Bad Golf Made Easier

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Bad Golf Made Easier
Bad Golf Made Easier VideoCover.png
VHS Cover
Directed byRick Friedberg
Produced byCarter DeHaven
Written byHenry Beard
StarringLeslie Nielsen
Archie Hahn
Sonny Bono
Distributed byABC Video
Release date
  • 1993 (1993)
Running time
53 min.
CountryUnited States

Bad Golf Made Easier is a 1993 53-minute video by actor Leslie Nielsen. It is a parody of golf and other golf videos and books. It demonstrates many humorous bad golf swings, and a slogan found in it is: "I don't play golf to feel bad; I play bad golf but feel good!" In the video, many people hit the dirt out from the ground, drop their golf clubs into the water, and make other mistakes.


Two sequels, Bad Golf My Way and Stupid Little Golf Video, were released in 1994 and 1997. In keeping with the theme of the first video, Nielsen demonstrated additional golf strategies in a comical format. As of 2019, Stupid Little Golf Video is the only one of the trio that has been released on DVD.

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