Bad Balance

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Bad Balance
Also known as Bad B.
Origin Saint Petersburg, Russia
Genres Hip hop
Jazz-rap (earlier)
Old School Hip-Hop (earlier)
Underground Rap (later)
Mafioso rap (later)
Years active 1989–present
Labels Gala Records, Mixmedia, 100PRO
Associated acts Bad B. Alliance, Mikhey and Jumanji
Members Master SheFF (MC)
Kuper (MC)
Al Solo (MC & beatmaking)
DJ Topor (DJ)
Past members DJ LA (DJ & beatmaking)
Mikhey (MC & vocals, deceased)
Mr. Bruce (bass guitar)
Ligalize (MC)

Bad Balance is a Russian rap group considered to be one of the first rap acts in USSR. The group maintained a devoted underground following during the 1990s. The group made huge contribution to the hip-hop culture in Russia and ex-USSR countries. SHEFF (founder and main member of Bad Balance) is original creator and leader of hip-hop culture in Russia.



Bad Balance was formed as a breakdance crew in the 1980s in Saint-Petersburg by students from Donetsk named Vlad Valov (SheFF) and Sergey Krutikov (Mikhey). Group switched to rapping and recorded the debut album Vishe Zakona in 1989 for Gala Records.

Classic era[edit]

The band toured France and US. Classic Bad Balance albums Naletchiki Bad B. (1994), Chisto Pro (1996) and Gorod Jungley (1998) were released by Gala Records during this period.

Bad B. Alliance era[edit]

Mikhey left the band to push solo career as a reggae/soul singer, while SheFF formed Bad B. Alliance. Both gained huge mainstream popularity Bad Balance itself has never seen. Ligalize joins Bad Balance. Long-awaited Kamenniy les released by Mixmedia in 2001.

Later period[edit]

Bad B. Alliance disbanded following Ligalize's departure and conflicts with investors (Tolmatskiy). Mikhey dies of heart failure. Kuper (DA-108) and Al Solo (Beliye Bratya) join Bad Balance. Popularity declines. Malo-po-malu (Gradually) (2003) and Legendi gangsterov (Legends of Gangsters) (2008) released by Valov's own record label 100PRO. Album Legendi gangsterov (Legends of Gangsters) began series of conceptual albums, where all the songs are united by one common theme. In 2009 Bad Balance released album "Semero Odnogo Ne Jhdut" (Seven Dont Wait For One), it talks about the birth of hip-hop culture in Russia. Album made in original old-school style. In 2012 Vlad Valov released new Bad Balance album "World Wide". In this album group talks about changes in Russian hip-hop culture, as well as the fact that show business and money kill the real spirit of rap music, several foreign artists took part in this album. Group member MC Kuper takes creative pause. Next conceptual album "Kriminal 90" (Crime 90's) released in 2013. On this album SHEFF and Al-Solo tell stories from criminal life of Russia in 1990s. After break Kuper returns to active work. In 2014 experimental album "Severnaya Mistika" (North Mystic) comes out, it is released under the "Bad B. Pro" brand. The main MCs on the album are SHEFF and Kuper. The music on the album includes a lot of ethnic motifs, and all the songs are dedicated to the ancient history of Russia. DJ Topor (Da Boogie Crew DJ`s) becomes concert DJ.


September 16, 2016 Bad Balance released their new 12th studio album. The album is conceptual. It is called "Politics" and appeals to all politicians of the world on behalf of the streets. SHEFF and Al-Solo talking about officials things that people say in bars for a beer mug. This album will tell about many pitfalls, because of which flare up: coups, strikes, riots, revolutions, wars. By this album Bad Balance returns the spirit of hip-hop culture. The album reflects the reality of today's days. Bad Balance becomes the only voice in the entire Russian musical culture, who is not afraid to talk openly about politics.

Style and reception[edit]

The group was viewed as Russia’s hip-hop pioneers (Cocks, 2002) and their popularity exploded after the fall of the USSR. They are now seen as mimicking American hip-hop and their music does sound much like typical American hip-hop from the 1990s, but with added influences from jazz and rock.[1] While the group is now considered antiquated, at the time the government believed Bad Balance was politically subversive and accused them of spreading dangerous ideas and messages. This is because the group was not afraid to discuss political and social issues, like the increase in street violence, issues they felt were important in their lives and in the lives of their listeners. The discussion of these issues presented negative images of the USSR to the Russian people and the world in general and thereby set the government further against hip-hop. Despite this, the group survived the fall of the communist government and began releasing albums and videos soon after.[2]


The members of Bad Balance in our days:

  • Master SHEFF (Vlad Valov) - founder and leader (1989 -.).
  • Kuper (Roman Alekseev) - acting MC (2001 - up to the present)
  • Al Solo (Albert Krasnov) - acting MC, beatmaker (2002 -.).
  • DJ Topor (Da Boogie Crew DJ`s) - concert DJ (2014 -.).

Former members:

  • DJ Wolf (Vladislav Vaytekhovich) - DJ (1990-1991)
  • Barmaley (Alexei Bogdanov) - artist, breaker (1989-1992)
  • Laga (Alexei Lagoysky) - breaker (1989-1994)
  • Swan (Dmitry Swan) - Breaker (1989-1994)
  • Scalia (Alexey Skalinov) - MC, breaker (1989-1995)
  • Basket (Oleg Baskov) - graffiti artist, album designer (1994-1999)
  • Mikhey (Sergey Krutikov) - co-founder of the band, MC and vocalist (1989-1999, 2002) †
  • DJ LA (Gleb Matveev) - co-founder of the group, DJ, bit-maker (1989-2002)
  • Ligalize (Andrey Menshikov) - MC (2000-2001)
  • Mr. Bruce - bass guitar


  • Выше Закона (Higher Than Law) (1990)
  • Налётчики Bad B. (Raders Bad B) (1994)
  • Чисто PRO... (Clearly PRO) (1996) (under group name "Bad B. Pro")
  • Город Джунглей (City Of Jungles) (1998)
  • Каменный Лес (Stone Wood) (2001)
  • Мало-По-Малу (Gradually) (2003)
  • Легенды Гангстеров (Legends of Gangsters) (2007)
  • Семеро одного не ждут (Seven Dont Wait For One) (2009)
  • World Wide (2012)
  • Криминал 90-х (Crime 90's) (2013)
  • Северная Мистика (North Mystic) (2014) (under group name "Bad B. Pro")
  • Политика (Politic) (2016)


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