Bad Boyes

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Bad Boyes
Genre Children's drama
Written by Jim Eldridge
Duncan Eldridge
Starring Steven Kember
Warren Brian
Anna Dawson
Susan Jameson
Dean Harris
Gregory Cox
Christopher Owen
Nicola Greenhill
Helen Cotterill
Lila Kaye
Composer(s) Jonathan Cohen
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 2
Producer(s) Jeremy Swan
Running time 25 mins
Production company(s) BBC
Original network BBC One
Original release 15 September 1987 (1987-09-15) – 22 December 1988 (1988-12-22)

Bad Boyes is a 1987 British children's comedy-drama television series produced by the BBC and which was aired on BBC One's afternoon CBBC slot for two series in 1987 and 1988.[1] It was written by Jim Eldridge and starred Steven Kember as the eponymous hero, Brian Arthur Derek (BAD) Boyes, a mischievous schoolboy who had a tendency to get himself into trouble and consequently had a series of misadventures. He was especially prone to clashing with his ultra-strict form teacher Mr Wiggis (Gregory Cox). As for his parents - his kindly but weak-willed father (Dean Harris) was always completely fooled by his son's innocent facade, but his abrasive mother (Susan Jameson) rather less so - it rarely took her long to get to the bottom of her son's devilish plots, and her war-cry of "Bri-an!" was always a sure sign that he'd been rumbled.

The series also starred Warren Brian as Edward 'Slug' Slogg, the school bully who often clashed with Brian, Nicola Greenhill as Bernetta Vincent, Brian's close friend and confidante, Christopher Owen as their well-meaning but ineffectual headmaster Mr Blake, Helen Cotterill as Brian's mother's neurotic and decidedly oddball friend Rose Moncrieff and Lila Kaye as Brian's grumpy and mean-spirited Gran. In addition, a pre-Birds of a Feather Linda Robson appeared in a few early episodes as Miss King, a teacher and would-be love-interest for Wiggis at the school, and Sam Kelly and Christine Ozanne appeared as the Boyes' near-neighbours Mr and Mrs Worple, whose cats Brian tried to look after while the couple were on holiday, with predictably disastrous consequences.


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