Then they could be sisters. Bentley knows that Kelly is trying to set him up with someone, but he doesn't know who. That is until he goes to a restaurant with Kelly and sees Ginger's mother Louise Farrell (Catherine McLeod) there. He finds out that Louise also knows what the girl's plan is. Bentley and Louise play along for the evening. Bentley does date Louise several times. Peter lets Kelly know in a subtle way that Bentley doesn't love Louise. Bentley wants to find a way to let Louise know he's not interested in marriage. Turns out Louise has a man in New York she is interested in. The girls now try to break up Bentley and Louise, only to happily find out there are no marriage plans. Leon Belasco as Violinist. Frank Richards as Mechanic. William Bakewell as Man #1.
1515"Waiting Up for Kelly"Jerry HopperPhil LeslieMarch 30, 1958 (1958-03-30)
Kelly has a date to go to a party with a boy named Jack Corey. Bentley's a little concerned and asks her to be home on time. He was going to go out on a date with Laura Logan (Penny Edwards), but decides to stay at the house with her. Bentley starts to worry when Kelly is late. He drives over to Jack's house to talk with his father, Matt Corey (Whit Bissell). When he gets there, Bentley finds out that Jack has been home for a while. Jack says that Kelly left early with the Rymer twins. Bentley goes to that house and speaks with the housekeeper (Hope Summers). She says the family left for Palm Springs. Bentley goes home to look for an address book and finds Kelly in her bed. She apparently got into the house through her bedroom window without anyone noticing. Frances Bergen as Marcia Sutherlee. Kathryn Card as Mrs. Logan.
1616"Woman of the House"Andrew McCulloughArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterApril 13, 1958 (1958-04-13)
Kelly feels that she is now old enough to be treated as the woman of the house. Bentley promises Kelly that from now on she will be included in all the household decisions. Kelly starts to make some changes in the house and even tells a Door-to-Door Salesman (Jack Albertson) that she is not interested in his product. Peter pretends that he feels as if he's not needed anymore, in order to get a favor from Bentley. Ronnie Burns comes by Bentley's office to discuss a contract. Bentley invites him over for dinner. After remembering that Peter is out for the night, Bentley decides to take Ronnie to a restaurant. Meanwhile, Kelly's girlfriends vote to present a humanitarian award to their heartthrob Ronnie after tonight's dinner. Not knowing Bentley's change of plans, Kelly prepares the dinner for Ronnie and has a beautiful table set. When Bentley and Ronnie don't show up, Kelly is worried about what her friends will think when they come by. Peter saves the day by getting Ronnie to the house before the girls arrive. Bentley and Ronnie have to eat a second dinner and then toast the woman of the house.
1717"Peter Falls in Love"Don TaylorArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterApril 27, 1958 (1958-04-27)
Spring is in the air, and Peter says he's in love with a girl named Suzy. Secretary Vicki shows Bentley her engagement ring. She tells him that her fiance Herbert doesn't want her to work after they're married. Peter says he is now engaged and that Suzy wants him to learn a trade. That means he will have to leave Bentley. Kelly has been spending a lot of time with a boy named Howard. Feeling alone, Bentley gets a poker game going with some friends. During the game, Bentley finds out another one of his friends is getting married. Bentley starts to think that maybe he needs to be with just one person and share the little things. He takes his date Barbara to a laundromat and then roller skating. Vicki tells Bentley that she has broken up with Herbert. Peter tells Bentley he's not getting married and will continue to work for him. Kelly tells Bentley she's not seeing Howard anymore. Bentley goes back to his old way of life. William Kendis as Jack. Joseph Mell as Petey. Molly Dodd as Woman at Laundromat.
1818"Bentley's Prospective Son-In-Law"John NewlandArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterMay 11, 1958 (1958-05-11)
Bentley comes home to find Howard Meechim (Jimmy Boyd) in his house. Kelly apparently is spending some time with him because she feels sorry for him. Bentley gets a quick vision of Kelly and Howard getting married. Vickie tells Bentley that if he's mean to Howard, Kelly will like him even more. Bentley should be nice to him and he'll be gone in no time. This only confuses Kelly who now thinks Howard is like a son to Bentley. Bentley decides to try and teach Howard how to get another girl. Kelly wants to go to the dance with Steve Berry (Tony Epper). She tells Bentley she's only been seeing Howard because Bentley likes him. At the dance, Bentley's lessons work as Howard is dancing with several girls. Bentley's plan backfires when Kelly wants to get Howard back for her and Bentley's sake. Bentley meets Howard's beautiful older sister (Carole Wells), who thanks Bentley for spending time with him.
1919"Bentley's Clubhouse"David ButlerArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterMay 25, 1958 (1958-05-25)
All of Kelly's friends like hanging out at Bentley's house because he doesn't nag at them the way their parents do. Suddenly, none of the girls are showing up and Kelly wonders if she did something wrong. Peter finds out that the other mothers don't want their daughters going to Bentley's house. Because of his free and easy lifestyle, they can no longer discipline their daughters. Vickie thinks Bentley should have some of the mothers over to talk to them. Bentley sweet talks the three mothers that show up and they agree to come back the next day to talk some more. The next day Bentley comes home to a house full of mothers. Now the husbands are upset about their wives hanging out at Bentley's house. Bentley talks to two of the husbands at his office. The next day his house is full with the husbands. It's not long before Kelly's girlfriends are back. Karl Swenson as Charley Burton. Joan Tompkins as Fran Burton. Sondra Rodgers as Ellie Markum. Shirley Mitchell as Gladys Peterson. Carole Wells as Miss Landers.
2020"Uncle Bentley and the Matchmaker"Jerry HopperArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterJune 8, 1958 (1958-06-08)
Bentley's friend Joe Browning (Tommy Farrell) married Irene (Mary Lawrence) six months ago. Since then, Irene has been trying to find a girl for Bentley to marry. Real estate man Ken Townsley (Gavin Gordon) tells Bentley that his neighbors are leasing the house again while they go to Europe. Young and beautiful Laurie (Sally Fraser) moves in next door and Kelly says she really likes her. Bentley is worried that Laurie will come over all the time and ruin his other dates. But curiosity gets the best of him, and Bentley visits her first. He finds Laurie with a man named Jeff and leaves quickly. The next time Bentley drops by, he finds her with a man named Frank Gibbs (Charles Gray). Bentley asks Laurie to dinner, but she says they should just be friends. Turns out Laurie is a friend of Irene's, who has been having Laurie play hard to get on purpose. Laurie goes on several dates with Bentley, but still remains indifferent. Bentley begins to suspect that this is all part of a trap and ends it with Laurie. Kelly finds out that Laurie moved away to marry Jeff. Irene continues plotting to get Bentley married. Judd Holdren as Eric.

Season 2 (1958–59)[edit]

20 Episodes
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
211"Bentley and the Finishing School"John NewlandArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterSeptember 14, 1958 (1958-09-14)
Bentley is concerned with the way Kelly is growing up. Bentley's friend Phil Corey (Bartlett Robinson) brings his daughter Julie to the office and she is so well-behaved. Phil says Julie is just back from finishing school and maybe Bentley should consider sending Kelly. Bentley feels he would miss Kelly too much, but he tells her she needs to start behaving better. Phil drops off a brochure from the school when Bentley's not home. Kelly starts to think maybe she should go because she thinks she's causing a lot of trouble around the house. Kelly leaves for the school and already Peter and Bentley miss her. Bentley daydreams that Kelly is being treated as if in prison. He phones Mrs. Marquand (Florida Friebus), from the school, and they agree to send Kelly home for the weekend. Believing it is what Bentley wants, Kelly acts all prim and proper. With the help of Peter, Bentley and Kelly realize they like things back the way they used to be. Shirley Mitchell as Kitty Deveraux. Jimmy Boyd as Howard Meechim. Jack Albertson as Charlie Sharpe. Jean Carson as Winnie Sharpe.
222"Parent's Night"John NewlandJerry Davis & Alfred Lewis Levitt*September 28, 1958 (1958-09-28)
Kelly is buttering up Bentley and there must be a reason. It comes out that she promised her teacher Miss Conklin (Sondra Rodgers) that Bentley would perform in the 'Parents Night' play. Bentley goes to the meeting about the play that evening. He changes his mind about participating and gets up to leave. That is until he learns that the director and leading lady is a famous beautiful actress named Diane Webster (Joanna Moore). Bentley doesn't make a good first impression on Diane. She casts him in a one-line part. During the first rehearsal, Bentley quits. Later, he tries to apologize to Diane but she wants nothing to do with him. The night of the play, Bentley is in the audience when he is asked to come backstage. It turns out that Charley Burton (Karl Swenson), who had the lead role, has stage fright and can't go on. Diane asks Bentley to fill in, which he does. The play goes well and Bentley even gets a date with Diane.
233"Bentley Leads a Dog's Life"John NewlandTeleplay by:
Arthur Alsberg & Ben Starr
Story by:
Arthur Alsberg & Nate Monaster
October 12, 1958 (1958-10-12)
Jasper has chewed up one of Bentley's ties and he says he'd be happy to get rid of the dog. Kelly is going away for the weekend with a friend and Peter is going away for his grandmother's birthday. Bentley suddenly gets an urge to go to Ensenada. The family realizes there will be no one to take care of Jasper. Despite Kelly's concern, Bentley says they will take Jasper to a dog motel. At the dog motel, Dr. Sperber (Howard McNear) has a hard time getting Jasper into a cage. Sperber decides to pick up Jasper the next morning and try again. At the airport, Bentley and Peter start to feel guilty about leaving Jasper. Both cancel their plans and go home. When Bentley and Peter go to the dog motel, Jasper is gone. They search for Jasper and are worried about what they'll tell Kelly. When they get home, somehow Jasper is there. Bentley and Peter don't let Kelly know that they gave up their trips for the dog. Gavin Gordon as Man with Dog. Olan Soule as Airport Attendant.
244"Bentley and the Teenage Siren"John NewlandArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterOctober 26, 1958 (1958-10-26)
Kelly goes to a school dance and has a miserable time. It seems beautiful new girl Valerie Swanson (Jenny Maxwell) had all the boys fawning over her. Kelly now feels plain and unattractive. Bentley takes Kelly out to dinner to try and cheer her up. His talk about inner beauty backfires when several flashy women stop by to talk to him in front of Kelly. Bentley's new plan is to pay a bunch of boys to dance with Kelly at the next school dance. Kelly says she hates Valerie and is not going to the dance. While at the golf club, Bentley runs into Charlie Swanson (Frank Albertson), who he finds out is Valerie's father. Charlie tells Bentley that all the girls at school give Valerie the cold shoulder and she is envious of Kelly because she is so popular. Something Bentley says makes Kelly decide to speak to Valerie. Kelly and Valerie arrive at the dance together as friends. Bernadette Withers as Ginger Farrell.
255"Bentley & Peter's Teacher"Sidney LanfieldArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterNovember 9, 1958 (1958-11-09)
Bentley has a hard time reading Peter's messages. He suggests Peter take a class in English composition. Peter at first doesn't want to go, but Kelly talks him into it. Peter starts to enjoy night school and his teacher, Miss Cutler (Elisabeth Fraser). He even signs up for other courses. Peter starts telling Bentley's friends and dates that everyone should acquire more knowledge. Bentley begins to regret suggesting Peter go to school. Peter invites Miss Cutler to the house and Bentley says he has a few things to tell her. When she arrives, Bentley instantly finds her attractive, but he still tells her that there is more than just book learning. Miss Cutler manages to show Bentley he's not quite right and it's good for Peter to learn.
266"Bentley and the Wedding Bells"Sidney MillerArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterNovember 23, 1958 (1958-11-23)
Ever since Bentley acquired wealthy client Ruby Polk (Elvia Allman), he was afraid she would try to find a woman for him to marry. Ruby's husband Melvin (Joseph Mell) begs Bentley to come over and meet Ruby's niece. Bentley meets Lucille Barlow (Jane Withers), the niece. She's not particularly attractive and is a treasure trove of facts and opinions. The next night when Bentley has another date, Ruby brings over Lucille. Bentley's friend from the office, Dave Adams (Robert Nichols), drops by. He's a bit of a bookworm himself and he and Lucille instantly hit it off. Ruby still wants Bentley to date Lucille, but after he picks her up, he drops her off at Dave's. After they date for a while, Bentley comes up with a plan to get the couple married. Ruby now wants to set Bentley up with Lucille's cousin Agatha.
277"Kelly's Mad Crush"John NewlandArthur Alsberg & Ben StarrDecember 7, 1958 (1958-12-07)
Bentley is meeting Ronnie Burns at his office about a contract. Kelly would like Bentley to get Ronnie's autographs for all the girls in her club. Ronnie tells Bentley that a woman named Lorraine (Jana Lund), whom he took out twice, is now tailing him everywhere. Bentley suggests that to take his mind off of Lorraine, Ronnie should go out to dinner with him and Kelly. At the restaurant, they spot Lorraine with a big guy named Fred. Ronnie tries to prevent Lorraine from seeing him. In doing so, Kelly believes Ronnie is in trouble and that he is confiding in her. For the next few days all Kelly can do is think about Ronnie. Bentley hopes that Kelly's occasional boyfriend Howard can get her mind off Ronnie. Things come to a head when Ronnie, Howard, Lorraine and Fred all show up at Bentley's house.
