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BACK-ON at Fanime 2015.jpg
BACK-ON at FanimeCon 2015
Background information
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Rock, hard rock, synthpop, hip hop, rap rock
Years active 2002–present
Labels Avex Trax
Website Official website
Members Kenji03
Past members Shu

Back-On (stylized as BACK-ON) is a Japanese rock band from Tokyo, Japan. They are recognized for creating anime and game opening themes such as the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 opening theme, "fly away"; Air Gear opening theme, "Chain"; Murder Princess opening theme "Hikari Sasuhou (fk Metal ver.)" and Eyeshield 21s "Blaze Line". etc., although they have also written ending themes for both anime and TV shows. These include "flower" and "a day dreaming..." for Eyeshield 21, and "Butterfly" for the late-night TV drama Shinjuku Swan, and most recently "Sands of Time" for the mobile robot TV drama Keitai Sousakan 7 and "Strike Back" for the continued run of the shounen anime series Fairy Tail.

They formed a new band called BAReeeeeeeeeeN (バリーン, Barīn) with the 4-man band GReeeeN, produced by Jin (so 10 people = 10 e's) and their debut single "Ashiato" came out on October 1, 2008. The song reached No. 1 in the USEN and chaka-uta digital download charts.

The band's singles "Flyaway" and "Where Is the Future?" were created as the theme music for the PSP game Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, which was released exclusively in Japan on January 28, 2009.

Their single One Step!/Tomorrow Never Knows was released on January 27, 2010; "Tomorrow never knows" was used as the background theme music for the DyDo coffee commercial featuring Teppei Tajima, the Japanese surfer.

In 2013/14, the band composed and performed two opening themes for the anime, Gundam Build Fighters, called "Nibun no Ichi" (ニブンノイチ, "One Half") and wimp ft. Lil' Fang (from FAKY); the latter features vocals by Lil' Fang from the band FAKY and aired from episode 14 onwards. Both singles were released as three versions: CD-only, CD+DVD (with videos) and CD+gunpla plastic model.


Kenji03 and Gori have been friends since childhood, having attended the same school in Adachi, Tokyo. In their sixth year in school, they realized that they wanted to start a band, though in the beginning they did it all separately.[1] While in high school, Kenji03 met Teeda while Gori met Shu. They each started out in separate bands, but eventually ended up uniting with each other to form their own band.[1] Shortly after their formulation, Kenji03 met his brother's friend Macchin, who joined the band as its drummer[1] and rounded out the quintet.

Back-On made their first international appearance at Anime Matsuri on April 28, 2007 in Houston, Texas and were invited back for Anime Matsuri 2010. Since then they've also appeared in Vancouver, Canada for Anime Evolution in August 2007, and Anime USA in Arlington, Virginia in November 2007. They were also the guest judges for Anime Idol 2007 at Anime Evolution.

Back-On performed at Connichi 2009 in Kassel, Germany earlier in 2009, and revisited Taiwan for 2 live performances on December 26 & 27 2009.

They were invited back to perform at Anime USA in 2013 after a 6-year break from the US and were also star guests at Pacific Media Expo shortly after.

The band performed at Anime Friends in 2014 as their first visit to Brazil.[2]

Back-On also performed as a headliner at Otakon Matsuri in 2015. They gave an encore performance after the set.

Band members[edit]


  • Kenji03 - Lead vocals, MC, guitar, rhythm guitar (2002–present)
  • Teeda - MC (2002–present)


  • Gori - Bass (2002–2017)
  • Shu - Lead guitar (2002–2017)
  • Macchin - Drums (2002–2006)
  • Icchan - Drums (2006–2011)



Single Title Tracks Release date
1st "Chain"
  1. "Chain"
  2. "Believer"
  3. "Kodou" (鼓動, "Pulse")
June 7, 2006
2nd "Blaze Line/A Day Dreaming..."
  1. "Blaze Line"
  2. "A Day Dreaming..."
  3. "Eyes"
  4. "Blaze Line" (TV size)
  5. "A Day Dreaming..." (TV size)
June 6, 2007
3rd "Butterfly"
  1. "Butterfly"
  2. "Spark"
  3. "Drive" (Shutokou Remix) (Drive (首都高 Remix))
September 19, 2007
4th "Flower"
  1. "Flower"
  2. "Zero"
  3. "Colors"
September 19, 2007
5th "Sands of Time"
  1. "Sands of Time"
  2. "Message for Kidz"
  3. "Fifty/50"
May 21, 2008
6th "Flyaway"
  1. "Flyaway"
  2. "Where Is the Future?"
  3. "Re:Start"
  4. "Flyaway" ("Tales of" Remix)
    (limited edition CD only)
January 28, 2009
7th "One Step! feat. Mini/Tomorrow Never Knows"
  1. "One Step! feat. Mini"
  2. "Tomorrow Never Knows"
January 27, 2010
8th "Tell Me"
  1. "Tell Me"
  2. "Discovery"
January 19, 2011
9th "With You Feat. Me"
  1. "With You Feat. Me (Misono)"
  2. Nagareboshi (流れ星, "Shooting Star")
  3. "With You" ("Tales of" Remix)
    (limited edition CD only)
February 9, 2011
10th "Connectus and selfish"
  1. Connectus and selfish
  2. "flyaway"
  3. "We are...."
  4. "Ashiato( BareeeeeeeeeeN)"
August 17, 2011
11th "Ice cream"
  1. "Ice cream"
  2. "Piece"
May 9, 2012
12th "ニブンノイチ / INFINITY"
  1. "Nibun no Ichi" (ニブンノイチ, "One Half")
  3. "ニブンノイチ~instrumental~"
  4. "INFINITY~instrumental~"
November 6, 2013
13th "wimp ft. Lil' Fang (from FAKY)"
  1. "wimp ft. Lil' Fang (from FAKY)"
  2. "Traumatic"
  3. "Around the world" ** (not available in CD+GOODS ver.)
  4. "wimp"
  5. "wimp ft. Lil' Fang (from FAKY)~instrumental~"
  6. "Traumatic ~instrumental~"
March 12, 2014
14th "Departure / STRIKEBACK"
  1. "Departure"
  3. "Departure (日本工学院Ver.)"
  4. "Departure ~instrumental~"
  5. "STRIKEBACK ~instrumental~"
July 30, 2014
15th "セルリアン / Silent Trigger"
  1. "Cerulean" (セルリアン)
  2. "Silent Trigger"
  3. "セルリアン ~instrumental~"
  4. "Silent Trigger ~instrumental~"
December 17, 2014
16th "DTM EP"
  1. "DTM"
  3. "DISLIKE"
October 30, 2015


