Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

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The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, often abbreviated as BAAS or BAASc, is an undergraduate degree.


In the United States BAAS is awarded based on a combination of formal education, work-related training and certification completed by the student. BAAS degree programs typically require a student to complete an academic core program consisting of English, History, Political Science, Philosophy and Sociology and the Sciences like Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics consisting of at least 60 semester credit hours. Work experience and certifications are evaluated and up to 30 credit hours can be awarded towards a degree, leaving 30 upper level credit hours, usually in the form of a declared major, to be completed. The 120 semester hour threshold is the typical credit requirement for most Bachelor's degree programs in the United States.

BAAS degrees are fully accredited degrees when offered by accredited educational institutions and meet the same qualifications as more traditional Bachelor's degrees, allowing admission into graduate schools and law schools for further study in pursuit of Master's degrees or Doctoral degrees.

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