288"Bentley's Big Case"John NewlandArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterDecember 21, 1958 (1958-12-21)
Peter buys his first car and he's very proud of it. Meanwhile, Kelly would like to have a girl named Emily join the club. All the other girls are against Emily. Kelly is afraid to push for Emily because Kelly is running for president of the club. Peter is in a fender-bender with his car and wants Bentley to handle the case. Bentley doesn't want to take the case, so Peter gets another lawyer. Wealthy client Arthur Fletcher (Joe DeRita) comes to see Bentley. Seems his wife Florence (Veda Ann Borg) got into an accident and he would like Bentley to look into it. Bentley finds out the other car was Peters. Bentley tries to get Peter to settle, but he won't. Bentley is stuck in the middle as Florence wants the case settled quickly. At court, Peter decides to represent himself. Bentley works it out so both parties are satisfied. Robert Carson as Judge Stennis. Olan Soule as Bailiff.
299"Bentley's Economy Wave"John NewlandArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterJanuary 4, 1959 (1959-01-04)
It's the first of the month and Bentley can't believe all the bills he has. Bentley decides to tighten the belt, both at home and in the office. Potential client Mr. Haris (Richard Deacon) drops by Bentley's office. He's looking for a top notch lawyer that thinks big and wants to see if Bentley meets the grade. Bentley invites Haris and his friend Eve Carter over for dinner. To Bentley's embarrassment, Peter serves a really cheap meal. Haris' partner Sam L. Clevinger (Irving Bacon) arrives and wants a lawyer that has respect for a dollar. Haris, now thinking that Bentley is a penny pincher, still recommends him. Haris and Clevinger come to dinner at Bentley's house. This time Peter puts out a large extravagant dinner. Clevinger thinks Bentley has no concept of frugality and leaves. Johnny Silver as Charlie.
3010"Decisions, Decisions"John NewlandTeleplay by:
Jerry Davis & Alfred Lewis Levitt*
Story by:
Bill Freedman & Larry Rhine
January 18, 1959 (1959-01-18)
It seems that no matter which way Bentley turns, everyone he knows wants him to make a decision for them. Peter wants to know if he should invest in the stock market. Kelly wants help deciding which boy to go to the prom with. Bentley's friend Charlie Burton doesn't know if he should drop a case or not. Secretary Kitty doesn't know which dress to buy. Everyone of Bentley's suggestions to his friends backfires on him. Now Bentley is afraid to make any decision. In the end, however, Bentley's decisions wind up working for the best. Joel Crothers as Richard. Ann McCrea as Diana Rogers. Phil Arnold as Armond.
3111"Bentley and the Kleptomaniac"John NewlandLaurence Marks & Milton PascalFebruary 1, 1959 (1959-02-01)
Kelly feels Bentley is spending too much time worrying about her and helping her with things. Kelly and Ginger concoct a scheme to make him worry about Howard, instead. Kelly tells Bentley that Howard is a kleptomaniac. She convinces Howard to go along with the plan. While Bentley talks to Howard, he witnesses him taking several things from the house. Bentley decides to speak with Howard's sister Elaine (Joan Vohs). She has a hard time believing Bentley. Kelly and Howard confess to Bentley and Elaine and Kelly explains the reason they did it.
3212"A Phone for Kelly"Bretaigne WindustArthur Alsberg & Ben StarrFebruary 15, 1959 (1959-02-15)
Bentley, Peter and Kelly always seem to need to use the phone at the same time. Every time Peter and Kelly ask for a second phone Bentley says no. While shopping with Kelly, Bentley runs into Susan Carver (Paula Raymond), a woman he dated years ago. They stopped dating because Susan believed that the fates were against them. Susan tells Bentley to call her later. When Bentley is supposed to call her, Kelly and Peter have the phone tied up. Bentley now places restrictions on the use of the phone. He even suggests one should work to pay for another phone. Kelly gets a job selling door to door. Bentley gives in and gets a second phone. Now Kelly gets calls on both phones. John Eldredge as Herb.
3313"Bentley, the Star Maker"John NewlandArthur Alsberg & Nate MonasterMarch 1, 1959 (1959-03-01)
Teen star Tommy Boone is a client of Bentleys. All the girls are excited that Bentley got Tommy to do a performance in town. While on a date with Howard's sister Elaine, Bentley gets a call from Peter telling him that Tommy had to cancel. Bentley hears Howard singing and playing guitar. Howard says he can't sing in front of people, but Bentley thinks he can groom Howard into a teen star by the night of the show. At the show, Howard initially freezes but then is a huge success. Howard has many more performances and he gets quite a following of fans. Elaine is furious with Bentley as she wanted him to pursue science. Bentley has a talk with Howard and Howard decides to give up music.
3414"Bentley the Proud Father"Earl BellamyArthur Alsberg & Ben StarrMarch 15, 1959 (1959-03-15)
Kelly is going to ask Bentley be on the school carnival committee. At the committee meeting Bentley meets the chairman, Patricia Pierce. He finds her very attractive. Meanwhile, Kelly loses boyfriend Steve to Gloria Gibson (Cheryl Holdridge). Bentley feels Kelly needs to be more bubbly and out-going around boys. Kelly says that her and Gloria have two different personalities. Things don't go well when Kelly tries to be more bubbly the next time she sees Steve. At the next committee meeting, Frank Gibson (Whit Bissell) suggests that the girl whose father's booth sells the most tickets, be made Queen of the carnival. Frank and Bentley each think their booths sold the most tickets. Their competition gets out of hand when they both try to out do each other at Gingers booth. This causes Ginger to sell the most tickets and become Carnival Queen. After the carnival, Steve offers to drive Kelly home if she promises to be herself.
3515"Bentley's Aunt Caroline"John NewlandArthur Alsberg & Ben StarrMarch 29, 1959 (1959-03-29)
Kelly has a date with Tom and Bentley worries she may be growing up too fast. Bentley also thinks Kelly doesn't confide in him anymore. He remembers his Aunt Caroline (Lurene Tuttle) and how, whenever he had a problem, he could talk to her. Bentley decides Kelly could use Aunt Caroline around for a while. When she arrives, she is not the motherly type he remembered. Caroline is now the fast paced jet-setting type. Mr. Grant and Mrs. Armstrong from the PTA drop by to discuss the speech he is to give. Bentley is embarrassed by the way Caroline is acting. Bentley wants to find a way to get Caroline out of the house. He comes up with a plan and it almost backfires when he finds out Caroline already had plans to leave.
3616"Bentley, Man of Steel"Earl BellamyJerry Davis & Alfred Lewis Levitt*April 12, 1959 (1959-04-12)
Kelly is worried about the hours Bentley keeps and that he's not getting enough exercise. She thinks he should join a gym, which Bentley is against. Kelly calls Amanda Armstrong (Mari Aldon) of the Armstrong Method Health Club. Amanda stops by Bentley's office and after seeing how attractive she is, he claims he's interested in joining the club. Bentley brings Amanda home and meets her father, Mr. Armstrong (William Newell), who is in excellent shape for his age. Bentley and his friend Chuck Forrest both join the club and both make plays for Amanda. Because of the healthy food they now have to eat, Peter and Kelly begin to regret Bentley joining the club. They plot to get Bentley to quit. What they don't know is that Bentley is also tired of the club and the food.
3717"Bentley and the Motorcycle"Don TaylorArthur Alsberg & Ben StarrApril 26, 1959 (1959-04-26)
Ginger tells Kelly that she is now going steady with Roy. Kelly hopes to be the next girl to go steady. Bentley believes Kelly is too young for that. Bentley has a run-in with a young motorcyclist named Mike Brinkerhoff (Dick Kallman). Bentley would hate to see Kelly wind up with someone like Mike, so he plots to have Howard go steady with Kelly. After a dance, Howard tells Bentley that Kelly is going steady with Mike. Bentley goes to talk with Mike and tell him to stay away from Kelly. He finds out that Mike is actually a very nice guy. Now Bentley wants to buy a motorcycle. Kelly tells Bentley that she broke up with Mike because all he can talk about is motorcycles.
3818"Bentley, the Organizer"Don TaylorArthur Alsberg & Ben StarrMay 10, 1959 (1959-05-10)
Bentley has a trial in New York that could last up to 6 month's. He'll be taking Peter and Kelly with him. Bentley starts talking to real estate agents about renting the house. Bentley winds up leasing the home to the Carters. Then he gets a call that the trial unexpectedly settled out of court. Bentley speaks to his real estate agent Anne Gordon and believes that everything will be straightened out with the Carters. However, Anne couldn't get a hold of the Carters and they move in. Bentley finds a way to have the Carters break their lease. Jess Kirkpatrick as Mr. Carter. Gene Saks as Fred. Frank Sully as Plumber. George Cisar as Painter.
3919"Bentley and the Beauty Contest"Bretaigne WindustTeleplay by: Jerry Davis
Story by:
Ben Starr & Arthur Alsberg
May 24, 1959 (1959-05-24)
Kelly is practicing the cello for a school concert. Chuck Forest comes by with Giselle Lambert (Corinne Cole), who happens to be Miss Saskatchewan in an upcoming Miss Galaxy beauty pageant. Chuck would like Bentley to be a judge and help Giselle win the pageant. Bentley would like to help Alicia Dominguez (Suzanne Lloyd), Miss Lima, instead. Alicia's chaperone, Carmelita, does present a problem for Bentley. After Kelly brings home a trumpet, Bentley learns that Alicia can play. He suggests she play a song for her talent portion of the contest. At the pageant, Chuck sabotages Alicia's trumpet and her performance goes badly. Bentley realizes what happened and then sabotages Giselle's singing performance. Alicia gets another chance to play and winds up winning the pageant. Alicia's father, Carlos Dominguez (Edward Colmans), tries to explain to Bentley that Alicia is spoken for. Bentley think Carlos is just an actor that Chuck sent. In the end, Alicia decides to go back home instead of staying with Bentley.
4020"Bentley, the Hero"Don TaylorArthur Alsberg & Ben StarrJune 7, 1959 (1959-06-07)
Bentley thinks Kelly is being taken advantage of by her girlfriends. Kelly has committed Bentley to taking her friends to the beach. Meanwhile, he is also putting together a movie deal with Mr. Saunders (Ralph Dumke), a producer. At the beach, Carol Stewart, an aspiring young actress fakes a drowning in order to meet Bentley. Bentley saves her and now Kelly and her friends think Bentley is a hero. Carol comes by the house and Bentley figures out that she staged the whole thing to get a part in the film. Later, Carol pulls the same stunt at Saunders beach house and he goes out and saves her. But, Bentley is there and tells Saunders it was all fake. Carol apologizes and leaves. Both Saunders and Bentley wind up wanting to give Carol a part in the movie.

* Because of the Hollywood Blacklist, Alfred Lewis Levitt was credited as "Tom August".

Season 3 (1959–60)[edit]

37 Episodes
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
411"Peter Meets His Match"Sidney LanfieldSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseSeptember 17, 1959 (1959-09-17)
Peter tells Bentley that he's in love with a woman named Linda Toy (Lisa Lu). But, she is very popular and Peter feels he has a lot of competition. Amanda Armstrong (Mari Aldon), Asst. Troop Leader of Kelly's scouts, comes by. Bentley sweet talks her into dinner at the house. He tells Peter to pay attention to what he does on the date and try that with Linda. Kelly tells Amanda what Bentley is going to do. At the date, Bentley woos Amanda and, knowing what he's doing, says she accepts his proposal. Bentley panics, but she tells him she knew what he was up to. Peter says he will miss Bentley and Kelly, but he plans to propose to Linda. He gets his Cousin Frank (James Hong) as a replacement. Peter introduces Frank to Linda and they hit it off right away. Peter tells Bentley that he's staying as their house boy and that Linda is out with Frank.
422"Bentley and the Dog Trainer"Bretaigne WindustEverett Freeman & William RaynorSeptember 24, 1959 (1959-09-24)
Jasper has been stealing and hiding items around the house. Bentley is then sued by Minerva Witherspoon (Carol Ohmart), a neighbor whose garden was damaged by Jasper. He goes to speak with Minerva and she suggests that he send Jasper to a dog obedience training school. When Bentley tells her that he is against sending the dog to a school, Minerva says she will see him in court. After Jasper takes an important contract Bentley was working on, he changes his mind. Bentley enrolls Jasper in Mr. Cartwright's (Howard McNear) obedience school. Peter finds out that he accidentally misplaced Bentley's contract. Peter gives the contract to Jasper to return to Bentley. Jasper is back in good graces and Bentley makes up with Minerva.
