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Backyard Farmer is a television program produced by the Nebraska Extension division of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for broadcast on NET Television. Backyard Farmer, which has run for more than 60 years, airs live Thursday on NET1 at 7 p.m. Central Time from April through September.

The program's content is exclusively home lawn and gardening information with an emphasis on Nebraska flora and climate considerations. The format consists of a panel of experts, usually from Nebraska Extension, that share information and respond to viewer questions.[1]


Backyard Farmer first aired in 1953 on Lincoln, Nebraska, station KFOR-TV, moving to NET in 1955.[2] (The KFOR license was donated in 1954 to the University of Nebraska by John Fetzer, who also owned competing Lincoln TV station KOLN, to create NET's flagship station, KUON-TV.) Dwayne Trenkle was the original moderator.


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