Bacup Shoe Company

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The Bacup Shoe Company
Industry Footwear, Shoes
Founded 1928
Founder Ernst Goodwin
Headquarters Lancashire, England
Subsidiaries Redfoot[1]

The Bacup Shoe Company is a footwear company based in the village of Stacksteads, near Bacup, Lancashire, England. The Bacup Shoe Co. was founded and incorporated in 1928 by Ernst Goodwin.[2] The Bacup Shoe company was one of the last well known footwear manufacturers to stop manufacturing in the late 1990s and turn to importing footwear from the Far East.[3][4] Suppliers are based in China (where the company is also based), Vietnam and Spain.[5][6]


The Bacup Shoe Company was founded in 1928 by Ernest Goodwin, a former footballer for Manchester City F.C., along with shoemaker Walter Smith.[7] In 2002 the company opened a new division called Alpha Logistics & Warehousing to make full use of the available warehouse storage facilities and the talented local workforce.[8] Along with the expansion of its headquarters the company has recently launched a new girls shoe brand, named Redfoot After Party Shoe, which are a patented range of foldable shoes.[8]


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