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Bad Frog Beer shield

Bad Frog Beer is an American beer company founded by Jim Wauldron and based in Rose City, Michigan. Jim Wauldron did not create the beer to begin with. The company that Wauldron worked for was a t-shirt company. Wauldron was a talented t-shirt designer that was seeking a new look. His boss told him that a frog would look too wimpy. Wauldron decided to call the frog a "bad frog." The idea sparked much interest. People all over the country wanted a shirt. The only problem with the shirt was that people started asking for the "bad frog beer" that the frog was holding on the shirt.[1][2] Wauldron learned about brewing and his company began brewing in October 1995. The company has grown to 25 states and many countries. The beer is banned in eight states.

Bad Frog beer is a light colored amber beer with a moderate hop and medium body character. The beer generated controversy and publicity because its label features a frog extending its second of four fingers, presumably the middle finger.

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Chairman John E. Jones III banned the sale of Bad Frog Beer in his state because he found that the label broke the boundaries of good taste. New Jersey, Ohio and New York have also banned its sale, though it is available in at least 15 other states.


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