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Backoo is an unincorporated community in Advance Township in North Dakota's Pembina County located roughly 5 miles northwest of Cavalier.[1] It was established in 1887 as a townsite along the Great Northern Railroad.[2]


Backoo was a town of roughly 50 people, and was one of the more prominent communities in the township.[3] The post office was established September 26, 1887, and was in continuous operation for more than 100 years, closing October 11, 1988.[4][5] The post office was assigned the ZIP code of 58215. Mail service is now handled through Cavalier.[6]

John Mountain, one of its first settlers, is reported to have named the town after the Barcoo River in his home country of Australia.[7] Other sources credit the origin of the name to Baku, a city in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea.[2]


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Coordinates: 48°50′12″N 97°42′37″W / 48.83667°N 97.71028°W / 48.83667; -97.71028