433"The Case Against Gisele"Sidney LanfieldSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseOctober 1, 1959 (1959-10-01)
Singing star Gisele MacKenzie is Bentley's new client. Peter shows Bentley a newspaper article where a pianist was awarded a large amount of money for an injured finger. Meanwhile, Kelly's birthday party is coming up. But, Ginger has come down with the chicken pox and the girls have a pact that neither can have a party if the other can't make it. To cheer her up, Bentley will introduce Kelly to Gisele. Peter goes along as well and keeps interrupting Gisele's film shoot. He also trips over a wire on the ground. Peter's Cousin Charlie says that he should sue for damages. Bentley does not really believe Peter is hurt that badly. Bentley and Gisele come up with a plan so that Kelly can still have a birthday party and Peter gives up his idea of a lawsuit.
444"Bentley and the Gullible Guitarist"Sidney LanfieldBob Fisher & Alan LipscottOctober 8, 1959 (1959-10-08)
Friday night is Peter's night off and he usually goes bowling. Kelly manipulates him into staying home and providing food for a party she's giving that night. She then manipulates Bentley into providing a local band for entertainment. Once he realizes that he's been out-foxed, Bentley tells Kelly he won't get the band and she needs to stop using people. Despite what Bentley said, Kelly manipulates Howard into providing the live music for the party. The night of the party, Howard plays his guitar all night and doesn't get to dance with Kelly. Bentley tells Howard he's been used and the two of them come up with a plan to teach Kelly a lesson.
455"Kelly's Idol"Bretaigne WindustLaurence Marks & William RaynorOctober 15, 1959 (1959-10-15)
Kelly tells Bentley that she wishes Howard were more mature and sophisticated. She wishes Howard were more like Bentley. Kelly and Howard are going to a dance that evening. The next morning Kelly tells Bentley she met a great guy named Jimmie Martin. She says he's a little rough around the edges, but she can mold him into something more like Bentley. Meanwhile, Bentley has a date with Louise Carson (Connie Hines) and all she can do is talk about how great her dad was. Jimmie complains to Bentley that Kelly is forcing him to be like Bentley. Bentley tells Jimmie to be himself. At a party, Jimmie meets Barbara Kaylor, who also thinks he should be himself. Kelly finds out that Jimmie is now seeing Barbara. She learns that one shouldn't try to change people. Donna Douglas as Alice.
466"East Meets West"Sidney LanfieldJerry Davis & David R. SchwartzOctober 22, 1959 (1959-10-22)
Peter is addicted to his favorite TV western show starring Rock Randall (Bill Williams), who happens to be a client of Bentleys. Peter asks Bentley if he can have a TV in the kitchen so he can watch the show while he cooks. Bentley refuses. Kelly suggests to Bentley that they have Rock over for dinner and then Peter can see that he's really not a cowboy. Then maybe he'll give up on having a TV in the kitchen. Rocks wife is a bad cook and he tells Bentley that he's going to try and lure Peter away from him. Bentley isn't worried. Peter has a plan of his own. He hopes that if Bentley really thinks that he'll take the job at Rocks house, Bentley will buy a TV for the kitchen to keep Peter home. In the end, Bentley gives in and buys the TV and Peter teaches Rocks wife how to cook.
477"Bentley and Grandpa Ling"Sidney LanfieldBob Fisher & Alan LipscottOctober 29, 1959 (1959-10-29)
Peter learns that Grandpa Ling (Beal Wong) is coming for a visit. Peter tells Bentley that he doesn't want Grandpa Ling in the house. Apparently, if he sees something he likes, he takes it and leaves an item that he thinks is of equal value in its place. Bentley has Angela Lake (Helene Stanley) over for dinner. Judge Harvey Blandon and his wife Emily make a surprise visit. Bentley needs the Judge's endorsement to run for City Council. Grandpa puts Bentley in an embarrassing position in front of the Judge. Bentley sets up a plan to get rid of Grandpa before a dinner party he wants to throw for the Judge. But the plan falls through and Grandpa puts Bentley in another embarrassing position, this time with the police. Bentley finds a way to get Grandpa out of trouble with the law. Read Morgan as Soldier.
488"Kelly: The Golddigger"Norman AbbottMel Diamond & John KohnNovember 5, 1959 (1959-11-05)
Kelly is dating a rich boy named Randy Maybrook. When Bentley meets Randy, all Randy can talk about is money. Kelly is also accepting all kinds of lavish gifts from Randy. Peter tells Bentley that Kelly is acting this way because Bentley has pretty much given her everything she wants. Bentley decides to show Kelly what it's like to live without a lot of money. But, his plan doesn't work out the way he had hoped. For his next plan, Bentley enlists the help of Randy's older sister, Sheila Maybrook (Bek Nelson). This time Bentley convinces Kelly that one doesn't go out with someone for their money.
499"The Rescue of Rufus"Sidney LanfieldCynthia Lindsay & Leo TownsendNovember 12, 1959 (1959-11-12)
Danny Harmon has a dog named Rufus, who apparently bit a man named Mr. Talbot. Danny asks Kelly if Bentley will help defend Rufus. Bentley is very busy, but Peter shames him into taking the case. Hoping to settle out of court, Bentley goes to speak with Mr. Talbot. But, Talbot refuses to settle out of court and wants Rufus destroyed. At the trial, with the help of Peter and Danny, Talbot admits to lying about Rufus biting him. Jane Nigh as Kitty, Bentley's secretary. Bill Erwin as Court Clerk. Paul De Rolf as a Boy.
5010"A Key for Kelly"Sidney LanfieldBob Fisher & Alan LipscottNovember 19, 1959 (1959-11-19)
Ginger's father Bert Loomis (Whit Bissell) refuses to let her have her own house key. Bentley agrees that the girls are too young. Kelly has a date with Kip Davis (Tommy Kirk), an older boy in prep school. They come home late and Kip offers to unlock the door for Kelly. Kelly has no key but pretends she forgot it. An embarrassed Kelly has to have Bentley let her in. Kelly tells Bentley that she should have her own key. Kip and Kelly have another date and the same thing happens. An angry and humiliated Kelly once again asks for her own key. Later, Bentley experiences a similar embarrassing situation. After a conversation with Kelly, he decides to give her a key to the house. Florence MacMichael as Amy Loomis.
5111"Bentley's Double Play"Sidney LanfieldBob Fisher & Alan LipscottNovember 26, 1959 (1959-11-26)
Kelly is rehearsing for the Thanksgiving school play. Bentley tells her that he will not be able to direct the play as he did last year. She tells him that Ginger's father will direct, which seems to bother Bentley a little. Meanwhile, Peter suggests to his night school teacher Miss Gunther (Marianne Stewart) that the class have a Thanksgiving play. Peter volunteers Bentley to direct and provide the costumes and sets. Peter is disappointed when Bentley doesn't cast him in the lead role. The night of the play, Luigi Vedecci (Mario Siletti) gets stage fright, so Peter winds up getting the lead role. Jeanne Bates as Helga Jorgeson.
5212"Bentley and the Brainy Beauty"Sidney LanfieldSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseDecember 3, 1959 (1959-12-03)
Bentley is tired of dating women who aren't very intelligent. He then meets a smart attractive female attorney named Rhonda Wilson. The two are working on a case together and Bentley would like to draw out the work a long as possible. Rhonda at first is annoyed with Bentley's dragging things out. She tells him that if he really applied himself, he could go much farther. Rhonda says he should be seen at the right places and with the right people. Bentley spends a lot of time with Rhonda going to events and meetings and giving speeches. Bentley eventually tires of all the seriousness and goes back to dating fun women. Sue Ane Langdon as Kitty Marsh, Bently's secretary. Sandra Giles as Rita.
5313"Bentley Plays Cupid"Sidney LanfieldJerry Davis & Howard LeedsDecember 10, 1959 (1959-12-10)
Kitty can't seem to stop eating. Bentley and Peter figure that Kitty over eats to compensate for being alone. But, Bentley worries when his bachelor friend Chuck drives Kitty home one evening. Bentley doesn't want Kitty to get hurt, so he asks Chuck to not see her again. Chuck and Kitty continue to see each other. Bentley comes up with a plan to have Chuck think that Bentley is getting married. Then Chuck might decide to marry Kitty. Bentley's plan doesn't work the way he expected, but it does get Kitty to stop seeing Chuck. Mari Blanchard as Nora Daley.
5414"Kelly's Secret"Bretaigne WindustMartin RagawayDecember 17, 1959 (1959-12-17)
Bentley gets a letter from Kelly's teacher Miss Pierce requesting a meeting. Apparently Kelly and some of the other girls have been leaving the school grounds without permission. Meanwhile, Kelly wants to throw a surprise party for Miss Pierce because she is marrying Tom Farrow (Hal Riddle). Kelly has to keep this from Bentley because Tom works for Mr. Driscoll (David Lewis), a client of Bentley's. Mr. Driscoll has a policy that his executives are not married. Bentley confronts Kelly and she tells him about buying a wedding present when she cut class. But Kelly can't tell him who the person is. Bentley now assumes it's a student and goes on a detective mission to find out who it is. In a dream sequence, Bentley continues to play detective. Bentley comes to believe that it's Howard and Ginger that are getting married. He does eventually find out that it's Miss Pierce. Anita Gordon as Connie Meechim.
5515"Bentley Goes to Washington"Bretaigne WindustBob Fisher & Alan LipscottDecember 24, 1959 (1959-12-24)
Bentley is coaching the Little League team that Vicky's kid brother Rocky Marsh (Flip Mark) is on. Preston 'Bulldog' Frasier (William Forrest) has come from Washington, DC to offer Bentley a job at his prestigious law firm. Bentley at first says he's not interested, but soon the offer becomes too good to turn down. None of his friends and family want him to move. Kelly says she will not go unless Bentley finds a good home for Jasper. Of course, Kelly makes sure that nobody she knows takes the dog. Despite that, Bentley does find a home for Jasper. At the airport, Bentley runs into Toby Freyhopper (Dick Winslow) who happens to work for 'Bulldog' Frasier. After hearing what the job is really like, Bentley decides to stay home. Elaine Devry as Phyllis Wentworth. Roger Mobley as Little Leaguer.
5616"Kelly, the Politician"Bretaigne WindustHenry SharpDecember 31, 1959 (1959-12-31)
Gloria Wingate is running for president of the student council. When Bentley gets home, he finds out that Kelly is running for the same office. Gloria's father, Sherman Wingate (John Eldredge), is a golf rival of Bentleys. After some bragging from Sherman, Bentley decides to help Kellys campaign. Something that Howard writes about Kellys campaign in the school paper has Gloria worried. Sherman and Gloria think that Bentley leaked a legal story about Sherman to Kelly, which Bentley didn't. Bentley believes that even if Kelly knew about the legal issue, she wouldn't use it in her speech. Before the speeches are to be given, Gloria tells Kelly she's dropping out of the race. Kelly tells the audience that Gloria was dropping out for personal reasons and that hopefully she will change her mind. Gloria does and wins the election.
5717"Bentley: The Gentleman Farmer"Bretaigne WindustArthur Alsberg & William RaynorJanuary 7, 1960 (1960-01-07)
Kelly, Ginger and Howard are rising vegetables for a school project and they are being bothered by a gopher. Kelly thinks Bentley should take up gardening to help him relax. He does become interested and goes overboard buying tools and other things for the garden. Bentley also goes overboard buying things to get rid of the gopher. Kelly gets upset because she doesn't want Bentley to kill the gopher. Bentley has a change of heart about killing the animal. Neighbor Burt Loomis says he'll shoot the gopher, but when he thinks he did kill it, he feels terrible. Everyone is happy when Howard says he saw the gopher alive.
5818"Bentley and the Combo"Sidney MillerPhil Davis, Laurence Marks & William RaynorJanuary 14, 1960 (1960-01-14)
Bentley needs a favor from his band leader friend Chuck Forrest. Kelly is managing a small jazz combo from her high school. She would like some help because she would like the band to do well in an upcoming Battle Of The Bands contest. Chuck suggests that the band add Huey Prentice, a sax player from school. Kelly and the band are not pleased with Huey's pushy attitude. Huey makes a pest of himself at Bentley's office and at home. Bentley finally tells Huey that the band doesn't want a sax player anymore. Funny thing is that the band now seems lost without Huey. Bentley has another talk with Huey. The night of the contest, Huey joins the band and leads them to victory. Lisa Davis as Eva Montgomery. Mary Tyler Moore as Huey's Sister.
5919"Bentley and the Bartered Bride"Earl BellamyWritten By:
Bob Fisher & Alan Lipscott
Story By:
James Hong & Eleanor Middleton
January 21, 1960 (1960-01-21)
Bentley is dating Iris Schuster (Whitney Blake), but she continually hints at marriage. 'Cousin' Charlie is setting Peter up with a matchmaker to find him a bride. Peter and Bentley go to see Choo Lo Wing about Peter's potential bride. Iris calls asking for Bentley and Kelly says he is out making arrangements for a wedding. Another misunderstanding only reinforces Iris's belief that Bentley will propose. The evenings date with Iris doesn't go well. Bentley finds out that Dolores Wong (Frances Fong), the woman Peter is supposed to be matched with, knows nothing about it. Bentley now has to tell Peter that Choo Lo Wing was running a scam. William Newell as Mr. Schuster. Nora Marlowe as Mrs. Schuster.
