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Bacon cake is a dish made with bacon, either savory or sweet, and generally baked in an oven, although it's sometimes cooked in a skillet on a range top.[1]

Savory bacon cake[edit]

A savory bacon cake is like a potato cake, and can be made with potatoes or other root vegetables such as parsnips.[2][3] An 1830 cookbook offers a simple recipe consisting of cooked bacon, flour, salt, and water.[4]

Estonian pekikook is a bacon cake not unlike a quiche,[5] made with eggs and a small amount of flour.[6]

Sweet bacon cake[edit]

Cake with a topping of bacon.

A sweet bacon cake typically has bacon as a flavor accent or topping.[7][8] Bacon pairs well with chocolate, and recipes for chocolate bacon cake are numerous.[9][10] A related item is the bacon cupcake.[11][12]

Bacon cake as a guilty pleasure is found among various American authors including Dan Savage[13] and Garrison Keillor.[14]

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