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Back to the Drive
The front cover of Suzi Quatro's album Back to the Drive. Quatro is in close-up, with only her head and one of her shoulders visible. She is screaming while playing a bass guitar, with graphics that make the cover appear to be a window that she has shattered. One of her eyes is closed; the other is covered by her hair. She is wearing a black leather jacket and a silver necklace with a silver heart on it. Behind her is a light blue background.
Studio album by Suzi Quatro
Released March 2006[1]
Label EMI (Europe, Australia)
Liberty (UK)
Caroline (US)
Suzi Quatro chronology
Free the Butterfly
(1998)Free the Butterfly1998
Back to the Drive
In the Spotlight
(2011)In the Spotlight2011
Singles from Back to the Drive
  1. "I'll Walk Through the Fire with You"

Back to the Drive is an album by Suzi Quatro. Released in March 2006,[1] it was her comeback album, and her first since 1990's Oh Suzi Q. (apart from 1995's What Goes Around, which contained mostly re-recordings of her oldies, and 1998's Unreleased Emotion which had been recorded in 1983, but until then unreleased) and her eleventh studio album. Produced by Sweet guitarist Andy Scott and Steve Grant, it was overseen by veteran producer Mike Chapman[1] and featured backing vocals by Shirlie Roden, and ex-husband Len Tuckey on guitar, including her daughter Laura Quatro (then Laura Tuckey) duetting with her on the download-only single "I'll Walk Through the Fire With You".

It was issued on EMI Records throughout the world, and in the UK on the revived Liberty Records and EMI distributed independent label Caroline Records in North America.


The album is an eclectic affair that draws from several different music styles. The rock title track samples the intro from "Devil Gate Drive" and the guitar line from her debut worldwide hit "Can The Can". "15 Minutes of Fame" has a folk rock flavour to it. "Duality" is derived from an Indian raga and was co-written with Vicki Tischler Blue (Formerly of The Runaways later Line-up). "I Don't Do Gentle" is a throwback to 1950's big band rock. As with most of her albums, Quatro includes a cover song, a version of the Neil Young song "Rockin' in the Free World".

There are two ballads on the album, "Sometimes Love Is Letting Go" and "Free the Butterfly". The former tells a story of her past relationships with her parents and Len Tuckey; the latter is also the title of a self-help motivational album she made with Shirlie Roden.[4]

Cover art and title[edit]

The front cover photograph was created by Steve Payne which featured a photo of Quatro screaming whilst playing the bass guitar with graphics which made the cover look like she had shattered a window. The inside photographs and back cover photos were taken by Gered Mankowitz and Victory Tischler-Blue. Mankowitz had previously photographed Suzi for her early albums on RAK Records.

The title "Back to the Drive" is a play on her 1974 hit "Devil Gate Drive", which implied she was returning to her rock 'n' roll roots after the last few albums were more dependent on pop and soft rock.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Composer Length
1. "Back to the Drive" Mike Chapman 4:31
2. "15 Minutes of Fame" S. Quatro, A. Scott, S. Grant 3:50
3. "Duality" S. Quatro, V. Tischler-Blue, A. Scott, S. Grant 5:00
4. "I Don't Do Gentle" S. Quatro, A. Scott, S. Grant 4:24
5. "I'll Walk Through the Fire with You" S. Quatro, Laura Tuckey, S. Roden, A. Scott, S. Grant 4:26
6. "Wasted Moments" S. Quatro, A. Scott, S. Grant 5:00
7. "Rockin' in the Free World" Neil Young 4:57
8. "No Choice" S. Quatro, Jean Roussel 5:30
9. "Sometimes Love Is Letting Go" S. Quatro, S. Roden 4:35
10. "Dancing in the Wind" S. Quatro, S. Roden 4:51
11. "Free the Butterfly" S. Quatro 4:55
12. "Born Making Noise" S. Quatro, A. Scott, S. Grant 4:45


Japanese version has two bonus tracks "Ambition" and "Why Do Rainbows Die".

Critical reception[edit]

Whilst the album was warmly received by the critics and fans, it only reached number 78 in the Swiss album charts. Allmusic gave it a four-star rating.[1] It was four years before Quatro recorded another album, In the Spotlight, released in August 2011 this time with Mike Chapman on production duties.


  • Suzi Quatro - bass guitar, lead vocals
  • Andy Scott - guitar, backing vocals, production
  • Len Tuckey - guitar
  • Steve Grant - various instruments, production
  • Paul Jones - harmonica
  • Andy Dowding - drums
  • Ray Beavis - saxophone
  • Toby Gucklhorn - trombone. (Note that "Gucklhorn" is misspelt "Guckelhorn" in this album's booklet.[2]:12 It is spelled correctly in the booklet for In the Spotlight.)[5]
  • Dick Hanson - trumpet
  • Bruce Bisland - drums
  • Reg Webb - piano, backing vocals
  • Kate Webb - backing vocals
  • Laura Tuckey - backing vocals, duet vocals on "I'll Walk Through the Fire with You"
  • Shirlie Roden - backing vocals[3]


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"Back To The Drive" at time 0:00
"15 Minutes of Fame" at time 4:15
"I'll Walk Through the Fire with You" at time 8:26
"No Choice" at time 13:17