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Lester's Fixins Bacon Soda on a shelf with other flavors

Bacon soft drinks are soft drink beverages with the flavor of bacon.[1][2][3][4][5] Several US companies produce bacon soda brands, including Jones Soda, Lockhart Smokehouse and Rocket Fizz.[1][2][4]


Jones Soda and J&D's Down Home Enterprises, both based in Seattle, Washington, collaborated to produce a bacon-flavored drink that has ten calories per serving.[1][3] Real bacon is not used in its preparation, and it is a vegetarian product.[1][5] Creation of the flavor took several months of work to accomplish, in attempts to mimic the flavor of bacon.[1] Esquire magazine has described it as having a dark red color with a strong bacon odor and a strong sweetness derived from artificial sweetener.[3] In a taste test survey conducted by epicurious for Jones Soda bacon-flavored soft drinks, overall totals from taste testers (using a 1-to-10 scale with 10 being the highest) equated to "Fragrance: 2.02, Flavor: 1.58, Bacony-ness: 4.57 and Overall: 1.76".[6] In November 2010, the company's marketing director, Mike Spear, stated "We felt it was our duty as leaders in the premium soda category to carbonate bacon’s salty goodness."[7] Jones Soda markets their bacon soda as part of a package that includes other bacon-flavored products, including bacon-flavored lip balm, popcorn, gravy and salt.[8] The company also bottles and produces other meat-flavored sodas, such as turkey and gravy.[9]

Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas, Texas produces a brand of bacon-flavored soft drinks named Meat Maniac.[2] It has been described as having a synthetic bacon flavor and as creamy and sweet.[2] The product has no animal products on its ingredient list.[2]

Rocket Fizz, a franchise of candy stores with its flagship store in Camarillo, California, produces a bacon-flavored soft drink under their brand name Lester's Fixins that is named Bacon Soda.[4][10][11][12] In 2012, the owner of the Rocket Fizz store in Denver, Colorado stated that bacon drinks are the store's best-selling soft drinks.[13] Rocket Fizz also produces ranch dressing-flavored, buffalo wing-flavored, and dog drool-flavored drinks, among others.[4][10]

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