Back in Your Arms

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Back in Your Arms
Amanda Lear - Back In Your Arms.jpg
Greatest hits album by Amanda Lear
Released May 20, 1998
Recorded 1998 at Black Cat Studio
Genre Eurodance, euro disco, Italo disco
Length 58:48
Label Dig It Int'l
Producer Anthony Monn, Michael Gordon, Walter Bassani
Amanda Lear chronology
Alter Ego
(1995)Alter Ego1995
Back in Your Arms
Singles from Back in Your Arms
  1. "Follow Me (1998 Re-Recording)"
    Released: 1998
  2. "Queen Of Chinatown (Paramour Radio Vox)"
    Released: 1999
Singles from Follow Me Back in My Arms
  1. "Blood And Honey '98"
    Released: August 1998
  2. "I'll Miss You (Love Version)"
    Released: 1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 0/5 stars[1]
Allmusic 2/5 stars[2]

Back in Your Arms is the third official compilation album by French singer Amanda Lear, released in May 1998 by Dig It Int'l. The release follows her two previous greatest hits albums, Ieri, Oggi (1982) released in Italy, and Poet Amanda Lear (1990) released in the former U.S.S.R.. Back in Your Arms combines re-recordings of nine of her hits from the 1970s with selected remixed tracks from her 1995 euro disco album Alter Ego and also contains a previously unreleased cover version of Louis Prima's swing classic "Just a Gigolo".

Back in Your Arms, which only met with limited commercial success on its original release, was subsequently re-launched on the German market by BMG-Ariola as Amanda '98 - Follow Me Back in My Arms with a revised track listing. Since the company held the rights to the original recordings, they replaced most of the Italian re-interpretations with these as well as adding tracks not included on its Italian predecessor.

Album information[edit]

In 1998 Lear decided to re-record nine of her best known songs from the disco era for the album Back in Your Arms; "Blood and Honey", "Queen of Chinatown", "These Boots Are Made for Walkin' " and "Tomorrow", all originally from 1977 debut album I Am a Photograph, "Follow Me" and "Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me)" from 1978 Sweet Revenge, "Fashion Pack" and "The Sphinx" from 1979 Never Trust a Pretty Face, and "Fabulous (Lover, Love Me)" from 1980 Diamonds for Breakfast.

Back in Your Arms was co-produced by Michael Gordon, who previously had worked with Lear on her latest studio album at the time Alter Ego. The compilation was issued by minor label Dig It Int'l and released only on the Italian market. The compilation was set to be released throughout Europe in September under the name Number 10, but later that same year, on October 5, German BMG-Ariola instead re-released it under the title Amanda '98 - Follow Me Back in My Arms, and then chose to replace most of the Italian re-recordings with the original Ariola versions, all recorded in Munich in the seventies and early eighties. Throughout October and the beginning of November 1998 Amanda '98 - Follow Me Back in My Arms was released in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and in all the Nordic and Eastern European countries.

'False' compilations issued[edit]

The publishing rights of the nine Dig It Int'l re-recordings were later acquired by German company Siebenpunkt Verlags GmbH,[3] a subsidiary of ZYX Music/Mint Records. The manufacturing rights have then in turn been licensed to a large number of mid-price European labels over the past decade, such as Arcade Records, Brioche Edizioni Musicali, Falcon Neuen Medien, Laser Light Digital, Jaba Music, Edel Music/NAR International and many others. The rights to these recordings have also on two occasions been bought by subsidiaries to the so-called "Big Four record labels": Carosello (a sublabel of Universal Music, Italy) for I'm a Mystery - The Whole Story, and Puzzle Productions (Sony BMG, France) for Follow Me (1999).

Consequently, these tracks haven been re-packaged and re-released on the European market, usually coupled with recordings dating from the eighties and the nineties, as being 'Lear's Greatest Hits', a truth with modification. The CD titles include Made of Blood & Honey, Follow Me, Divinamanda, Living Legend and others. The 1990s versions are also regularly featured on various artists compilations, again usually released by minor European record labels.

While these nine songs indeed are some of Lear's greatest hits, the versions contained on these compilations are not the original recordings made in Munich in the seventies and early eighties with producer Anthony Monn, but those from Back in Your Arms, recorded some twenty years later, a fact that these companies usually fail to mention in their sleeve notes. The original Ariola versions are as a rule only available on albums and compilations issued or licensed by Sony BMG Germany.


Lear has in several interviews made it clear that she has no control of all these compilations being issued:[4][5]

The only career retrospectives to have been both approved of and promoted by Lear are Forever Glam!, released when she was celebrating her thirtieth anniversary in music business, and Sony-BMG Germany's three disc set of Ariola recordings, The Sphinx - Das beste aus den Jahren 1976-1983.


Two singles from Back in Your Arms were released, both only on the Italian market. "Follow Me (1998 re-recording)", (TIX 071) was released at the end of 1998, backed with the re-recorded version of "Tomorrow". The second 12" Maxi-single "Queen of Chinatown (Paramour Radio Vox)", (M.A.G. 001) was released in the summer of 1999 by minor label Mag Music. This Maxi-single contained four mixes of the re-recorded "Queen of Chinatown", remixed by Italian producer Paramour.

BMG-Ariola Germany subsequently issued Amanda 98- Follow Me Back in My Arms and also released two CD singles for the German market. The first was "Blood And Honey '98" (74321 59995 2), released at the end of August 1998 in Germany, and the rest of Continental Europe. This single contains two remixes of the original Ariola recording of "Blood and Honey", and the track "Rien Ne Va Plus" from Lear's 1995 studio album Alter Ego. The second single released was a promo of "I'll Miss You (Love Version)", a remixed version of a track from Alter Ego (74321 64070 2).


