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Bad Habits is a rock/punk/metal band from London. The line-up has experienced various changes since its original formation in 1984 by former Gypsy Leicester band members (including Robin Pizer) who when reformed decided to go in a heavier musical direction from their original formation as Gypsy and therefore used both names interchangeably with the first heavier sounding single for Bad Habits, "Lipstick Queen", (with bass playing from Algy Ward) released in 1986 on Sniffin’ Rock Magazine and the release of the Gypsy band album Gypsy - Future Teller, containing the album track "Bad Habits", with vocals from John K. on Gypsy - Way Out Of Line, Gypsy - Lost In Berlin and Gypsy - Let Me In.

In live in-session interviews on BBC World Service (which aired in multiple countries worldwide) during this time (1984–2001) Gypsy used the names Gypsy and Bad Habits interchangeably. (Some of the tracks off Gypsy's albums have been re-recorded and re-released on Bad Habits albums.)

Eventually they decided to use the name Bad Habits. They have three albums (both solid and digitally released) out with their current lineup, consisting of 3 band members (with adapted pseudonyms): Red Butane - guitarist and backing vocalist, Glo Butane - lead vocalist, bass guitarist and keyboardist, and Santos El Diablo - drummer.

Other releases include Radioactive, Blind Faith, Schitzophrenic, and the single "Anthem for the Strange", dealing with social consciousness to raise awareness for gang-related crimes, such as the murders of Sophie Lancaster and Ben Kinsella.[citation needed] Bad Habits are involved in charitable organizations and events and have performed live shows with video links for Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Cancer Research Foundation, Red Cross and Youth Music Camps encouraging those between the ages of 8 and 18 to get involved in the music business, as they have songs pertaining to anti-war ("Is Anybody Out There (Makin' Love Anymore)", child abuse ("Razorblade Romance"), and other political topics.

They have released videos on MTV Europe and MTV Asia and on iTunes on digital television channels FHM TV, Scuzz TV and Kerrang! and a series of "Meet the Butanes" and "The Adventures of The Karate Nun" on YouTube and other social network sites and Bad Habits song "Home" was featured on the BBC Television Show See Hear Miss Deaf UK Competition and they performed their song "Lipstick Queen" live during the television program which was broadcast 21 April 2007.[citation needed]

Bad Habits won the Xfm London XFM Uploaded Radio Chart Competition for their track "Razorblade Romance" for the London area hosted by Xfm DJ Steve Harris in August 2007 and have been quoted by him as being "the loudest riffting band ever played on XFM"; which led to them performing at the Metro (Associated Metro Limited) Ski Show with Zane Lowe at the London Olympia and at Monarchy-Live Festival at Bagley Hall, Warwickshire for CLIC Sargent on Kerrang Radio.[citation needed]

Guitarist Red Butane was featured as lead guitarist in a music video with Steve Grimmett during Super Bowl XLI and in the commercial that was created for Garmin GPS Systems. He has also featured for Estrella Damm Primavera Sound Festival and Guitar Hero World Tour.[citation needed]

In 2011 Bad Habits created a humorous music video featuring Red as the lead vocalist for their track Thor off their 2011 album Black Venom in response to the Hollywood/Marvel Comics blockbuster Thor directed by Kenneth Branagh which became controversial via Metal Hammer[1] and other underground metal music and punk music sites as the lost track off the sound track (i.e. MetalSucks,[2] Metal(Fact),[3] Heavy Metal Music News,[4] Circle of Fits[5]) and their being titled the "New Face of British Punk"[6]


  • Lipstick Queen (single) (1986)
  • Radioactive (2006)
  • Schitzophrenic (2007)
  • Blind Faith (2008)
  • Anthem For The Strange (2008)
  • Personal Heroin (2009)
  • Addicted (2010)
  • Black Venom (2011)

Gypsy band discography[edit]

  • Gypsy (1971)
  • Brenda and the Rattlesnake (1972)
  • Future Teller (1995)
  • Way Out Of Line (1998)
  • Lost In Berlin (1999)
  • Let Me In (2000)


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