Album Title Tracks Release date
1st Adachi Tribe
  1. Intro feat. DJ Takaki
  2. Over
  3. Dreamer
  4. Forward
  5. Sono Mama De (そのままで, "As Is")
  6. Ultimate Adachi (アルティメット足立, Arutimetto Adachi)
October 27, 2004
2nd Hero
  1. Flydom
  2. Nuts Tribe
  3. Ultimate Adachi (アルティメット足立, Arutimetto Adachi)
  4. Over (Leave It Alone Mix)
  5. Soul Shout (Studio Live)
July 13, 2005
(Out of Print)
3rd Baby Rock
  1. Gaku-Ten
  2. Blow
  3. Flydom
  4. Forward
  5. Feel
  6. Nuts Tribe
  7. Lucky (ラッキー, Rakkī)
  8. So Many Tears
October 19, 2005
4th New World
  1. New World
  2. Chain (Album Mix)
  3. Rain
  4. Hikari Sasuhou (ヒカリサスホウ)
  5. Drive
  6. Make Some Noise
November 22, 2006

Full albums[edit]

Album Title Tracks Release date
1st Yes!!!
  1. Hatenaki Michi e (果てなき道へ, "To the Endless Road") [LA mix]
  2. Flower [LA mix]
  3. New World
  4. Sands of Time
  5. Butterfly
  6. Blaze Line
  7. Drive
  8. A Day Dreaming...
  9. Sono Mama De (そのままで, "As it is") [New Ver.]
  10. Hikari Sasuhou (ヒカリサスホウ) [New World Ver.]
  11. Chain [LA mix]
  12. Flydom
  13. BAReeeeeeeeeeN / Color [LA mix] (bonus track)
  14. BAReeeeeeeeeeN / Ashiato (足跡, "Footprint") [LA mix] (bonus track)
November 12, 2008
2nd Hello World
  1. Beginning
  2. Rockstar Anthem
  3. With You feat. Me
  4. Apologize
  5. Twenty Four / 7
  6. Tell Me
  7. Flyaway
  8. Hero
  9. Tomorrow Never Knows -album ver.-
  10. We Are...
  11. One Step! feat. mini
  12. Hare Days
February 16, 2011
3rd Good Job!!
  1. Ice cream
  2. Highway Dancer
  3. Connectus
  4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
  5. come on & Let's go feat.Emyli, kailis from OVER DOSE(Taiwan)
  6. HOME
  7. Word play
  9. Futari Diary (フタリダイアリー, Futari Daiarī, "Two Diaries")
  11. Selfish
  12. Mr Yesterday
May 30, 2012
4th Reload
  1. ニブンノイチ
  4. wimp ft. Lil' Fang (from FAKY)
  5. Life rolls on
  7. イマジニ ft. Duran (from Made in Asia)
  9. Around the world
  10. BUZZ BOY
  11. Milky way
  12. Departure
October 1, 2014
  2. セルリアン
  3. Fame
  5. マーマレード
  6. What a beautiful day
  8. DTM
  9. Mirrors ※1/7より先行配信中!
  10. Silent Trigger
  11. リザレクション
  12. Dear Me
  13. Parade for the hope
March 2, 2016

Songs used in media[edit]



  • Flydom (Hero)
  • Nuts Tribe (Hero)
  • Gaku-Ten (Baby Rock)
  • Kodou (鼓動, "Pulse") (Chain)
  • Chain (Chain)
  • New World (New World)
  • A Day Dreaming... (Blaze Line/A Day Dreaming...)
  • Blaze Line (Blaze Line/A Day Dreaming...)
  • Flower (Flower)
  • Butterfly (Butterfly)
  • Sands of Time (YES!!!)
  • Flyaway (YES!!!)
  • One Step! (Hello World)
  • Tell Me (Hello World)
  • With You (Hello World)
  • Ice cream (Good Job!!)
  • ニブンノイチ (ニブンノイチ / INFINITY)
  • wimp ft. Lil' Fang (from FAKY) (wimp ft. Lil' Fang (from FAKY))


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