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Back Back Forward Punch
Back Back Forward Punch.jpg
Back Back Forward Punch
Background information
Origin Melbourne, Australia


Years active 2010 - present

Laura Boland (vocals)

Andy Liddell (keys and production)

Back Back Forward Punch is a Melbourne-based electronic duo that was born out of a mutual passion for indulgent disco beats and strong, sassy vocals.

Made up of Laura Boland (vocals) and Andy Liddell (keys and production), Back Back Forward Punch echo the sounds of modern disco greats - Goldfrapp, Groove Armada and Crazy P.

Online praise[edit]

Zero to Disco[edit]

"Zero to Disco," the first of a string of 2013 single releases, immediately struck a chord with Australian taste-maker AdamNotEve triggering the statement: "Back Back Forward Punch are destined for big things and are definitely a duo to watch out for".[1] Arguably the most well-known and regarded music blog, Indieshuffle, exclaimed that the single delivers “dance floor euphoria”.[2]

Don't Stop Now[edit]

2013's second single release "Don't Stop Now" was dubbed "essential listening" by Australian music blog[3] The site then likened Laura Boland’s voice to Giselle Roselli on Flight Facilities’ "Crave You." As result of receiving national air-play,[4] the single continued to garner praise from globally respected publications such as Indieshuffle,[5] The Vine [6] and Discobelle.[7]

'Emergency Bow Tie'[edit]

'Emergency Bow Tie' premiered at number 11 on the Triple J Unearthed 'Dance Chart' and received airplay on Dom Alessio's Triple J program "Home & Hosed" as well as Lewis McKirdy's lunch time show. Dom Alessio rated 'Emergency Bow Tie' 4/5 and Lewis McKirdy gave it 5/5 [8] with high praising comments by both presenters. The following week 'Emergency Bow Tie' made it to number 2 on the Triple J Unearthed 'Dance Chart' and number 80 in the overall Triple J Unearthed charts.[9] 'Emergency Bow Tie' has also received high praise from sites all over the globe such as acid stag,[10] Indie Shuffle,[11] THUMP,[12] Too Many Sebastians,[13] Pilerats [14] and Harder Blogger Faster [15] just to name a few.





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