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A Bachelor of Independent Studies is an undergraduate academic degree. Its program of studies is unique to each student, and the individual curricula are largely determined by each student. It may focus in any field, and generally has two phases: a pre-thesis phase, in which the student takes courses or reading courses, and a thesis phase, in which the student completes a substantial thesis. A similarly name Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies is also awarded by some universities. The degree can be considered akin to a degree in general studies.

While it is an undergraduate degree, it is far more akin in structure to a graduate degree. In the United States, the degree is becoming an option in more and more settings. The state of Florida has developed an external degree program for the BIS degree; Florida International University, Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of North Florida, and the University of South Florida all participate. In Kentucky, Murray State University now offers a BIS program as well. Several other colleges are beginning to offer degrees that are very similar to or identical with the BIS program, such as the University of Northern Iowa and its Bachelor of Liberal Studies program, or Brigham Young University's Bachelor of General Studies program. George Mason University's BIS degree includes Early Childhood Education and calls it the Bachelor of Individualized Studies.

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