Backyard Babies (1990 album)

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Backyard Babies
Demo album by Backyard Babies
Released 1990
Genre Hard rock/Punk rock
Producer Lars Noren
Backyard Babies chronology
Backyard Babies
Bite & Chew
(1991)Bite & Chew1991

Backyard Babies is a demo by Backyard Babies, released in 1990. This is the first release under the name Backyard Babies, as the band had previously been known as Tyrant

The first recording in a real studio, Opus 1. Sixteen channels. Recorded and mixed by Henrik Karlsson who also owned the studio. After the recording of this demo, the studio moved to a closed down chair factory in Nassjo, which today is the town's "music" house. Nicke started in the band as a bass player and Tobias was still the vocalist, Johan was still on guitar. At the beginning of this recording the band were still called Tyrant. Halfway through the recording, Tobias was fired, and the band changed their names to Backyard Babies. Nicke started singing but he played bass as well. Local papers[who?] described this demo as sounding like the Ramones and The Stooges.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Downtown"
  2. "Bad Boys"
  3. "Firing Guns"
  4. "Kickin' Up Dust"
  5. "All Too Much"
  6. "Lies"