6020"The Blonde Issue"Sidney MillerBob Fisher & Alan LipscottJanuary 28, 1960 (1960-01-28)
Kelly is at a dance with Mike Mitchell (Gary Vinson). She can't help notice that he keeps looking at a blonde girl. Bentley says absolutely not to Kelly's request to dye her hair blonde. Kelly insists the Bentley's current girlfriend Monica Armstrong (Mari Aldon) dyes her red hair. Kelly bets Bentley that if she can prove Monica dyes her hair, Kelly can dye hers as well. Bentley and Kelly take a strand of Monica's hair to a Police Lab Technician, who proves it is naturally red. They run into Monica who has just dyed her hair blonde. Monica reveals to Kelly that her blonde hair is a wig. Bentley gets confused when he sees Kelly as a blonde and then back to a brunette and Monica who changed to blonde and is back to a redhead. Kelly also learns that Mike really does like her hair the way it is. Leonid Kinskey as Hair Stylist.
6121"Bentley and the Majorette"Sidney MillerTeleplay by:
David Schwartz & Keith Fowler
Story by: David Schwartz
February 4, 1960 (1960-02-04)
Bentley's friend Frank Weston (Karl Swenson) says that despite giving his daughter Agnes (Melinda Plowman) everything she asks for, she doesn't seem happy. Meanwhile, Kelly and her friends are going to try out for the school's drum majorettes. Bentley tells Frank that he should encourage Agnes to also try out. Ginger lets Kelly know that Agnes has decided to leave their school for a more prestigious one. Turns out it wasn't Agnes's idea, but actually her mother's. Bentley gets Frank to tell his wife that Agnes is staying at Kelly's school and entering the majorette contest. Before the contest, Dean Reed sings "Twirly, Twirly". At first, Agnes's mother Adelaide (Joan Tompkins) isn't at the contest. But she shows up as Agnes is performing and Agnes wins a position with the majorettes.
6222"Bentley, the Model Citizen"Sidney MillerSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseFebruary 18, 1960 (1960-02-18)
Bentley's neighbor Frank Curtis (Harry von Zell) is upset that the village is putting a traffic signal right by his house. Frank would like Bentley to go to the City Planning Committee and try and stop the signal from being put up. However, Bentley's new neighbor Diane Jeremy (Dolores Donlon) would like to have the signal there. At the meeting, Bentley makes a plea for the signal and it gets the go ahead. An angry Frank has Diane's dog impounded and uses Bentley's name. Bentley has to explain to an angry Diane that it wasn't him that called the dog pound. He then poses for a statue that Diane is sculpting for City Hall. Frances Fong as Anna May. Elvia Allman as Mrs. Parkhurst.
6323"The Fishing Trip"Richard KinonArthur Alsberg & Mel DiamondFebruary 25, 1960 (1960-02-25)
Bentley's friends Cal Mitchell (Del Moore) and Phil Demling (Milton Frome) are continually bragging about their sons. Bentley does several things with Kelly that they've never done before. Kelly believes that Bentley wishes he had a son. Cal and Phil invite Bentley and Kelly on a fishing trip, but Bentley says that's not a trip for a girl. Kelly overhears what Bentley said. She then convinces Bentley that she's interested in fishing. Camping with a Kelly does present some problems for Cal and Phil. However, their sons Mike Mitchell and Randy Demling (Gordon Gebert) like having Kelly around. After the trip, Mike and Randy spend more time with Kelly than with their fathers.
6424"The Fortune Cookie Caper"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMarch 3, 1960 (1960-03-03)
Bentley won't give Peter a raise in salary. To make more money, Peter wants to go into business making and selling homemade fortune cookies. Bentley doesn't think it's a good idea. Kelly, Ginger, and Howard go to several Chinese restaurants and get orders for Peter's cookies. The bureaucratic red tape that Peter encounters takes up so much of Bentley's time that it jeopardizes a million-dollar deal at his law office. A mix up has an important phone number that Bentley needs for his deal possibly winding up in one of the cookies. In the end, Bentley's deal goes through. Bentley agrees to give Peter a raise if he gives up his cookie business. Herb Vigran as City Clerk. Allen Jung as Mr. Lee. Olan Soule as City Inspector.
6525"Kelly and the College Man"Ezra StoneArthur Alsberg & Mel DiamondMarch 10, 1960 (1960-03-10)
16-year-old Kelly meets a 22-year-old college man named Ted Manson in the college library. She lies and tells him that she's 19. They hit it off and spend the afternoon together. Kelly has a date with Ted that evening. She gets Bentley to reluctantly agree to not reveal her real age. Kelly continues to date Ted and Bentley is not happy about it. Bentley comes up with a plan to introduce Ted to Laura Evans (Claire Kelly), a woman more his age and intellectual level. Ted and Laura get along perfectly and Kelly decides she rather be 16 again. Sally Kellerman as Waitress.
6626"Kelly: The Career Woman"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMarch 17, 1960 (1960-03-17)
Bentley's new client is Melanie Bannister (Betsy Jones-Moreland), an author who is being sued for plagiarism. Kelly and Ginger are trying to decide their life's work. Kelly picks being a lawyer and wants to spend time at Bentley's office. Unfortunately, having Kelly around proves to be a bit disruptive. Thanks to something Kelly discovers, Bentley is able to have the plagiarism suit dismissed. Frank J. Scannell as Judge. Marian Collier as Witness.
6727"Bentley's New House"Bretaigne WindustArthur Alsberg & Joseph QuillanMarch 24, 1960 (1960-03-24)
Bentley reminisces about the ups and downs of moving into his family's new house. Doris Blake (Ann Robinson), the decorator, complains about all the stuff they have accumulated and what will she do with it. Bentley tries to get the family to give up some of their old things, but they have a hard time doing it. Bentley has a Mr. Sinclair (Jonathan Hole) haul most of the old stuff away. The house is finally finished and Peter and Kelly are not happy. Even Bentley is having second thoughts. Doris is over for dinner, over hears Peter saying how the family hates the way the house is decorated and storms out. Bentley tries to buy all their old stuff back from Mr. Sinclair, but it's all been sold. Turns out Doris bought the stuff and had it put in the house. The family then realizes that they actually liked the new stuff better.
6828"Bentley, the Stage Mother"Norman AbbottBob Fisher & Alan LipscottApril 7, 1960 (1960-04-07)
Bentley's client, producer Arthur Daniels (George Ives), introduces Bentley to actress Edie McDrit (Pamela Duncan). But after one date with Edie, Bentley says he'll never date an actress again. Kelly says she wants to enroll in a dramatic class and become an actress, to which Bentley says no. Hoping to show Kelly how hard it is to be an actress, Bentley has Arthur get her a small part in an upcoming film. But, after watching Kelly rehearse for a while, Bentley starts to believe Kelly actually has talent. Much to Arthur's annoyance, Bentley gets a little bit too involved in Kelly's career. Noticing the change in her uncle, Kelly tells Bentley she doesn't want to be an actress any more. Bentley finds a way to get Kelly out of her part in the film.
6929"The Woman's Angle"Earl BellamyArthur Alsberg, Keith Fowler & Joseph QuillanApril 14, 1960 (1960-04-14)
Peter's Cousin Charlie Lee (Victor Sen Yung) owes him money and he wants it back or Peter will have Bentley sue him. Meanwhile, Kelly is tired of being excluded from adult matters. Bentley's client Horace Bagshaw (Grandon Rhodes) is angry because he can't purchase a piece of land from Maurice Vernalle (Rolfe Sedan) that he needs to build his bank. Wanting to makes things right with Kelly, Bentley allows her to substitute for his secretary Kitty on her afternoon off. Kelly quickly becomes overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Despite all the confusion, Kelly helps make a deal between Bagshaw and Vernalle, and helps Peter get his money from Cousin Charlie.
7030"Bentley Meets the Perfect Woman"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottApril 21, 1960 (1960-04-21)
Bentley meets Melissa Trent (Patricia Barry) on a flight back from New York. She happens to be an efficiency expert. They start dating and she starts making changes around the house. Melissa even suggests that her and Bentley get married as he needs her organizational skills. Bentley likes what she's doing, but Peter and Kelly are not happy. Melissa starts to make changes at Bentley's office, which doesn't thrill Kitty. Bentley also begins to get tired of the changes. Melissa would like Bentley to meet Philip Harcourt (Lester Matthews), the president of her company. At the meeting, Bentley intentionally makes a bad impression in order to rid himself of Melissa.
7131"Bentley and the Travel Agent"Earl BellamyArthur Alsberg & Mel DiamondApril 28, 1960 (1960-04-28)
Kelly and her girlfriends are trying to decide where to go on vacation. Bentley makes a bad first impression on Mr. Pettigrew (Charles Lane) and his daughter Francine (Myrna Fahey), who just opened a new travel agency. In order to ingratiate himself with them, he promises to help drum up business for them. Bentley books a trip for Kelly and her friends and books a fishing trip for himself and his friends, Frank Curtis and Cal Mitchell. The fishing trip is on the verge of being cancelled because of Frank and Call's wives. The more Bentley tries to help, the more the bookings keep changing. All the changes are causing a frustrated Mr. Pettigrew to want to go back to his old job as a stock broker. Maxine Stuart as Adelaide Mitchell.
7232"The Very Friendly Witness"Norman AbbottSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMay 5, 1960 (1960-05-05)
After dating Elena del Castillo (Patricia Huston) several times, Bentley thinks she might be the one. Kelly announces that she is going steady with a boy named Hank. Bentley's client Mr. Granger (Addison Richards) wants him to cancel his date with Elena in order to meet with potential witness, singer Dolores Lane (Joan Tabor). In return for her testimony and to help her career, Dolores wants to spend some time with Bentley. Meanwhile, Kelly has problems when she realizes that she agreed to go to a dance with Hank and another boy. Bentley finds himself in a jam when both Elena and Dolores want to go to the same costume ball with him. Things get worse when both women show up to Bentley's house before the ball. And to top it off, Mr. Granger calls Bentley and tells him they won't need Dolores's testimony as they settled the case out of court.
7333"Bentley and the Blood Bank"Earl BellamyArthur Alsberg, Mel Diamond & Joseph QuillanMay 12, 1960 (1960-05-12)
Kelly, Ginger and Susan are volunteering to help the Red Cross blood drive. Susan tells Bentley that her father, Frank Curtis, is giving a speech for the Red Cross because he was a great war hero. Frank tells Bentley that the war story is greatly exaggerated and he's afraid to give the speech. Frank introduces Bentley to Nurse Isabelle Coughan (Joyce Meadows). Frank tells a phony story to Isabelle about Bentley being a war hero and that he should give the speech. Because she believes the story, she agrees to go out with Bentley. The Bentley war hero story spreads around and gets more and more dramatic. The blood drive is a huge success. At the drive, Bentley and Isabelle run into Nurse Carrie Trisdale (Connie Gilchrist). She was at the hospital where Bentley was during the war. During a celebration dinner, Bentley and Frank confess about the over blown war stories. Nurse Trisdale says that the two men are still heroes.
7434"A Man of Importance"Earl BellamyArthur Alsberg & Mel DiamondMay 19, 1960 (1960-05-19)
After many ego-shattering blows, Peter's feeling of self-importance is at an all-time low. Bentley and Kelly's compliments about dinner backfire, because they didn't know he had to make it out of a can. Bentley talks Peter out of leaving by telling him he can become important here. Peter invents a battery powered silent butler, which is just a pile of junk. To boost Peter's ego, Bentley lies and tells him that Frank Curtis is going to manufacture the invention. When Peter learns the truth, he really leaves for San Francisco. On the train, Peter reminisces about all the good things he did for the Bentley household. Peter comes back home. Frances Fong as Susie. James Hong as Jimmy. Sid Melton as Harry. Pat O'Malley as Train Conductor.
7535"Bentley and the Beach Bum"Earl BellamyArthur Alsberg & Mel DiamondMay 26, 1960 (1960-05-26)
Bentley is not happy about Kelly taking up surfing. At the beach, Kelly introduces Bentley and Kitty to follow surfer Barry Willis, who calls himself Prince Awani. Barry likes the simple life and lives in a shack on the beach. Kelly starts to embrace Barry's dislike of commercialism and worshiping the dollar. To hopefully bring Kelly around, Bentley starts to live the life of a beach bum. But Kelly knows what Bentley is up to. A Beach Inspector (Lester Dorr) tells all the beach bums to get their shacks off the beach. Bentley talks Barry into getting a job so he can buy some land on the beach. Barry now embraces the idea of making money.
