Back Where I Belong

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Back Where I Belong
Back Where I Belong (album).jpg
Studio album by Tony Martin
Released 1992
Recorded 1992 at Revolution Stuidos, Cheshire UK[1]
Genre Hard rock
Length 51:41
Label Polydor
Producer Nick Tauber and Tony Martin[1]
Tony Martin chronology
Back Where I Belong

Back Where I Belong is former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin's first solo album. It was recorded after Martin was briefly replaced in Black Sabbath by Ronnie James Dio in the early nineties, and was released in 1992.[2] Martin played all the instruments himself when recording demos for the album, but a variety of musicians perform on the actual album. On this album, the singer covered "Jerusalem", which originally appeared on Tyr, a Black Sabbath album on which Martin sang.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Tony Martin unless stated otherwise.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "If It Ain't Worth Fighting For"   4:10
2. "It Ain't Good Enough"   4:20
3. "If There is a Heaven"   4:58
4. "Back Where I Belong"   4:36
5. "Ceasefire"   1:30
6. "Why Love"   4:03
7. "Sweet Elyse"   4:41
8. "The Last Living Tree"   4:02
9. "Now You've Gone"   4:18
10. "India"   4:16
11. "Angel in the Bed"   4:39
12. "The Road to Galilee" Nicholls 1:48
13. "Jerusalem" Iommi/Martin/Murray/Nicholls/Powell 4:20

Band members[edit]