Backgammon player (monument)

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Player of backgammon
Նարդի խաղացողը
Նարդի խաղացողը1.JPG
Coordinates40°11′20″N 44°31′11″E / 40.1890°N 44.5197°E / 40.1890; 44.5197
LocationYerevan,  Armenia
DesignerEduard Shakhikyan
Opening date2007

Player of backgammon or Backgammoner (Armenian: «Նարդի խաղացողը» հուշարձան) is a monument in Yerevan, Armenia, that was opened on 4 November 2007.

History of creation[edit]

Students at Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema came up with the idea of a backgammon player statue under the supervision of Ruben Jaghinyan. The sculpture was created in bronze by Edward Shakhikian [nl], and placed in an area where backgammon players are often found.[1] The monument was opened on 4 November 2007, on Gevorg Kotchar Street next to Hrachya Ghaplanyan Drama Theatre.


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