7636"Where There's a Will"Bretaigne WindustBob Fisher & Alan LipscottJune 2, 1960 (1960-06-02)
Bentley is having the reading of the will of rich Mr. Crabtree at his house. An odd collection of people show up. Right before the will is read the lights go out. When Peter gets them back on, there is a lot of in fighting amongst the people there. Then the will goes missing and the reading is cancelled. Elaine Baker (Leigh Snowden) calls and asks Bentley to come over as her life is in danger. She tells Bentley that she thinks Crabtree's beatnik nephew Ansel (Kip King) and a Lola Winslow (Sandra Warner) stole the will. When he talks to Ansel and Lola, Bentley comes up empty handed. In the end, Bentley figures out that Jasper took the will. When the will is read, Crabtree writes that he spent all his money. Dorothea Neumann as Cora Bacula.
7737"Bentley's Birthday Gift"Earl BellamyEverett Freeman & Sam LockeJune 9, 1960 (1960-06-09)
Kelly wants to surprise Bentley on his birthday. Meanwhile, Chuck Forrest wants Bentley to give him the number of Ruth Martin (Nancy Valentine) who he met in Bentley's office. But, Bentley won't do it. Kelly asks Chuck about a gift and he suggests a surprise party, hoping Kelly can find a list of Bentley's friends, including Ruth. Bentley is at Ruth's house when Chuck calls asking for a date. He finds out that Kelly gave Chuck the phone number. Bentley is mad at Kelly, until Peter tells him she gave Chuck the list of friends to invite to the surprise party. Kelly plans a dinner out for Bentley, now that he knows about the party. Bentley is secretly organizing the surprise party himself. What follows is confusion that results in Bentley not showing up at the restaurant and no surprise party. Bentley and Kelly do get together eventually to celebrate his birthday. Murray Alper as Diner Counterman. Edward Colmans as Maitre d' Robert.

Season 4 (1960–61)[edit]

40 Episodes
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
781"Jasper the Second"Earl BellamyEverett FreemanSeptember 15, 1960 (1960-09-15)
Jasper, Bentley's beloved family dog, dies at the age of 14. Bentley is dead set against adopting another dog. Cecil Curtis (Dennis Holmes), Kelly's friend, has an extra dog that needs a home and Kelly wants to keep him. Bentley says the dog can stay with them one day until they find another home for him. Peter comes up with a plan to keep the dog, but Bentley catches on. Bentley puts an add in the paper for the dog. A Sam Humber (Stanley Adams), who owns a lumber yard, agrees to take the dog. Bentley and Cecil go to the lumber yard to make sure the dog has a good home. When they don't like how the dog is living, they try and sneak him out but are caught by a policeman. In the end, Bentley pays Sam Humber for the dog and decides to keep him.
792"Kelly Learns to Drive"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseSeptember 22, 1960 (1960-09-22)
Bentley doesn't believe that women should be allowed to drive. Kelly brings up that Bentley promised she could get her learner's permit. Bentley reluctantly agrees to let Howard teach Kelly how to drive. But later Bentley decides to teach Kelly. Lessons with Bentley do not go well. Miss Mortenson (Elaine Devry), Kelly's Drivers Ed teacher, says she will have a talk with Bentley. Howard takes Kelly driving and she does really well. Peter comes up with a plan to make Kelly's good driving look like it is because of Bentley's training. Bentley later learns from Howard that Kelly had already taken the driver's test and passed.
803"Trial Separation"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottSeptember 29, 1960 (1960-09-29)
Bentley's latest girlfriend Lila West (Ann McCrea) says that employers and employees should not let issues go unresolved. To show Kelly how it works, Peter tells Bentley something that irritates him about Bentley and Bentley does the same to Peter. But, instead of making things better, Peter and Bentley have a huge fight. Peter questions their compatibility and decides that it's best to have a one week trial separation. 'Cousin' Charlie Fong (Victor Sen Yung) creates a misunderstanding between Peter and Bentley. This causes Peter to send an incompetent man named Harry (H.W. Gim) to be the Gregg's houseboy. Bentley fires Harry immediately. Peter then sends over an absent-minded man named Wing (H.T. Tsiang). Peter is about to come back, but some more advise from Lila backfires and Peter leaves again. Kelly finds a way to bring them together.
814"Mystery Witness"Earl BellamyLou DermanOctober 6, 1960 (1960-10-06)
Kelly is rear-ended in a traffic accident and the woman, Mrs. Fosgood, threatens to sue. Linda McCambridge (Ann Robinson), from the Citizens Crime Committee, visits Bentley at his office. Linda and Bentley do not see eye to eye on issues. Bentley learns that a Mike Pappas (Ted de Corsia) was a witness to the accident. Pappas refuses to be a witness in court. He even tries to bribe and then threaten Bentley. It gets to the point where Bentley thinks that Mr. Primo (Nick Dennis), the piano tuner, is there to kill him. Turns out that Pappas is a bookie and he agrees to leave town if Bentley leaves him alone. Peter finds a way to have Mrs. Fosgood drop her lawsuit. Jimmy Hawkins as Dennis. Norman Leavitt as Pappas' Attorney.
825"A Crush on Bentley"Earl BellamyEverett FreemanOctober 13, 1960 (1960-10-13)
Bentley meets Kellys classmate, Liz McGavin (Linda Evans). She is the daughter of Ben McGavin (Frank Wilcox), who Bentley is representing in a divorce case. Peter thinks she has a crush on Bentley. Ben insists that Bentley use his lodge by the lake to get work done on the case. When Bentley arrives at the lodge, he finds Liz there. Bentley figures out that Liz likes him because she misses a father figure. Bentley gets Peter and Kelly to come to the lodge. He also separately gets Ben and his wife Phyllis (Angela Greene) to show up. Time at the lodge brings Ben and Phyllis back together.
836"Peter Gets Jury Notice"Earl BellamyEverett Freeman & Danny SimonOctober 20, 1960 (1960-10-20)
Peter's been waiting 5 months to get another date with Linda Toy (Lisa Lu). When he does get a date, it's on the same day as his jury duty. Bentley suggests that Peter take Linda to court with him and watch him in action. Peter is humiliated when he is kicked off the jury because Bentley is one of the lawyers. At home, Peter gives Bentley the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Bentley could really use a witness for his case. Turns out Peter can be a reliable witness. Linda also helps Bentley win the case. Peter and Linda start dating. Herb Vigran as Bailiff. Robert Carson as Judge. Vince Williams as Defense Attorney. Frances Fong as Susie (archive footage). James Hong as Jimmy (archive footage).
847"Hilda the Jewel"Earl BellamyLou Derman & Mel DiamondOctober 27, 1960 (1960-10-27)
Peter would like Bentley to temporarily hire his friend Susie to help him with the housework. Bentley's client Mr. Anderson (Byron Morrow) will be vacationing for 3 weeks. When he hears that Bentley is looking for someone to help Peter, Mr. Anderson suggests his maid. Peter is surprised when Bentley brings home Hilda (Kathleen Freeman). Peter doesn't like Hilda's overbearing nature and makes up a reason for Bentley to get rid of her. Bentley hears about Susie from Kelly and realizes what Peter is up to. Soon Hilda has Peter and Bentley doing a lot of hard work around the house. Bentley begins to regret insisting Hilda stay and finds a way to have Mr. Anderson come home early.
858"It Happens in November"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si Rose (t)
Helen Mandel (s)
November 3, 1960 (1960-11-03)
Pat Larchmont (Kathleen Hughes), a woman from the Election Board, asks to use Bentley's garage as a polling place. Peter tells her the garage is full of junk. He offers the living room and she says she'll come by later to check with Bentley. Bentley is not happy about the idea until he meets the beautiful Pat. He even volunteers to be on the Election Board. The day of the election Pat doesn't show up, but other Board women do. Things get complicated for Bentley when he has to help with the voting but also wants to meet with an important client. In the end, Bentley realizes that the voting is more important. Elvia Allman as Mrs. Holworthy. Jeanne Bates as Anna Smith. Maudie Prickett as Mrs. Crawford.
869"How to Catch a Man"Earl BellamyMel Diamond & Mel TolkinNovember 10, 1960 (1960-11-10)
Bentley's friend Phil Demling (Milton Frome) brags to him how girls call his son Tony for dates. Bentley says he's glad Kelly doesn't call boys for dates. But Bentley later learns that Kelly has called Tony hoping he would take her to a party. Kelly is upset when she finds out that Tony is taking Lila Meredith (Cheryl Holdridge) instead. Bentley's date, Paula Tabore (Greta Thyssen), gives advice to Kelly on the finer points of trapping a boy. Kelly does what Paula recommended and soon is spending a lot of time with Tony. However, it doesn't take long before Kelly finds out that Tony isn't worth it if she can't be herself.
8710"Kelly, the Matchmaker"Earl BellamyArthur Alsberg & Mel DiamondNovember 17, 1960 (1960-11-17)
Kelly has been helping her friends with their love lives. Meanwhile, Bentley is representing wrestler George (Mike Mazurki), who was harmed in a bar fight. Bentley is concerned with what Kelly is doing and tells her she may be meddling. While getting a golf lesson from Bentley, Kelly introduces him to her math teacher, Janice McCleery (Joan O'Brien). Bentley comes to realize that Kelly set up this meeting between the two. Kelly's friends start to regret taking her love life advice. Bentley recruits George and Janice to teach Kelly a lesson.
8811"Bentley Cracks the Whip"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottNovember 24, 1960 (1960-11-24)
Bentley believes the family is spending too much money and puts the household on a strict weekly budget. Peter and Kelly want to know if Bentley will also put himself on a budget, which he agrees to. Grandpa Ling (Beal Wong) comes by because he wants to save face for a bad transaction he made for Bentley. Bentley has a date with Sheila Martin and the family wants to know how he can take a girl out on his tight budget. Bentley winds up in an embarrassing situation at the restaurant. Grandpa Ling sells raffle tickets to benefit Bentley and people start to believe he is down on his luck. Bentley straightens out the raffle misunderstanding and gives up on his budget. Peter Leeds as Maitre d' of Stephanos. Sid Melton as Harry.
8912"Bentley and the Big Board"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseDecember 1, 1960 (1960-12-01)
Kelly, Ginger and Lila can't decide how to spend the money in their club treasury. Bentley suggests buying stock in Sutton Industries, a company he represents. The girls agree to buy one share and so does Peter. Bentley is dating Joanne Sutton (Mary Tyler Moore), daughter of company president Ronald J. Sutton (Neil Hamilton). Peter is upset when the stock goes down. Bentley takes Peter to a broker's office to see how things work. While there, a Stock Trader (Thomas Browne Henry) mistakes Peter for someone associated with a company that might merge with Sutton. The next day, Peter causes a panic at the broker office when he sells his share. Sutton stock drops and the merger is threatened. When Ronald finds out that it was Bentley's houseboy that caused the panic, he fires Bentley. In the end, the merger goes through and Sutton stock goes up.
9013"Dear Bentley"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottDecember 15, 1960 (1960-12-15)
Kelly gets her very own teenage advice column in the school paper. Bentley's not so sure that Kelly should be giving out advice at her age. He sets up a date with Janice McCleery, who is the faculty advisor for the paper, to discuss Kelly. Bentley is surprised that Janice still approves of the column and they have a fight over it. Bentley decides to help Kelly with the column. His advice is not well received. Bentley's friends Cal Mitchell and Ollie (Francis DeSales) scheme to teach him a lesson. Bentley apologizes to Kelly and Janice for getting involved and it's decided to end the column. Vito Scotti as Chef.
9114"Bentley and the Lost Chord"Earl BellamyDanny SimonDecember 22, 1960 (1960-12-22)
One of Mr. Gregg's clients needs an original theme song for a new sci-fi series. When he hears Peter humming an original tune while vacuuming, he asks for him to record it. Unfortunately, Peter soon forgets the melody. Paul Dubov as Don Wheeler. Alvy Moore as Martin Burns.
9215"Ginger's Big Romance"Earl BellamyKeith Fowler & Ralph GoodmanDecember 29, 1960 (1960-12-29)
Ginger has an eye for David Ross (Billy Gray). David has an eye for Kelly. Bentley has both eyes on everyone. Arlene Howell as Gloria.
9316"Bentley the Angel"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottJanuary 5, 1961 (1961-01-05)
9417"Bentley and the Woodpecker"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseJanuary 12, 1961 (1961-01-12)
Bentley's friend Cal Mitchell has a woodpecker that keeps him up at night. Cal phones Bentley in the middle of the night to say he finally scared the bird away. The bird winds up at Bentley's house and keeps him up all night. Bentley talks to the Police Chief (Jess Kirkpatrick), but he says there is nothing he can do. After making several phone calls, Bentley decides to get rid of the bird himself. He tries several different things, but none work. Maureen Logan (Jeanne Bal), of the Chronicle, writes a story about Bentley's dilemma. One morning the bird is gone, and Peter and Kelly think Bentley killed it. Maureen even writes a story about whether Bentley did away with the bird. Bentley has a dream that he is imprisoned for killing the bird. Everyone is relieved when the bird returns and has babies.
