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BackType, Inc.
Type of business Private
Founded 2008 (2008)
Founder(s) Christopher Golda
Michael Montano
Current status Acquired by Twitter

BackType was a social media aggregator and search engine.


BackType was founded in 2008.[1] It got $15,000 of seed funding from Y Combinator at that time, and it was awarded $300,000 of venture capital funding from True Ventures in 2009.[2]

On 5 July 2011 BackType was acquired by Twitter.[3]


BackType has two functions. The first is letting people create individual profiles on themselves that link together profiles on different social networking web sites. It also lets people "claim" comments via a URL. Any comment in BackType's database with that URL in the comment is linked to the profile. The second function that BackType provides is a search engine function. It allows searches to be formed in the database of social media information by keyword or person.[4]


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