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Bad Boy Club Montréal, also known as BBCM or Fondation BBCM is a charitable organization established in 1991. It is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The organization organizes events for an international audience and to get participation from the world over.

The events are notable for their artistic and cultural value, creativity, ingenuity and innovations.[according to whom?] The events generate funds for charitable causes, most notably HIV/AIDS charities, providing financial aid, medical and social services to persons suffering from HIV/AIDS in Montreal. BBCM donates a portion of its proceeds in support of activities of GLBT community groups.

These activities are a celebration of lifestyle and culture of the gay community. Black & Blue is an event that both a gay and heterosexual audience. It remains an all-inclusive event, for men and women, gay and heterosexual without discrimination. Funds are consecrated to AIDS, that touches all people. It also remains the biggest of the five annual events that BBCM organizes, with considerable national coverage in the media.

Establishment and progress[edit]

BBCM was established in 1991 by Robert J. Vézina and Christian Beaudry, a group of enthusiasts with two primary goals: the celebration of a unique community and culture that would encourage people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations to share in the celebration and the creation of a foundation supporting gay and lesbian community groups and the fight against HIV/AIDS. Vézina remains its director general for 2 decades.

The first year event attracted just 800 people and was named "black & blue". Through the years, it has blossomed into a unique international event in its genre attracting global following[1] and an average of 60,000 to 75,000 Montrealers and tourists from all over the world and is renowned for its creative aspect. For two decades the Fondation BBCM has donated funds to many charities. Sums donated have passed $1,400,000.[2] Through the years more annual events have been designed and added with "Black & Blue' remaining the biggest of the events.

Annual events[edit]

BBCM organizes 5 annual events as follows:

Event Duration Coinciding with Month
"Le Bal des boys" Week-end party New Year end of December
"Red" Week-end party Valentine's Day mid February
"Hot & Dry" Week-end party Victoria Day (Fête de la reine) /
National Patriots' Day (Journée nationale des patriotes)
"tWist" Week-end party During Divers/Cité Montreal Pride Week August
"Black and Blue Festival"
(or FestiVal Black & Blue)
Full week Canadian Thanksgiving /
Columbus Day


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