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Back Arrow
Back Arrow BD 1.png
First Blu-ray volume cover
(Bakku Arō)
Created by
Anime television series
Directed byGorō Taniguchi
Written byKazuki Nakashima
Music byKōhei Tanaka
StudioStudio VOLN
Licensed byCrunchyroll
Original networkTokyo MX, GTV, GYT, BS11, ABC
Original run January 9, 2021 June 19, 2021
Episodes24 (List of episodes)

Back Arrow (Japanese: バック・アロウ, Hepburn: Bakku Arō) is an original Japanese anime series produced by Studio VOLN, directed by Gorō Taniguchi and written by Kazuki Nakashima. The series aired from January to June 2021.


The series takes place in the land of Lingalind (リンガリンド, Ringarindo), a continent completely surrounded by a massive wall. The people of Lingalind revere the wall as a god, believing that all of existence is contained within and that the wall protects and provides for its inhabitants. While the land consists of several territories, it is mostly dominated by two powerful nations: The Republic of Lutoh (リュート卿和国, Ryutō Kyōwakoku), which values intelligence and diplomacy, and The Empire of Rekka (レッカ凱帝国, Rekka Kai Teikoku), which values honor and strength. These two nations are in constant conflict with each other over obtaining land and Rakuho (ラクホウ) capsules, which are sent from an unknown location once per month and land in predetermined regions of Lingalind, containing provisions and weapons that the people of Lingalind consider gifts from the wall. Some of these capsules contain devices known as Bind Warpers, metallic armbands that allow one to summon and control a giant mechanical armor known as a Briheight (ブライハイト, Buraihaito). A Briheight's appearance and abilities are tied to one's Conviction (信念, Shin'en), the thing they believe in above all else. Conviction is also recognized as an energy that flows throughout the world, powering various forms of advanced technology found within Lingalind and granting some people special abilities outside of operating a Briheight. Being defeated in battle while controlling a Briheight causes the user to disappear.

One day after a Rakuho is recovered by Rekka forces, a previously unheard-of second Rakuho lands in Edger Village on the outskirts of Lingalind's Iki region. Inside is an amnesiac young man whose only memory is that he is from "beyond the wall." Taking the name "Back Arrow," he seeks to journey back over the wall to restore his memory, entangling himself in the conflict between the two nations.

Production and release[edit]

The original anime television series was announced on December 28, 2019 and is produced by Studio VOLN.[2] The series is directed by Goro Taniguchi and written by Kazuki Nakashima.[3] Kōhei Tanaka composed the music and character designs are done by Shinobu Ohtaka and Toshiyuki Kanno. The series aired from January 9 to June 19, 2021, with the series running for two cours (seasons).[4][a] The opening theme is "dawn" performed by LiSA, while the ending theme is "The End of the World" (セカイノハテ, "Sekai no Hate") performed by Shuka Saitō.[5] The second opening theme is "Heartbeat" (鼓動, "Kodō") performed by Eir Aoi, while the ending theme is "United Sparrows" performed by FLOW.[6] Funimation licensed the series and is streaming it on its website in North America and the British Isles, in Europe through Wakanim, and in Australia and New Zealand through AnimeLab.[7] On April 22, 2021, Funimation announced the series would receive an English dub, with the first two episodes premiering the next day.[8] Following Sony's acquisition of Crunchyroll, the series was moved to Crunchyroll.[9]


  1. ^ Tokyo MX listed the series premiere at 24:00 on January 8, 2021, which is at midnight on January 9.


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