Back to Mine: Röyksopp

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Back to Mine: Röyksopp
Röyksopp BackToMine albumcover.jpeg
Compilation album by Röyksopp
Released 5 March 2007
Genre Electronic, funk, soul, rock
Label DMC Publishing
Producer Röyksopp
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Back to Mine: Röyksopp is a compilation album from the Back to Mine series from DMC Publishing. It was compiled and mixed by the Norwegian electronica band, Röyksopp. Album cover art by artist Tommy Penton.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)" – Talking Heads
  2. "Sphinx" – Harry Thumann
  3. "One More Round" – Kasso
  4. "Ma Quale Idea" – Pino D'Angiò
  5. "Above and Beyond" – Edgar Winter
  6. "Off Side" – Ray Mang
  7. "Take A Chance" – Mr Flagio
  8. "Platinum (Part Three-Charlesteon)" – Mike Oldfield
  9. "Meatball" – Emmanuel Splice (a Röyksopp pseudonym) - this track is a remix of Platinum (Part Four-North Star) by Mike Oldfield
  10. "That's Hot" – Jesse G
  11. "Legs" – Art Of Noise
  12. "3A.M. (12" Version)" – I-Level
  13. "Dirty Talk" – Klein + M.B.O.
  14. "It Ain't Easy" – Supermax
  15. "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This" – Idris Muhammad
  16. "Night People" – Guy Dalton
  17. "Get Closer" – Valerie Dore
  18. "Can't Be Serious" – Ginny
  19. "I'm Never Gonna Tell It" – Funkadelic
  20. "It's Been A Long Time" – The New Birth


Allmusic reviewer John Bush rated the compilation album four and a half out of five stars.[1]