Bacteridium bermudense

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Bacteridium bermudense
Scientific classification
B. bermudense
Binomial name
Bacteridium bermudense
(Dall & Bartsch, 1911) [1]
  • Ebala bartschi (Aguayo & Rehder, 1936)
  • Ebala bermudense (Dall & Bartsch, 1911)
  • Eulimella bermudense (Dall & Bartsch, 1911)
  • Careliopsis bermudense (Dall & Bartsch, 1911)
  • Turbonilla bartschi Aguayo & Rehder, 1936
  • Turbonilla bermudensis Dall & Bartsch, 1911
  • Turbonilla (Careliopsis) bartschi Aguayo & Rehder, 1936,
  • Turbonilla (Careliopsis) bermudensis Dall & Bartsch, 1911 (basionym)

Bacteridium bermudense is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Pyramidellidae, the pyrams and their allies. The species remains within the Bacteridium genus of gastropods, with the exception of the other three related species being Bacteridium carinatum, Bacteridium resticulum and Bacteridium vittatum.[2][3]


The length of the shell measures approximately 2.5 mm, other species within this genus all measure roughly the same measurements.


This species occurs in many geographical locations around vast marine terrains throughout the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, these include the following locations:[2]


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