9518"Bentley Goes to Europe"Earl BellamyKeith Fowler & Everett FreemanJanuary 19, 1961 (1961-01-19)
Peter has an opportunity to go with Bentley and Kelly on a free trip to Italy, but first he has to prove he's a United States citizen in order to obtain a passport. Easier said than done. Howard Wendell as Arthur Daniels.
9619"The Greggs in Rome"Earl BellamyKeith Fowler & Everett FreemanJanuary 26, 1961 (1961-01-26)
Bentley is in Rome to pressure Italian director Bartolo Frascati to complete a motion picture. Bartolo has a way of dragging out productions. While Bentley is meeting with Bartolo, Bartolo's son Dino takes Kelly around town. Bentley meets attractive Sharon Travis (Christine White), who is in the hotel room next to his. An attempt by Bentley to spend some time with Sharon backfires. Bentley, Peter and Kelly go to the movie studio to have Bartolo sign a completion contract. Bartolo refuses to sign and shuts down production. Bentley, Peter and Kelly decide to tour Rome with a guide named Roco Pasquali (Nick Dennis). Roco gives Bentley an idea how to get Bartolo to quickly finish the film. Allen Jung as Li Sing. Peter Leeds as Enrico Savarini.
9720"The Greggs in London"Earl BellamyWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderFebruary 2, 1961 (1961-02-02)
While in London, Bentley, Kelly and Peter will be staying in a friends townhouse while they are away. When they arrive, they meet Beechim (Laurie Main), the butler. Peter immediately butts heads with Beechim. Meanwhile, Bentley and Kelly do some sight seeing and visit Fromondelay Manor. At the Manor, it constantly appears to tour guide Evalyn Fromondelay that Bentley wants to steal some artifacts. In an attempt to make amends, Bentley invites Evalyn and her Aunt, Lady Augusta Fromondelay (Isobel Elsom), to dinner. Beechim informs Bentley that the townhouse will soon be sold and a garage put in its place. Beechim's feelings are hurt when Evalyn and Lady Augusta prefer Peter's food to his. Lady Augusta says she will buy the townhouse and keep Beechim on if he learns how to make Peter's meal.
9821"The Greggs in Paris"Earl BellamyHoward LeedsFebruary 16, 1961 (1961-02-16)
The Greggs tour the Louvre. Fritz Feld as Museum Guard. Dick Wilson as Museum Guard.
9922"Encore in Paris"Earl BellamyRobert PiroshFebruary 23, 1961 (1961-02-23)
Bentley, Kelly, and Peter all get bitten by the love bug, while in Paris. Alan Hewitt as Yosef. Marc Cavell as Makhmud. Danielle De Metz as Babette.
10023"There's No Place Like Home"Earl BellamyWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderMarch 2, 1961 (1961-03-02)
Bentley, Kelly and Peter have returned from Europe. They act more worldly and cultured, which their friends don't exactly appreciate. They bore everyone with their photos, home movies, and tales about their trip. Bentley's new secretary, Connie (Jeanne Bates), finally tells him that people are just tired of it all. Julie Sanders (Mari Aldon), Kelly's teacher, tells Bentley that Kelly has become a "travel bore". Bentley enlists Julie's help in showing Peter and Kelly how snobbish they were acting. Cathleen Cordell as Mildred Curtis.
10124"Bentley Swims Upstream"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottMarch 9, 1961 (1961-03-09)
Howard and Kelly try their hand at writing a jingle for the salmon industry. Lester Matthews as Mr. Harcourt.
10225"A Man Among Men"Earl BellamyWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderMarch 16, 1961 (1961-03-16)
Kelly has fallen for the star high school basketball center, much to Howard's dismay. Joby Baker as Biff Merideth.
10326"Peter's China Doll"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMarch 23, 1961 (1961-03-23)
Peter comes home from a poker game with a little girl named Lily Toi (Ginny Tiu). He tells Bentley that she is his daughter. Peter says he paid $50 to adopt her. Bentley says that the paperwork Peter got isn't legal. At the adoption agency, Peter is told he can't adopt Lily unless there is a father and a mother. Peter says he'll get married. The agency calls and says they have a couple that want to adopt Lily. Mr. and Mrs. Lee come a pick up Lily, but she later returns to Peter. Lily knows that she is going to stay with the Lee's, but she just missed Peter.
10427"Bentley and the Counterspy"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottMarch 30, 1961 (1961-03-30)
Howard volunteers for the Army, and he asks Kelly if she'll wait for him.
10528"Peter Plays Cupid"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseApril 6, 1961 (1961-04-06)
Peter plays Cupid for his teacher and Bentley. Jeanne Bal as Suzanne. Vito Scotti as José.
10629"Bentley and the Great Debate"Earl BellamyCharles R. MarionApril 13, 1961 (1961-04-13)
Several students form a committee to get rid of Coach Harper (Richard Crane). They feel that their basketball team can't win under his leadership. Bentley's friend Phil Braden (Raymond Bailey) feels the same way and wants Bentley's help to remove Harper. Bentley talks to Harper about buying out his contract, but Harper refuses. Raymond Staley, a stuttering, bumbling student, seems to be the only student supporting Harper. Marty Braden (Ryan O'Neal), the captain of the school's debating team, challenges Raymond to a debate over Harper. Kelly decides to help Raymond prepare. But Bentley finds a way for Raymond to just speak for himself. Despite some stuttering, Raymond wins the debate and Coach Harper can stay.
10730"Bentley and the Nature Girl"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseApril 20, 1961 (1961-04-20)
Bentley is attracted to Angela Murdock (Andra Martin), a woman who is teaching Kelly's nature studies class. Bentley attends an adult class where they discuss bird watching. Angela's father, Professor Murdock (Russell Collins), claims there is a rare bird in the area. Mrs. Carmella Hogworthy (Elvia Allman) says he is making it up. Bentley spends a lot of time with Angela trying to get that rare bird call recorded for her father to prove him right. Bentley's friends, Cal and Chuck, are upset because he is not spending more time with them. Bentley captures the sound of the rare bird on tape. Cal and Chuck record silly comments over the tape to get back at Bentley. Bentley takes the recording to a bird lovers meeting and is embarrassed when it is played. He leaves before to whole tape is finished. Turns out there were some of the bird calls at the end of the tape. Professor Murdock is vindicated. Even though Bentley really likes Angela, all she can do is talk about birds.
10831"Bentley's Mad Friends"Earl BellamyKeith Fowler & Everett FreemanApril 27, 1961 (1961-04-27)
Bentley would like to help his friends Walt and Eve Tatum (Joe Flynn and Betty Lou Gerson) with their constant quarreling. He gets them to agree to a non fighting pact with a penalty to the one that starts a fight first. After some arguing at home, Bentley, Kelly, and Peter enter into a pact to not get angry. The penalty is having to give Jasper a bath. Bentley talks to Walt and Walt seemed happier when he was fighting with Eve. At home, both Peter and Kelly lose their tempers and bathe Jasper. But, they agree that they feel better. They then plot to get Bentley to lose his temper. Their plan worked and Jasper gets his third bath of the day. Bentley admits that he feels better and they dissolve their pact. Bentley gets a call from Walt who tells him he and Eve are getting a divorce. Bentley gets them to argue and be happy again.
10932"Hilda Rides Again"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottMay 4, 1961 (1961-05-04)
Bentley's client Bart Anderson (Fredd Wayne) has a problem. His housekeeper Hilda is in love with his chauffeur Gustav (Gene Roth), but Gustav ignores her. Hilda wants to quit. Bart suggests that Bentley take Hilda on for the time being, so no one else gets her. Peter and Kelly are against it, as they remember the last time she stayed with them. Peter tells Hilda that maybe Gustav won't talk to her because she is so bossy. Bentley talks to Gustav and something he says gets Gustav interested in Hilda. Hilda now needs to brush up on cars as that is what Gustav cares about. Bentley has one more trick that will guarantee that Gustav falls for Hilda.
11033"Kelly's Charge Account"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottMay 11, 1961 (1961-05-11)
Bentley allows Kelly to open a personal charge account. Ginger's father, Cal Mitchell, can't believe what Bentley did. It's not long before Kelly becomes a personal loan company to all of her girlfriends. The other girl's fathers are also upset with what Bentley allowed. They scheme to get back at him by not giving their daughters their allowance to pay back Kelly. After he figures out what happened, Bentley confronts the other men. The girls decide to work off their debt. The father's are so impressed that their daughters are willing to work that they allow them to get accounts. Evelyn Scott as Adelaide Mitchell. Francis DeSales as Barney. Charlotte Stewart as Maybelle.
11134"Bentley Builds a Pool"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottMay 18, 1961 (1961-05-18)
Bentley hasn't seen much of Kelly lately. Kelly has been spending a lot of time at Ginger's house because of their pool. Cal Mitchell, Ginger's father, is tired of all her friends hanging around their backyard. Cal slyly convinces Bentley into building his own backyard pool. The pool is taking longer then expected to build and costing more as well. The pool finally gets finished and all of Kelly's friends show up. Peter has to hire extra help to feed all the guests. Cal even shuts down his pool and comes over to Bentley's. Things eventually quiet down when all the kids go to another families yard because they have a pool and tennis court.
11235"Bentley Slays a Dragon"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMay 25, 1961 (1961-05-25)
Peter is tired of being a nobody and wants to have a more dynamic personality. Bentley speaks to Cousin Charlie to see if Peter can be elected to some office at the Purple Dragon Lodge. Peter is voted chairman of the building committee, not knowing the position has no real duties. Peter lets power go to his head and he starts looking for a new building for the lodge, though the members have no intention of moving. He puts lodge money down on a vacant lot. Bentley goes with Peter to see A.J. Graham (George O. Petrie) at the bank about a loan. He doesn't get the loan and the lodge members are angry that they now have to come up with $5000. Peter quits his position and says he'd rather be a nobody again. Allen Jung as Sam Wang. Tommy Farrell as Toaster Salesman. H.W. Gim as Cousin Gregory.
11336"A Favor for Bentley"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseJune 1, 1961 (1961-06-01)
Kelly is the chairman of her club's show planning committee. Kelly asks Bentley for a favor. She would like for him to get actor Brad Douglas (Michael Forest) to make an appearance at her show. This leads to a chain of favors made by several people, each favor being dependent on the other being kept. Adele Mara as Gloria Thatcher.
11437"Kelly Gets a Job"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottJune 8, 1961 (1961-06-08)
Kelly is invited to a formal college fraternity dance. Bentley refuses to buy a new formal gown for her. To earn money for a new dress, Kelly gets a job as a teen fashion model. But, the job takes its toll on Kelly and she is constantly exhausted. Bentley offers to help Barney Beeber (Lawrence Dobkin), the owner of the dress shop, with a lawsuit in exchange for having Kelly work less hours. Kelly starts to wonder why she is being treated differently than the other models. When Kelly learns about the deal Bentley made with Barney, she quits. Barney comes to the house and tells Kelly she's a good model and he needs her. Vito Scotti as Gabriel.
11538"Kelly's Tangled Web"Earl BellamyJohn Elliotte (s/t) & Bob Fisher & Alan Lipscott (t)June 15, 1961 (1961-06-15)
Bentley catches Kelly lying to Howard to get out of a date, so she can go out with Bruce. As punishment, Bentley won't let her go on the date with Bruce. Bentley wants Kelly to understand that lying is wrong, even if it's a little lie. Elaine Rogers (Kathleen Hughes) wants Bentley to join her on a weekend cruise. The problem is that he has a golf match with Chuck Forrest. Bentley tells Kelly that he will be honest with Chuck. Chuck then tries to manipulate things so that Bentley keeps his golf date and Chuck can then go on the cruise with Elaine. More deceptions follow until Elaine doesn't know who to believe. She tells Bentley and Chuck she won't go on the cruise with either of them.
11639"Bentley's Barbecue"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseJune 22, 1961 (1961-06-22)
Bentley wants to relax outside, but he's getting wet from Cal's new sprinkler system. Kelly tells Bentley that she needs a big new barbecue for her upcoming party. Bentley tells Kelly and Howard to build their own barbecue. Bentley decides to help them. Jasper is missing and the family thinks he may be in the finished brick barbecue. Bentley bashes open the barbecue and no Jasper. The family rebuild the barbecue and test it out. Mr. Bostwick (Olan Soule) from air pollution control comes by. Bostwick thinks the barbecue is an incinerator and demands it be torn down. Bentley demands Cal tear out his sprinkler. Cal suggest a location for Bentley's new barbecue only to demand Bentley tear it down again. Kelly winds up having her party indoors.
11740"Drop That Calorie"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottJuly 6, 1961 (1961-07-06)
After something that Ginger says, Kelly is concerned about her weight. Kelly starts exercising. After something that Kelly says to Peter, he starts exercising. They both sign up for Spring Loring's (Lori Nelson) weight reducing course. After Bentley meets the attractive Miss Loring and he fails to lift a weight, he signs up for the course as well. Spring talks Bentley into buying a lot of health food. Kelly and Peter are not thrilled about the health food, but they all make a pact to not eat anything else. Peter bakes a ham and claims he's just keeping in practice. Bentley says it would be a shame to waste it, but Peter says he'll feed it to Jasper. They all cave in and eat the ham. Bentley goes to confess to Spring and he catches her eating a chocolate bar. Mary Treen as Spa Receptionist.

