Back in Business (2007 film)

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Back in Business
Back in Business FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Chris Munro
Produced by Neil Gardiner
Written by Neil Gardiner
Chris Munro
Starring Martin Kemp
Chris Barrie
Alison King
Brian Blessed
Cinematography Martin Kenzie
Edited by Ian Differ
Andrew MacRitchie
Release date
  • 9 February 2007 (2007-02-09)
Running time
85 minutes
Language English

Back in Business is a 2007 comedy film, starring Martin Kemp, Chris Barrie, Dennis Waterman, Alison King and Brian Blessed.


Will Spencer (Kemp) and his friend, unsuccessful actor Tom (Barrie) are former confidence tricksters who have carried out various scams, including selling London's Tower Bridge several times over. They now plan to steal a highly secret robotic Lunar Explorer and sell it to both the Chinese and Russians.

With the unwilling assistance of Jarvis (Waterman), a former police officer and now Will's manservant, Will's niece, a publicist with the (fictional) British Space Agency and Tom's son, a computer hacker, they put the plan into operation.

They break through the Agency's security and steal the plans, but discover that the whole project is a con—the vehicle exists only as a table-top model, due to budgetary constraints. To carry through the plan, they decide to construct the vehicle themselves, which they do. They produce an apparently functional vehicle out of second-hand parts and based on a motorised lawn mower.

The Russians are convinced enough to hand over the money, but during a chase, the vehicle falls apart and is finally sunk in a flooded quarry. The group manage to evade police, but Jarvis, who plans to take the money himself, is caught and arrested by Covington (Alison King). The money is turned over to the Director (Brian Blessed) of the Agency, who now plans to actually complete the project.


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