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The Bacinol building

Bacinol is originally a codename for penicillin, used during World War II by researchers in The Netherlands, used to keep investigation secret for[clarification needed] the Germans. The research was done at the company Nederlandsche Gist- en Spiritusfabriek (Dutch Yeast and Spirits Factory, now: DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals) in Delft.

Since 2001 the name was used for a defunct building (from 1951) near the company plant, which housed small companies in the creative arts sector. Demolition of the building started in December 2009, to make way for the construction of the new railway tunnel in Delft. The occupants of the building, as well as the name Bacinol, moved to another building in the city.

Demolition of the building in December 2009.

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Coordinates: 52°00′57″N 4°20′59″E / 52.01583°N 4.34972°E / 52.01583; 4.34972