Season 5 (1961–62)[edit]

40 Episodes
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1181"Kelly's Graduation"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottSeptember 21, 1961 (1961-09-21)
Kelly is picked to be class valedictorian. Bentley and Peter talk about how soon she'll graduate college and get married. Bentley starts to meddle with Kelly's speech and what she'll be wearing. Bentley was going to give her a surprise party, but she had other plans. She agrees to the party. Bentley wants her to go to a Cal State, while she would like to go out of state. Bentley invites Kelly's teacher Janice McCleery (Joan O'Brien) over, hoping she will talk Kelly into going to Cal State. Bentley and Janice then go out and everything that he wanted to do, she made another suggestion. It's not until later that Bentley gets her message that he is interfering in Kelly's life. Bentley tells Kelly that he wants her to do what she wants to do. Charlotte Stewart as Maybelle.
1192"The King's English"Earl BellamyDan BeaumontOctober 3, 1961 (1961-10-03)
Peter signs up for night-school courses. Peter must pass an English exam to stay with his class. Jeanne Bal as Suzanne Collins. Joey Faye as Danny.
1203"Rush Week"Greg GarrisonJess Carneol & Kay LenardOctober 10, 1961 (1961-10-10)
Kelly and Ginger have made a pact to join the same college sorority, but each is being rushed by a different house. Lisa Gaye as Cordelia.
1214"Kelly and the Freethinker"John NewlandSheridan GibneyOctober 17, 1961 (1961-10-17)
Kelly wants to join a Philosophical Club at college. She is really taken with one of the members, Steve Wallace (Charles Knox Robinson). Steve comes by to take Kelly out and get to know her better. Bentley is not as impressed with Steve as Kelly is. Kelly starts to question life and reality and spends a lot of time with Steve. Howard tells Bentley he's concerned about Kelly as she is not keeping up with her other classes. Bentley comes up with a plan to have Howard show that Steve is just full of hot air. Herb Vigran as The Proprietor.
1225"A Party for Peter"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseOctober 24, 1961 (1961-10-24)
Peter has a crush on supermarket clerk Helen but she's devoted to pop singer Frankie Laine. Peter thinks if he can get the crooner to appear at a party it will help him out so he asks for Bentley's aid in making it happen. Jerry Fujikawa as Arthur Wing.
1236"Never Steal an Owl"Earl BellamyGeorge Carleton Brown &
Frank Gill Jr.
October 31, 1961 (1961-10-31)
City College, a rival school, has been white washing several artifacts at Kelly's college. Bentley was invited to lecture at the college and gets white washed as well. To get even, Kelly and Howard suggest stealing City College's mascot, a stuffed owl. Bentley says if they get into trouble they shouldn't come to him. An alarm goes off and Howard fails at getting the owl. But when he returns to Kelly, they find the owl in his car. A Policeman (House Peters Jr.) arrives and arrests Howard on theft and arson charges. Bentley reluctantly agrees to defend Howard in court. In court, things don't look good for Howard. The next day, however, Bentley figures out who the real culprit is and Howard is exonerated. Willis Bouchey as Dean Westbrook. Charles Seel as John Wills. Maurice Manson as Judge Whiting.
1247"Bentley's Catered Affair"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottNovember 7, 1961 (1961-11-07)
Bentley is trying to get Nora Ferris (Patricia Donahue) from the Zoning Commission to re-zone some land for a client of his. Meanwhile, Kelly wants to get a car of her own. Bentley will put up half the money for the car and Kelly says she'll earn the other half. Kelly, Howard, and Peter go into the food catering business. Bentley says he'll buy Kelly the car and wants the three to close their business. Howard says they can't shut down as they have a contract with a fraternity for a large order. Nora tells Bentley she heard that there's a catering business running in a residential area and she will throw the book at them. Nora finds out that the business is in Bentley's house. Bentley finds a loophole to stay out of trouble. H.W. Gim as Gregory.
1258"The House at Smuggler's Cove"Earl BellamyCalvin Clements Sr. (t)
Dick Conway & Roland MacLane (s/t)
November 14, 1961 (1961-11-14)
Bentley is going to investigate a claim that one of his client's houses is haunted, greatly depressing its value. He intends to spend the night in the house proving it's not haunted. Peter and Kelly would like to go with, but Bentley says no. Kelly lets Bentley leave, knowing he forgot the keys. Kelly asks Peter to drive her to the house. Bentley meets real estate agent Marilyn Marsh (Elizabeth Allen) who lets him into the house. A Mr. Purvis put in a very low bid for the home. Bentley meets Mrs. Trindle (Dorothea Neumann) who is the housekeeper. When Peter and Kelly arrive, Bentley sends them home, but they come back because of a storm. Strange things start to happen. Bentley figures out what the haunting was and it involves Mr. Trindle (Dick Elliott).
1269"Peter's Punctured Wedding"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseNovember 21, 1961 (1961-11-21)
Due to an old Chinese family contract entered into by Peter's parents when he was born, he must marry a certain young woman who is now old enough to wed. This means that he must quit his job as houseboy. Victor Sen Yung as Cousin Charlie. Beal Wong as Grandpa Ling. Judy Dan as Lu San. Aki Aleong as Cousin Richard. Beulah Quo as Aunt Rose.
12710"Star Light, Star Not So Bright"Earl BellamyJim Allen & R.S. AllenNovember 28, 1961 (1961-11-28)
Bentley's client tries to interest him in astrology.
12811"Bentley and the Timeclock"Earl BellamyJim Allen & R.S. Allen (t)
Elroy Schwartz (s/t) & Glenn Wheaton (s/t)
December 5, 1961 (1961-12-05)
Peter wants to meet up with Cousin Charlie, but Bentley doesn't want to let him go. Every time Peter hooks up with Charlie it costs Bentley money. Charlie comes by and tells Peter about his latest idea, the BSCH - the Benevolent Society of Chinese Houseboys. At their first meeting, Peter is made president. Peter gives Bentley a list of labor demands. Peter goes on strike until Bentley signs a contract. Bentley tells Kelly he'll sign the contract and teach Peter a lesson by following it to the letter. Peter soon decides he liked things the way they were before.
12912"Birth of a Song"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottDecember 12, 1961 (1961-12-12)
Peter and Kelly listen to Howard sing a song he wrote. They, however, are not impressed. Bentley tells Peter that recording artist Penny Patterson (Patti Page) will be coming by for some legal help. Penny arrives to the house before Bentley. Howard is in the back yard playing his guitar. Penny says that she would like to hear his song. She tells Howard to write more from the heart. Bentley shows up and tells Penny her contract can't be broken. In the contract though, Penny can pick her own music. Bentley says that they'll use Howard's song and Willie Piper (Sid Tomack), of the record company, might then break the contract. To everyone's surprise, Willie agrees to the song. Everyone knows the song is bad, so both Penny and Willie are waiting each other out. Howard overhears Penny and Bentley talk about not wanting to hurt Howard. Howard figures out a way for Penny to get a new contract and everything else she's wants. Lennie Weinrib as Lowell.
13013"Deck the Halls"Stanley Z. CherryJim Allen & R.S. AllenDecember 19, 1961 (1961-12-19)
Bentley, tired of the Christmas rush tries to sell his family and friends on the true meaning of the holiday by donating in their names money to charity instead of giving gifts. Joey Faye as Danny. Lennie Weinrib as The Clerk.
13114"The Law and Kelly Gregg"Stanley Z. CherryJim Allen & R.S. AllenDecember 26, 1961 (1961-12-26)
Kelly is taking an aptitude test and Bentley is hoping it will reveal that she would make a good lawyer. Bentley is working on a case with lawyer Madeline Wainwright (Elizabeth Allen). Kelly's test shows she has a flair for journalism. She has to write a paper and Bentley talks her into spending the day at his office, hoping she will find law interesting. Madeline comes by and tells Bentley that their star witness won't testify. They leave and Kelly stays at the office. Madeline's handsome brother Paul (Bill Bixby), who is studying law, comes by. Paul and Kelly go to speak with Mr. Dundy (William Fawcett), the witness. It takes some doing, but they get Dundy to testify. Bentley and Madeline win their case. But now all Kelly talks about is law and Bentley wishes she's think about journalism again. Sally Mansfield as Connie. Jonathan Hole as Mr. Cribbens.
13215"How to Throw Your Voice"Earl BellamyShirley GordonJanuary 2, 1962 (1962-01-02)
Kelly teaches Howard ventriloquism.
13316"Kelly the Yes Man"Stanley Z. CherryDan Beaumont & Ben StarrJanuary 9, 1962 (1962-01-09)
Ginger is trying to get Kelly to ask Bentley if he could get movie star Kim Fontaine (Leslie Parrish) to come to their college dance. Ginger also suggests that Kelly run for class vice-president and getting Kim to show up could win her votes. Bentley asks Kim and she says yes. Without asking him first, Kelly volunteers Peter's cooking for a reception before the dance. She then tells people she can get Howard's combo to play for nothing. Kelly does get the vice president nomination. She asks Bentley if he could get his magazine friend to cover the dance. Bentley makes a deal that Kim doesn't like and he tells Kelly not to count on her showing up to the dance. Kelly talks Bentley into trying to patch things up with Kim. Peter tells Bentley that he is letting Kelly buy popularity with promises. Bentley comes up with a plan to teach Kelly a lesson, but it falls apart. Kelly realizes Bentley was right. She tells the committee she can still provide Kim, Peter and Howard, but she takes her name off for vice president.
13417"Gold in Them Hills"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseJanuary 16, 1962 (1962-01-16)
Peter tells Bentley that he bought five acres of commercial property for $60 an acre. Bentley is a little skeptical about the deal. They drive out to see the land and discover it's near an abandoned gold prospecting town. They run into an old man named Jake Larkin that is searching for gold. Jake offers to tell them where to find gold in exchange for Bentley's spare tire. Bentley says no, but when they get back to the car, the tire is gone. Back at home, they find a small pouch with gold in it that Jake must have left for them. Peter thinks he'll find more gold on his land and will be rich. Bentley has mining engineer Jeff Porter check the land and he says there really isn't any gold left on the land. Bentley drives Peter, Kelly and Howard back to the land to let them look for gold. After a days work, they find 80 cents worth of gold. Peter decides to give up on striking it rich, until he gets a call from Cousin Charlie. Frank Sully as Joe.
13518"How Howard Won His C"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseJanuary 23, 1962 (1962-01-23)
Kelly is spending time with college sports star Biff Merideth (Joby Baker). Howard tells Bentley that Kelly likes Biff because he has 6 varsity letters. Howard feels bad because he doesn't have any. Bentley says that he got a letter for being on the fencing team. Bentley agrees to teach fencing to Howard. Howard learns that the college doesn't have a fencing team. Bentley and Howard speak with Athletic Director Don Lambert (Fredd Wayne). He says that if Howard can round up enough other players, he'll reactivate the sport. Howard gets the players and Don makes Bentley the temporary coach. Much to Howard's dismay, Biff wants to join the fencing team. Howard has to compete against Biff to make the team. Howard dreams that he fences with Biff and Biff stabs him. After Kelly gives him a good luck charm, Howard beats Biff in their match.
13619"Pinch That Penny"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottJanuary 30, 1962 (1962-01-30)
Bentley looks over a contract that butler Rochester Van Jones (Eddie "Rochester" Anderson) has with Jack Benny. Peter buys an electric door knob polisher from salesman Dorian Skagg (George O. Petrie). Tired of the way Peter wastes money, Bentley subcontracts the services of Rochester. Bentley hopes that he can teach Peter to be more economical. Peter almost buys another silly gadget from Dorian, until Bentley stops him. Peter is annoyed with all the ways Rochester saves money and garners Bentley's praise. He also notices how many favors Rochester gets from Bentley. Rochester gets turned down by his girlfriend when he suggests an inexpensive evening. Peter tells him he's going to lose many girls because he's cheap. Peter teaches Rochester how to spend money.
13720"Blossom Comes to Visit"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseFebruary 6, 1962 (1962-02-06)
Peter's niece Blossom (Cherylene Lee) stays with the Gregg's while her mother, who is a dancer, is entertaining overseas. Kelly invites some children over to play with Blossom. But because she spent so much time on the road with her mother, Blossom would rather do adult things. She sneaks off to be with Peter. Kelly tells Peter to stop pampering Blossom. Kelly catches Peter and Bentley singing and dancing with Blossom. Blossom has an imaginary friend named Calvin. Blossom tells Bentley she won't go to school and leave Calvin alone. Bentley comes up with a plan, but it doesn't work. Kelly's firmer approach finally gets through to Blossom. She agrees to go to school and play with the other children.
