Bacteroid-trp RNA motif

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Bacteroidete tryptophan peptide leader RNA
Bacteroid-trp SS.png
Conserved secondary structure of Bacteroid-trp RNA.
Symbol Bacteroid-trp
Rfam RF01692
Other data
RNA type cis-regulatory element; leader
Domain(s) Bacteroidetes

The Bacteroid-trp RNA motif is a conserved RNA element detected by bioinformatics.[1] It is found in the phylum Bacteroidetes in the apparent 5' untranslated regions of genes that encode enzymes used in the synthesis of the amino acid tryptophan. A short open reading frame is found within the motif that encodes at least two tryptophan codons. Similar motifs have been identified regulating tryptophan genes in proteobacteria (see trp operon), but not in Bacteroidetes. However, the Bacteroid-trp RNA motif likely operates via the same machanism of attenuation.


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