Bad Movie

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Bad Movie
Bad Movie.jpg
Poster for Bad Movie (1997)
Hanja 나쁜
Revised Romanization Nappeun yeonghwa
McCune–Reischauer Nappŭn yŏnghwa
Directed by Jang Sun-woo[1]
Produced by Ahn Byoung-ju
Written by Jang Sun-woo
Kim Soo-hyun
Starring Hang Seul-ki
Park Kyeong-won
Cinematography Choi Jeong-won
Cho Yong-kyou
Kim Woo-hyung
Edited by Kim Yong-soo
Distributed by Miracin Korea Film Company
Release date
  • August 2, 1997 (1997-08-02)
Running time
144 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Bad Movie (Hangul나쁜 영화; RRNappeun yeonghwa), also known as Timeless, Bottomless Bad Movie, is a 1997 South Korean film directed by Jang Sun-woo.


A semi-documentary concerning the violent lives of delinquent teenagers in Seoul.[2]




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