13821"Bentley and the Homebody"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottFebruary 13, 1962 (1962-02-13)
Bentley is looking forward to meeting a new neighbor. Maureen Arthur as Martha.
13922"Summer Romance"Earl BellamySheridan GibneyFebruary 20, 1962 (1962-02-20)
Bentley gets a letter from Kelly who is a waitress in Yellowstone Park for the summer. She mentions a Bruce Dalton (Gary Clarke), who she met there. He's studying to be a forest ranger. Peter's worried, but Bentley isn't. Bentley gets another letter and Kelly says Bruce asked her to marry him. Bentley and Peter immediately head to the park. Kelly tells them that she hasn't given Bruce an answer. After speaking with him, Bentley knows Bruce is serious about the marriage. Bentley speaks to Loretta Prentiss (Allison Hayes) who is in charge of the girls there. She says it could just be a summer romance. Bentley spends time with Loretta and Peter meets Lin Sing (Maria McClay). The three couples wind up at the same cabin in the woods where they ride out a storm together. Kelly tells Bentley that she is staying and has to give Bruce a chance. After a week, Kelly comes home.
14023"The Hong Kong Suit"Earl BellamyHannibal Coons & Charles R. MarionFebruary 27, 1962 (1962-02-27)
Kelly wants to get something special and inexpensive for Bentley's birthday. Jay Jostyn as Mr. Grandville. Anne Whitfield as Cynthia Grandville.
14124"Will Success Spoil Jasper?"Hollingsworth MorseSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMarch 6, 1962 (1962-03-06)
Jasper's couch-jumping lands him in the doghouse, until he becomes top dog by getting a job doing it in show business. Leonid Kinskey as Boris Dobkin. George N. Neise as Arnold Lloyd.
14225"Strictly Business"Earl BellamyDan Beaumont, Larry Williams & Maggie WilliamsMarch 13, 1962 (1962-03-13)
Bentley gets a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. It says that Mr. Dalrymple (Vaughn Taylor) will be coming to speak with Bentley about a discrepancy in his tax return from 1958. Bentley says he has nothing to worry about. But, he cuts a golf game short to run to the office and check his books. Bentley finds a few loose ends, one of which involves Howard. Bentley needs a contract that he wrote up for Howard back then. Another loose end involved Constance Marlow (Marcia Henderson). He needs her to sign a letter saying many of their dates included business discussions. Things get confusing when Grandpa Ling tries to explain a will to Mr. Dalrymple at his office. When Mr. Dalrymple comes to Bentley's house, none of the loose ends have been tied up. Turns out all of Bentley's panicking was for nothing. Mr. Dalrymple says that Bentley over paid that year and hands him a check.
14326"On the Old Camp Ground"Abby BerlinSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMarch 20, 1962 (1962-03-20)
To convince Kelly, Ginger and Mrs. Mitchell that camping out would be fun, Bentley, Cal and Peter challenge them to spend a few nights in sleeping bags in the Gregg backyard. They agree to this, but scheme to get out of it.
14427"A Visit to the Bergens"Earl BellamySeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMarch 27, 1962 (1962-03-27)
Bentley is upset because Peter bought another worthless gadget from a Salesman (Jerry Hausner). Several women come to Bentley's door asking if ventriloquist Edgar Bergen lives here. Meanwhile, Frances Bergen complains to Edgar because he fired their housekeeper Greta (Connie Gilchrist). Bentley stops by the Bergen house for a visit. When Frances mentions they're looking for a housekeeper, Bentley offers Peter's help. Bentley and Peter have another argument about the gadgets and Peter quits. Peter goes to work for the Bergen's. An agency sends Greta over to the Bentley's. Both Peter and Greta would like to go back to their former employers. Kelly and Frances come up with a plan to make that happen. Barbara Bostock as Judy Sinclair.
14528"The Richest Cat"Earl BellamySloan NibleyApril 3, 1962 (1962-04-03)
Bentley finds a cat and her kittens in his basement. The next day Bentley's neighbor Cal reads in the paper about a cat named Sally that has inherited its owner's million-dollar fortune. Cal visits Bentley and realizes that the cat is the one from the paper. Cal offers to take the cats off Bentley's hands and, not having seen the paper, Bentley agrees. After Cal leaves, Bentley sees the story in the paper. Bentley goes to Cal's house and gets the cats back. He then calls the people handling the estate and a Miss Webster comes by to pick up the cats. Miss Webster says that the cat is not Sally. Bentley then brings the cats to Cal and says he can keep them. Cal also finds out the truth about the cat and they wind up at Bentley's door step.
14629"The Twain Shall Meet"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottApril 10, 1962 (1962-04-10)
When a Chinese tradition keeps Mei Lan from seeing her boyfriend Leo Toy, Kelly and Peter try to arrange a secret meeting for the young couple - right under disapproving Bentley's nose. Bart Burns as Sgt. Hoffman. Frank Bank as Jim Estabrook. Benson Fong as Mr. Chang.
14730"Bentley Goes to Bat"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottApril 17, 1962 (1962-04-17)
Bentley is assigned the task of taking the tomboy out of a Los Angeles Dodgers third-base coach's doting daughter. Wally Moon as self. Frank Maxwell as Andy Hartzell. Bart Patton as Rick. Stuffy Singer as Larry. Candy Moore as Phyllis Hartzell.
14831"Kelly's Engagement"Earl BellamyWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderApril 24, 1962 (1962-04-24)
Fresh out of law school, Warren Dawson (Aron Kincaid) wants to join Bentley's law office. Bentley says that unfortunately he is a one man operation. Kelly shows up and meets Warren. Warren offers to go to court with Kelly to fight a ticket she got. Warren and Kelly start to spend a lot of time together. Kelly receives a proposal of marriage from Warren and she says yes. Bentley suspects Warren only proposed to gain a foot hold into Bentley's practice. Bentley offers Warren a job if he postpones getting married, which Warren agrees to. Bentley tries to over work Warren hoping he will quit. After Warren deliberately sets off to get fired, Bentley has a talk with him. Bentley tells Warren that he misjudged him. Neil Hamilton as Mr. Kendricks.
14932"Kelly, the Home Executive"Earl BellamyJim Allen, R.S. Allen & Mel DiamondMay 1, 1962 (1962-05-01)
Kelly and Warren have their first fight when he implied that she can't cook. Kelly tells Bentley that she might not be good enough for Warren. He says that she can learn to cook and anything else she may need to do. But she won't apologize to him. Bentley talks to Warren and he won't apologize. Kelly prepares several meals that aren't very good. But to boost her confidence, Bentley and Peter lie and say they are excellent. Bentley gets Warren and Kelly together and they make up. Warren's parents, Myrtle (Sheila Bromley) and Horace Dawson (David Lewis), are coming to visit. Kelly wants to cook a meal for them. The day of the dinner, things are not going well for Kelly. To make matters worse, Myrtle and Horace mistakenly arrive 3 hours early. Peter and Horace decide to help prepare dinner.
15033"Blossom Time at the Greggs"Hollingsworth MorseSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMay 8, 1962 (1962-05-08)
15134"What Men Don't Know"Hollingsworth MorseGeorge Carleton Brown & Frank Gill Jr.May 15, 1962 (1962-05-15)
Kelly is upset that some blonde flattered Warren all evening at a party and he loved it. Bentley says Kelly shouldn't be that way and that men like women who are intellectually stimulating. Bentley introduces Kelly to Barbara Thorne (Joanna Barnes), who he says is someone Kelly should be like. But Barbara spends the whole time flattering Bentley. Bentley suggests that Kelly know more about the things Warren is interested in. But things backfire for Kelly when she seems to know more about Warren's interests than he does. Kelly is now upset that Bentley interfered. Kelly has a talk with Barbara. Barbara comes up with a plan to give Bentley a taste of his own medicine. Bentley learns his lesson and Kelly and Warren make up.
15235"Marry Thy Neighbor"Hollingsworth MorseSeaman Jacobs & Si RoseMay 22, 1962 (1962-05-22)
Kelly is flying east to spend some time with Warren's parents. Kelly tells Peter and Bentley that she hopes they find someone to love the way she found Warren. Sue-Lin Lee (Nancy Hsueh) comes to the door. She cooks for Marlene Wetherly (Suzanne Lloyd) who just moved in across the street and would like to borrow a spice. Peter tells Bentley that it's love at first sight. Bentley meets attractive Marlene when she needs her fridge repaired. Peter tells Bentley he proposed to Sue-Lin but she didn't accept. Bentley is to have dinner at Marlene's and Peter hopes he can put in a good word for him. Now Bentley thinks he's in love with Marlene and gets engaged. But it seems that love-blind Peter and Bentley are being manipulated by the women. The men come up with a plan to become bachelors again. Fredd Wayne as Roger Dunlap.
15336"Bentley Takes It Easy"Earl BellamyMel Diamond (t) & Seaman Jacobs (s/t) & Si Rose (s/t)May 29, 1962 (1962-05-29)
Lately, Bentley's been very overworked. With Kelly's encouragement, Bentley decides to take a week off and spend it relaxing at home. Unfortunately, Bentley starts to nit-pick at everything Peter and Kelly do. He even causes Julio the gardener (Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez) to quit. Bentley says that the family can do the gardening. They create more damage than planting. Kelly, Ginger and Margo are planning a surprise party for Janet. Bentley interrupts and starts talking about outer space. At their breaking point, Peter comes up with a plan to get Bentley back to work.
15437"Boys Will Be"Earl BellamyJess Carneol (s/t) & Kay Lenard (s/t) & Larry Rhine (t)June 5, 1962 (1962-06-05)
Louise Spencer (Kathleen Hughes) tries to talk Bentley into organizing activities for a group of boys. The boys have been in and out of trouble. Bentley talks to them for a little while, but then goes off to play golf. When Bentley gets home a boy named Steve (Tom Nolan) is still there. Steve says he'd wants to be a lawyer because he likes all of the flashy things Bentley owns. Bentley brings the boys to court to watch the proceedings. At first Judge Blandon is happy to have the boys there. But after they leave, the judge notices his prized golf trophy has been stolen. Bentley assures the judge he will get the trophy back. Steve brings the trophy to Bentley, but says he didn't take it. Steve eventually says that Marvin took it and Bentley decides to hold a trial at his house. Steve acts as the defense attorney. An interesting bit of information comes out at the trial and Marvin's punishment is that he has to kiss Kelly. Dennis Joel as Mickey. Bart Braverman as Joey.
15538"Divided House"Earl BellamyMel DiamondJune 12, 1962 (1962-06-12)
Warren's preparing a lawsuit against his father's company.
15639"Peter, the Medicine Man"Earl BellamyEverett Freeman & Larry RhineJune 19, 1962 (1962-06-19)
Peter has become engrossed by his favorite TV show, Dr. Bart Bellamy, M.D. (John Gabriel). He even starts acting like Dr. Bellamy. When Blossom sneezes a couple times, Peter says he has to examine her. Bentley calls Dr. Whittaker (Parley Baer) and he says her tonsils may need to come out. Blossom says she doesn't want to go to the hospital. Peter tries to tell her how nice it will be. Blossom tells Dr. Whittaker that she will go to the hospital. But then the doctor finds that Peter also needs his tonsils out. Peter says he's not going. At the hospital, Peter won't sign a consent form. Bentley talks him into it, but Dr. Whittaker says that Peter is not in the right frame of mind. Blossom's operation goes smoothly. Bentley gets the actor who plays Dr. Bellamy to talk Peter into having the operation.
15740"Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight"Earl BellamyBob Fisher & Alan LipscottJune 26, 1962 (1962-06-26)
Bentley takes Kelly to her new apartment near campus. She'll be staying there with Ginger and Corrine (Maggie Pierce). Corrine is engaged to Eric Miller. Bentley and Kelly meet Miss Sharkey (Jane Withers), the landlady, who apparently is very strict. They also meet Carl (Norm Grabowski), Joby (Robert Ivers) and Rick, who live in the building next door. Bentley worries about Kelly, but Peter tells him she's a big girl and he should enjoy being a bachelor again. That evening Bentley has a date with Daphne. Joby and Rick come by to pick up something for Kelly. When Daphne says they were cute, Bentley worries about Kelly again. Corrine and Eric want an apartment of their own, but can't afford it. Bentley convinces Miss Sharkey to let them stay at her place and Kelly and Ginger come home.

Production notes[edit]

Bachelor Father was filmed at Revue Studios. It was primarily sponsored by American Tobacco (Tareyton cigarettes) and American Home Products Corporation (Anacin, Dristan and Chef Boyardee) throughout its original run.[8] The series was produced by Forsythe's "Bachelor Productions" in association with MCA's Revue Studios.[9] Bachelor Father pilot and broadcast season were produced by Harry Ackerman, who left Revue/MCA after the first season to produce other sitcoms like Hazel, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie for Screen Gems/Columbia. He was later replaced by Everett Freeman for the rest of the show's run.[10]


Reruns of Bachelor Father were syndicated on the Retro Television Network until October 2011. The show then began airing on Antenna TV, but remained off schedule from January 2015 to January 2022.


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