To promote the Back in Your Arms compilation, Lear made a few personal performances in Europe. She sang a medley of "Follow Me" and "Tomorrow ('98 Dance Version)" on the Greek TV show Bravo. Lear also promoted the album in Italy where she performed the remix of "Tomorrow" on several TV shows.

Track listing[edit]

Back in Your Arms[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "These Boots Are Made for Walking" (re-recording) Lee Hazlewood 4:31
2. "Follow Me" (re-recording) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 4:09
3. "The Sphinx" (re-recording) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 4:41
4. "Tomorrow" (re-recording) Amanda Lear, Rainer Pietsch 3:40
5. "I'll Miss You (Tornerò)" (from Alter Ego) Claudio Natili, Ignazio Polizzy, Marcello Ramoino, Amanda Lear, Helmuth Schmidt 3:17
6. "Enigma (Give A Bit Of Mmh To Me)" (re-recording) Amanda Lear, Rainer Pietsch 4:24
7. "Queen of Chinatown" (re-recording) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 4:15
8. "Fashion Pack (Studio 54)" (re-recording) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 3:40
9. "Blood and Honey" (re-recording) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 4:50
10. "Fabulous Lover, Love Me" (re-recording) Amanda Lear, Rainer Pietsch 4:17
11. "Muscle Man" (Piano Version) (from Alter Ego) Amanda Lear, Helmuth Schmidt, Michael Gordon 4:15
12. "This Man (Dali's Song)" (RMX) (from Alter Ego) Amanda Lear, Michael Gordon 4:16
13. "Just a Gigolo" (previously unreleased) Irving Caesar, Leonello Casucci 2:19
14. "Angel Love" (Club Mix) (from Alter Ego) Amanda Lear, Helmuth Schmidt, J. Jordan, Michael Gordon 3:48
15. "Tomorrow" (re-recording - '98 Dance Version - bonus track) Amanda Lear, Rainer Pietsch 6:14

Amanda '98 - Follow Me Back in My Arms[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Follow Me" (re-recording) (9T8 Remake) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 4:09
2. "Blood & Honey" (from I Am a Photograph) (New Remix Version) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 3:59
3. "I'll Miss You" (from Alter Ego) (Love Version) Claudio Natili, Ignazio Polizzy, Marcello Ramoino, Amanda Lear, Helmuth Schmidt 3:17
4. "Never Trust a Pretty Face" (from Never Trust a Pretty Face) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 4:45
5. "Angel Love" (from Alter Ego) (Radio Mix) Amanda Lear, Helmuth Schmidt, J. Jordan, Michael Gordon 3:48
6. "Blue Tango" (from I Am a Photograph) Amanda Lear, Leroy Anderson 2:43
7. "Queen of Chinatown" (re-recording) (Opium Dense Mix) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 3:59
8. "Lili Marleen" (from Never Trust a Pretty Face) Norbert Schultze, Hans Leip, Tommy Connor 4:40
9. "These Boots Are Made for Walking" (re-recording) (Bang! Mix) Lee Hazlewood 4:10
10. "Mother, Look What They've Done To Me" (from Sweet Revenge) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 4:32
11. "Muscle Man" (from Alter Ego) (Heartbeat Version) Amanda Lear, Helmuth Schmidt, Michael Gordon 3:39
12. "The Lady in Black" (from I Am a Photograph) Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn 3:36
13. "Gold" (from Sweet Revenge) Amanda Lear, Charly Ricanek 3:45
14. "Tomorrow" (re-recording) ('98 Radio Version) Amanda Lear, Rainer Pietsch 4:00

Additional notes

  • "Fashion Pack (Studio 54)": The lyrics used for this song are the same as those re-written for the album Cadavrexquis, released in 1993.
  • "Blood and Honey" (New Remix Version): Remix of the original version, not the re-recording.
  • "Gold": This version is the radio edit of the "Ian Levine House Mix" released in 1989. Liner notes do not state that this is a remixed version.
  • "Mother, Look What They've Done To Me": This song comes from the concept medley from the album Sweet Revenge. Cold start and fade-out.


  • Amanda Lear — vocals
  • Jane Bogart — backing vocals
  • Mara Biella — backing vocals
  • Maria Martinengo — backing vocals
  • NI4NI — backing vocals
  • Sandrina Löscher — backing vocals
  • Uli Essmann — backing vocals
  • Charles Hörnemann — guitar
  • Piero Cella — guitar
  • Klaus Roeschlisberger — photography
  • Michael Gordon — record producer, mixing
  • Walter Bassani — record producer (track 15 arranged and mixed at Novara, Italy)
  • Robert Bohlen — mixing
  • Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 13 from Amanda '98 - Follow Me Back in My Arms produced by Anthony Monn with arrangements by Peter Smits, Strum Production, Charly Ricanek, Rainer Pietsch, Harold Faltermeyer and Mats Björklund
  • Track 13 from Amanda '98 - Follow Me Back in My Arms remixed by Ian Levine.

Release history[edit]

"Back in Your Arms"

Region Date Format Label
Italy May 20, 1998 CD Dig It Int'l

"Amanda '98 - Follow Me Back in My Arms"

Region Date Format Label
Germany October 5, 1998 CD, Cassette Ariola International (Sony Music)
France October 27, 1998
South Africa 1998 CD BMG-Ariola
North America (import) January 19, 1999 BMG Int'l
United Kingdom (import) January 6, 2003 BMG


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