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Bad Dragon is an American manufacturer of sex toys aimed at the fantasy market, sold online and at conventions.


Bad Dragon was founded in June 2008.[1][2] Varka, one of the four co-founders, started making sex toys in his college dormitory in Scotland the previous year.[1][3] The company is now based in Arizona.[4]


As of September 2016, Bad Dragon offers 53 dildos and 18 penetrable toys, all made of platinum-cured silicone.[2] The company's products are aimed at fantasy fans, including dragons,[5] horses, orcas, chimeras, and werewolves.[2][3][6][7] The website gives a biography and picture for each character.[4][5][7] Products are cast by hand and can be extensively customized, with a choice of colors including special requests, of firmness, and of dildo length;[3] customers can also submit their own designs, of which one is chosen for special production every month.[2] Dildos can be ordered with a tube to simulate ejaculation;[4] the company sells "cumlube".[2][7][8]

In popular culture[edit]

Bad Dragon is featured in the nerd culture documentary Traceroute.[9][10]


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