Back in Time (Huey Lewis and the News song)

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"Back in Time"
Song by Huey Lewis and the News
from the album Back to the Future: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack
Released1985 (1985)
RecordedOctober 22, 1984
GenrePop rock

"Back in Time" is a song by Huey Lewis and the News written for and featured in the 1985 film Back to the Future.[1] The song is heard near the end of the film when Marty McFly wakes up in his own bed, after returning from 1955, to the song playing on the radio. It is also played during the closing credits. In contrast to the band's number-one hit from the movie, "The Power of Love", the lyrics for "Back in Time" specifically refer to the story and characters of the film.[1] The song was later covered for the title sequence of the Back to the Future animated series, and appears in Back to the Future: The Game.

Although not released as a commercially available single, the song, mixed by Bob Clearmountain, reached number three in September 1985 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart.[2] The video for the song features bloopers and "never-before-seen" clips from the band's other hit videos, including "I Want a New Drug", "If This Is It", "Heart of Rock & Roll", and "Heart and Soul".[citation needed] It can also be heard in the critically lauded DC Comics film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, when the titular Titans travel back in time to alter the origin timelines for other famous DC heroes.


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