Backspacer (Supergroove album)

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Backspacer (Supergroove album).jpg
Studio album by Supergroove
Released 1996
Genre Rock
Funk rock
Label RCA Records
Supergroove chronology

Backspacer was the last studio album by the New Zealand rock band Supergroove. It was released in 1996 by RCA Records[1]. Before recording, creative differences saw rapper Che Ness leave to pursue a solo career, along with trumpeter Tim Stewart. The album is musically very different from their first, being less funk and more straight rock, with a darker and more melancholy feeling in songs like "Dear Mother (Don't Let Me Go)", "This Stupid Grin" and "The Decline and Fall of Us Both."

Supergroove toured the album without Che Ness but due to poor reception and sales of the record and without Che Ness, Supergroove broke up soon after in 1997.

Three singles were released from the album, "Only Ever You", "If I Had My Way" (a top 10 hit) and "5th Wheel".

Track listing[edit]

  1. Only Ever You
  2. Backspaced
  3. Windows
  4. This Stupid Grin
  5. Dear Mother (Dont Let Me Go)
  6. If I Had My Way
  7. My Best
  8. Whose Side Are You on Anyway?
  9. The Decline & Fall of Us Both
  10. Shameless
  11. 5th Wheel


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