Bachelors' Mosque

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Bachelors' Mosque
Native name
Albanian: Xhamia e Beqarëve
Xhamia e Beqareve Berat.jpg
Coordinates40°42′17″N 19°57′00″E / 40.704689°N 19.950051°E / 40.704689; 19.950051Coordinates: 40°42′17″N 19°57′00″E / 40.704689°N 19.950051°E / 40.704689; 19.950051
Reference no.X0088

The Bachelors' Mosque (Albanian: Xhamia e Beqarëve), formerly the Sylejman Pasha Mosque, is a Cultural Monument of Albania, located in Berat. It became a Cultural Monument in 1961.[1]

The mosque is located in the lower Mangalem neighborhood. It has two floors and arcades on three sides of it. The minaret of the mosque is low. The paintings inside the mosque date from the years 1927-1928.[2]


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